How Robert Royer and Team Created the Fastest Growing Marketing Agency In South Texas

Robert Royer

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  • Residence: Victoria, TX
  • Education: University of Houston-Victoria
  • Skill: Marketing Extraordinaire
  • Recognition: Awarded ‘Google Partner’ recognition in June of 2021.

Career Highlights:

  • In 2021, Building Brands Marketing was awarded a Silver ADDY for best website in their region by the American Advertising Federation.
  • In 2017, he was promoted to youngest Advertising Manager in the history of Victoria Advocate.
  • In 2016, he was 1 out of 8 individuals nationwide to be selected to the NEXGEN program by the Southern Newspapers Publishers Association for a year-long program for future leaders of the newspaper industry.

Marketing has always stemmed from effective storytelling. In the past few years, it has developed significantly in terms of targeting capabilities. With new targeting capabilities, the consumer journey must be even more personalized through the utilization of segment audiences and dynamic messaging.

In 2018, Robert Royer founded Building Brands Marketing (BBM) by utilizing his industry knowledge and personal customer service values to create marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. Royer envisioned creating a marketing consulting agency focused on one goal—to produce results for clients. He overlooked the traditional revenue-based business model for agencies and performed services that contributed to the bottom line of businesses.

Royer developed a model that focused on client retention for revenue growth. Thus, the journey of Building Brands Marketing to becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in Victoria, Texas began. The company started as a one-man marketing consulting firm. In 2019, it onboarded Alex Richardson who is its current Vice President of Operations and Partner. With his addition among other company directors such as Micah Riffle and Ruben Vera, Building Brands Marketing started expanding its services to a full-service agency concept, including web design, video production, and much more. They developed a company in which their passion for their craft was obvious and each new team member addition was just as dedicated to their profession as the last hire.

Innovation, Sustainability and Longevity

According to Royer, the major factor that distinguishes Building Brands Marketing from its competitors is that it provides all services in-house with a consultative approach. The company comprises strategy consultants, graphic designers, social media strategists, production specialists, content creators, search engine marketing/optimization experts, and many more. Its mission is to produce cutting-edge marketing strategies using creativity, data, and innovation to assist organizations in increasing sustainability, longevity, and lasting livelihoods. It cultivates an environment of innovation that motivates people to perform their best work. Being a certified Google Partner, the company also has multiple Google Certified individuals in-house.

Building Brands Marketing’s vast expertise in search engines like Google and Bing has accelerated its growth in the past few years. The company has been performing white label work for other agencies across the US since its inception—which is one of its most consistent forms of revenue. Due to the company’s strong reputation in the areas of SEO, SEM, and targeted social media strategies, it has been approached by other agencies for fulfilling these services.

Comprehensive Marketing Approaches

Our clients trust us because we have built an industry reputation with comprehensive marketing approaches,” says Royer. Being a Google Partner and a Google Certified expert himself, Building Brands Marketing ensures prominent search visibility for its clients and its social media and production specialists create stories that effectively brand the clients.

The company’s ownership team deals directly with clients on a daily basis. Although the company provides marketing consulting services across several industries, it has found immense success working with the following sectors:

  • Medical (Due to experience and familiarity with HIPPA compliance)
  • Education (Effective story-telling ability through effective content and production capabilities)
  • Marketing Agencies (Certified Google Experts)

Proficient Helming Since Inception

As the Founder & President, Robert has been helming Building Brand Marketing since its inception. He works in the business on a ‘day in and day out’ basis and develops marketing strategies for businesses. Robert and his team also consult with the regional small business development center providing marketing consulting services and strategies for businesses.

By establishing itself as the fastest-growing and largest marketing agency in South Texas, Building Brands Marketing has built a presence where the top talents of the region aspire to work with the company. The company highly believes that its work directly impacts livelihoods. This approach has created a sense of gratification in its work that elevates the performance of team members.

Progressive Company Culture

Building Brands Marketing has built a unique company culture centered around serving a greater purpose than themselves. Its progressive culture cultivates an environment that generates a family-like bonding. The company encourages doing team-building tasks together, promotes flexible working conditions, and challenges each other to become better every day.

The collaboration we create by having aspects such as a high level of passion for what we do constantly improves the quality of work we produce and we continue to set the bar higher and higher,” remarks Royer.

Pivoting Customer-Centric Approach

Building Brands Marketing harbors a customer-centric approach. Most of its customers need assistance with bottom-of-the-funnel tactics like lead generation. To better assist its clients in this area, BBM implemented a marketing automation and lead nurturing software. Royer mentions that the company continues listening to its clients for bringing new strategies and programs that better address their problems.

Building Brands Marketing aims to continue developing new software to better assist its clients. The company strives to work with its clients to identify pain points and then develop software solutions to address these issues where software does not currently exist.

Note of Conclusion: Robert’s foretelling of the Future

In the next five years, Royer envisions Building Brands Marketing to be one of the leading marketing agencies in the US—with over 50 team members. The company continues to offer the most cutting-edge strategies with an even stronger reputation for business development. Royer anticipates that some of the clients (that Building Brands Marketing currently works with) will have expanded across multiple locations or perhaps even developed into franchise concepts in some instances.

In Royer’s words, “We are not just building a brand here, we are building livelihoods. When we are helping local or regional businesses build revenue, we’re building livelihoods, we’re building a family, we’re building culture.” The company is building opportunities with its employees, providing them competitive compensation, strong benefits, along with countless growth opportunities. “We are building opportunities nationwide, but probably most importantly, we are improving the community that we reside in,” concludes Royer.

Word to the Wise:

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