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Technological innovations and the implementation of modern health and healthcare-related devices have significantly impacted and accelerated the growth of the employee and family member interest in workplace safety. This interest has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, the health and healthcare risk-management IT industry has increased its focus on scientific research and innovation, especially in the infectious disease risk-management category. Furthermore, innovators have developed and implemented several new industry techniques to deal more effectively with this pandemic and similar future emergencies.

These techniques have helped several health and healthcare-related risk-management IT industry organizations to better deal with critical situations surrounding employee and family infectious disease spread safety.

Intending to modernize the health and healthcare risk-management IT industry, John Norris JD, MBA, founded an advanced SaaS platform infectious-disease risk-management company in 2018 named Safely2Prosperity LLC. S2P is an emerging organization in the health and healthcare IT sector.

Norris founded S2P to focus on implementing new, more powerful, and more comprehensive strategies, tools, and other innovations to fight the spread of severe infectious diseases, particularly their spread in the workplace and at home, especially at employees’ homes.

These closed-in work facilities and homes present very high-risk (on the downside) yet very access-controlled (on the upside) environments. Moreover, most people spend most of their time each day in these closed spaces. Accordingly, aggressively risk-managing these environments can return enormous ROIs to employees (and their families) and employers alike.

Aggressive spread prevention, mitigation, and control of these locations create many returns. For example, it adds protection of, and enhancements to, employee and family physical and mental health status. And it helps prevent employer loss of productivity and financial and other losses through disruptive and upsetting litigation and litigation judgment or settlement costs.

S2P’s unique approach is to aggressively and continuously create a “disease-free sanctuary” at work and the same at home. This bottom-up approach (rather than the obsolete top-down approach used to date by governments and employers that has so severely failed) is a giant step forward in the direction of far less expensively and far more effectively managing infectious-disease spread. Plus, it reduces the probability that a most devastating event will take place. The spread of an infectious disease from work to home and vice versa is intolerable.

By using S2P’s new approach, supported by S2P’s advanced strategies, tools, and other innovations, not only, most importantly, will S2P save lives. But also importantly, the catastrophic risk of workforce deterioration and/or collapse, costing all or most employees their jobs and investors their investments, is likely cut in half.

S2P is one of the leading companies in the world that provide advanced IT-driven employee infectious-disease safety solutions.

Decorated and Recognized Leader

John Norris is currently serving as Chairman and CEO of S2P. He is a globally recognized leader in health and healthcare IT/AI/ML-driven product risk-management and crisis management. He was a long-term faculty member at Harvard University specializing in health law, FDA, and IT/AI/ML-driven health and healthcare risk-management product development and deployment courses.

As a full-board member or as an entrepreneur, John has used his diverse knowledge and experience to create, develop, launch, and/or grow companies having IT, AI, ML-driven risk-management solutions for companies, school systems, and government agencies. Some of these companies directly or indirectly provide goods and services to military and other national security organizations. Thereby, S2P also contributes to US national security and world security, of which they are very proud.

Over the years, the healthcare industry has evolved massively. John himself survived three fatal conditions with the help of modern medicines and healthcare techniques. Also, he still recalls when his father died due to a stroke in 1968, at the age of 52. With the current healthcare system, advanced technological devices, and safety precautions, physicians, surgeons, and nurses can more readily handle such conditions. Often, they can save lives.

Roots of Establishment

Norris founded S2P to produce new insights and innovations to better protect people from infectious diseases, including COVID-19 and its variants. He formed the company by bringing together John’s health and healthcare risk-management visions, insights, strategies, and plans.

S2P came into existence well after the end of the term when John was the 2nd-in-command of the US FDA—the world’s largest and most respected health and healthcare risk-management organization. But John executes within S2P many of the visions, insights, and ideas he formulated while being a leader of the FDA.

Since S2P’s inception, these concepts and tools have evolved and grown every year. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for the company’s solutions.

Eminent Solutions

To be clear, S2P is a health and healthcare risk-management software company that prevents and manages infectious diseases. It is an inventor, developer, manufacturer, and marketer of the world’s first advanced COVID-19 and variants risk-management program (COVID Safety Program).

The COVID Safety program uses a robust SaaS platform having powerful executive, manager, and employee dashboards. It enables employers, employees, and families to manage the spread of deadly, disabling, painful, and/or life-disrupting infectious diseases jointly, efficiently, and effectively.

In operation, S2P pairs its COVID Safety program’s SaaS platform with customized vaccinations, tests, therapeutics, and tracking technology packages.

A Team of Passionate Consummate Professionals

A team of exceptionally passionate, brilliant, and hardworking individuals leads S2P’s operations. Every team member of the company specializes in a different substantive or procedural area. However, the primary focus of every team member is to save people’s lives in the broadest sense of that phrase, from physical death or severe harm to mental disorders of various types.

Safety and Health Measures

Like firefighters, S2P runs toward the danger to save lives. In 2022, the company aims at protecting tens of thousands more lives in the US and the rest of the world. However, S2P  focuses not just on reducing the mortality rate of people. It also focuses on protecting and saving people from several other physical conditions, including long-term brain damage, heart damage, and lung damage, as well as long-term mental disorders brought on by fear of employees and their family members of death or other harms. S2P is committed to accomplishing all of these goals.

Impending Solutions

S2P has recently developed and introduced an advanced SaaS platform solution called its COVID-19 Safety Platform and Employee Dashboard. This advanced solution will ensure more efficient risk management of COVID-19 and its variants. S2P also calls the solution its  ‘Double-Sanctuary Approach.’ It is a highly effective, low-cost program and is the first of its kind in the world.

S2P and its software developer, DICORP, a Maryland company, built the advanced SaaS platform and its many unique dashboards using advanced technologies, plus the many substantive visions, insights, and ideas of the S2P Team. Brought together as an integrated and comprehensive system/program, the S2P COVID Safety Program enhances employee and family member safety from COVID-19 viruses and their mutants through–

  • Structured preparation, oversight, and management
  • Improved monitoring and tracking, including multi-dashboard custom reports
  • Effective preventions and mitigations, along with tools, including alarms, alerts, and trends analyses based on continuous risk-monitoring and assessments
  • Documented legal proof of employer efforts to protect and comply with legal and regulatory standards

This all-in-one solution for employees and their family members’ health and healthcare risk management allows users to view and monitor a set of vaccination, testing, therapeutic, and tracking solutions on a single set of integrated dashboards. The program enables companies to better predict and manage COVID-19 risk exposures and needed mitigation responses to better protect their employees’ health and safety.

S2P strives to transform the health and healthcare risk-management approaches used in the US and worldwide to produce ever faster, better, cheaper, and safer solutions.


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