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Options can be leveraged for an uncapped upside while still managing downside risk, but trading options requires knowledge of how options trading works. Stock trading has become much more popular over the past two years amongst retail traders, but options trading remains a much more lightly covered subject. Although the number of options traders has also skyrocketed amongst retail traders, options trading strategies do require more expertise in position entry and exit timing as well as deeper understanding of the dynamics of the stock market. Options offer a great complement to a stocks-only trading portfolio.

When Bernie Schaeffer, Founder and CEO of Schaeffer’s Investment Research, launched the options-trading company in 1981, the options market was just beginning to take off amongst retail traders. Schaeffer had recently moved to Cincinnati, Ohio from New York City and had been working at an insurance company as an actuary. Although Bernie enjoyed his work, he was fascinated by the stock market — especially the potential opportunity in the equity options market. With no other options-centric newsletters available in the market, Bernie Schaeffer pioneered the way for retail traders to gain affordable insights into how to profit through the utilization of options trading.

From his personal experience in options trading, Bernie realized that there was a pressing need for an options newsletter for retail investors, as well as for stock market pros. After attending a few seminars on publishing newsletters, Schaeffer resigned his position as an actuary and set out to produce the world’s first options-centric newsletter for retail investors. In 1981, under the name Investment Research Institute (IRI), Bernie Schaeffer began publishing ‘The Option Advisor.’ Bernie’s Options Advisor is a monthly newsletter featuring a variety of options trade recommendations as well as educational equity options insights. In 1998, the company officially changed its name to Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Inc. (SIR).

A Wide Array of Powerful Services

Schaeffer’s Investment Research is a privately held provider of stock and options trading recommendations, options education, and market commentary. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Schaeffer’s is the longest-running options trade alert provider in the world. Schaeffer’s provides accessible professional-grade trading information to retail traders.

Bernie Schaeffer’s first newsletter, which was published in 1981, has remained its flagship offering. Schaeffer’s has ever since expanded its product line, with key offerings including a wide array of real-time options trading alert services, premium weekend-trading bulletin services, in-depth educational courses, and complimentary market newsletters.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research offers a premier line of products and solutions for options traders. Schaeffer’s offers the largest variety of real-time options trading recommendation alerts to appeal to a range of experience levels and risk appetites. These trade alerts are provided via both email and text messages. Schaeffer’s line of premium products is designed for individual traders aiming to profit like professionals without the resources of institutional traders.

Complimentary Stock Market Analysis and Education

Schaeffer’s Investment Research’s website,, provides unique insights including breaking stock market news, equity analysis, and unusual options activity. Schaeffer’s Options 101 section offers access to complimentary educational content that caters to option rookies and experts, alike. Schaeffer’s analysis is backed by over 120 combined years of options trading experience on the expert team of traders and is regularly recognized as the #1 resource for stock analysis using options research. has also been named a Forbes Favorite within the options space.

Schaeffer’s Team of Expert Traders

Bernie Schaeffer has trained and guided all members of the trading team. The trading team at Schaeffer’s is highly regarded by major media outlets for Schaeffer’s unique and respected approach to the stock market. Schaeffer’s analysts have regular media appearances on popular channels such as CNBC, Fox Business, and more. Schaeffer’s analysts are also featured by popular media houses such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, and more.

Being at the helm, Bernie Schaeffer has been awarded numerous recognitions for his vast intellect and contributions to the options trading industry. Bernie has been the recipient of the Traders’ Library “Trader’s Hall of Fame” award, as well as the Market Technician’s Association “Best of the Best” award. Schaeffer has been consistently ranked among the top 10 marker times by Timer Digest and is the three-time winner of the Wall Street Journal stock picking contest.

Knowledgeable and Responsive Customer Support

Schaeffer’s Investment offers responsive customer service for its customers and highly prioritizes the overall customer experience. Schaeffer’s enables flexible contacting methods so that the customers can reach out to the team however works best for the individual.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research provides live trading support including on-demand question and answers as well as online scheduling for phone consultations. Schaeffer’s team of senior product specialists is available during trading hours whenever the stock market is open. Additionally, anyone can also contact the team through Live Chat on the company’s website and via email.

The Value of Education Amidst Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic had heavy impacts on businesses all over the world, and especially on small businesses. The pandemic resulted in tremendous economic and financial crises throughout the world. Amidst such challenges, Schaeffer’s Investment Research ramped up efforts to provide options trading as retail traders ramped up quickly during shutdowns. Schaeffer’s Investment Research also provided insights into how it leverages remote tools—using its vast knowledge and profuse experience—to spread trading education through all available means, including webinars and live trading sessions.

Schaeffers Investment Research

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