Robbie Antonio: Driving Fresh Possibilities In The Prefab House Market With Branded Offerings


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When you consider buying a new prefab house, you’ll be faced with various myths and misconceptions about such homes. Usually, prefab houses are compared with trailers or mobile homes, but they are quite different from them. These homes are similar to site-built homes and offer certain advantages over them. Shoddy construction is another big misconception about prefabricated homes. However, these homes are specifically manufactured to sustain much tougher conditions than most of the traditional structures.

The CEO and Founder of Revolution Precrafted, Robbie Antonio is challenging these misnomers and taking the idea of prefab houses to the next level by providing the custom designed prefab homes by world’s leading celebrities, designers, and artists. Robbie shares, “I wanted to prove that by partnering with great artists and designers, we can create a new line of prefab structures that will challenge the myths about prefab homes industry and democratize design by making it more affordable and accessible to people.”

Prior to establishing Revolution Precrafted, Robbie was more into establishing an asset-light company that can expand to various geographic locations without much investments and funding. Further, as he explored the idea of prefab homes, he realised the potential of this concept. But, the market was already filled with numerous prefab home-maker companies. To start a successful business, Robbie had to introduce something different yet revolutionary. Thus, after walking on this line of thought, he came up with an enlightened idea to give a human touch to the prefab homes by creative designers, artists, and celebrities. Today, these specially crafted homes are examples of art sculptures modified, reshaped with turns, twists, and numerous features, breaking the conventional boundaries of house creativity and imagination.

Building Well-Crafted Prefab Homes with Premium Designs

The ingenious idea of developing beautifully designed homes from Robbie has been highly welcomed by the industry as customers get customised and well-crafted homes at an affordable price point—averagely 10% cheaper than traditional homes. Robbie knows that price and time are the two most essential factors that influence customers’ choices. He asserts, “We’ve always strived to address the common pain points of our consumers, which are speed, cost, and aesthetics.”

In addition to their affordability, Robbie and his team have utilized advanced robotics to the production systems. Therefore, homes from Revolution Precrafted can be built within a short span of 2-4 months. Today, the company is working with over 80 world’s preeminent architects, artists, and designers to create an exclusive series of prefabricated and liveable spaces.

The prefabricated homes from Revolution Prefab greatly simplify the construction process. Customers can pick a home design from a selection and have it delivered right to their doorstep. Revolution Precrafted is focused on a mission to provide a home that’s carefully crafted and not just fabricated. Working with masters of design, the company has set an example in the real estate sector. It is the first company that offers such premium services where customers get numerous beautiful designs of prefabricated homes to choose from. Sharing his thoughts about the exclusive offerings of Revolution Precrafted, Robbie asserts, “We seek something efficient but we also want something special that will impress our customers and give them a heavenly experience on Earth.”

Expanding and Partnering Worldwide to Thrive Ahead

The process of developing extraordinary prefab homes is not as easy as it sounds. In the beginning, the team of Revolution Precrafted took deliberate efforts to reach famous and influential architects and designers. They communicated with starchitects to convince them about the importance of design in their business which focuses on building powerful and attractive prefab homes powered by various attractive designs.

In case of abroad projects, there are consistent challenges in transporting the raw materials to the origin site, especially when the project is inter-continental. To cater to such challenges, Revolution Precrafted has partnered with hundreds of fabricators and suppliers from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The team also stays in touch with the local fabricators that are nearest to the project locations.

Robbie shares, “We are emphasizing on partnerships and hope to partner with more developers in the Philippines and around Asia to increase our footprint.” Similarly, Robbie has expanded the company’s footprint in the USA after securing a $210-million deal to supply ultra-high luxury villas in California. It has partnered with Imperial Heights LLC for the supply of villas in San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino County.

Robbie Antonio quotesEstablishing New Brands as an Add-on to Revolution Precrafted

Together with the expansion of Revolution Precrafted, the versatile CEO has also established three new brands in the real estate sector but built for completely different functions. One of these brands, Renegade Branding Concepts is a marketplace for celebrity curated franchising and licensing concepts. He has also partnered with several international and local celebrities, including the world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, German model Liliana Nova, supermodel Helena Christensen, and designer Camilla Staerk. Robbie shares, “We are very aggressive and expect to sign at least 10 new celebrities by the end of this year.”

Renaissance Touch is another powerful concept born from Robbie’s creative mind. It is a one-stop-shop interior design marketplace for customers where they can find premium furniture, paintings, beds, and other household services like plumbing and repairing. Resembling the strategy of Revolution Precrafted, Robbie has partnered with creative designers and celebrities who develop innovative design themes for Renegade Branding Concepts. Customers can use them to enhance the appearance of their own rooms. Further, to harness the power of influencer marketing in selling products and services, Robbie and team have developed a social media platform called Relevent Medium. The platform enrols influencers who will make shout outs, tutorials, testimonials, review videos, social media posts, and other relevant contents to promote a specific product.

Present steps from Robbie and his team comprise the expansion of Revolution Precrafted in low to mid-rise apartments and condominiums which will be an addition to its portfolio of horizontal residential developments and single homes. The futuristic CEO is also aiming to cover more countries in South East Asia.

Robbie Antonio,CEO and Founder of Revolution PrecraftedFocused Personality with a Unique Lifestyle

While handling his innovative companies, Robbie also focuses on a healthy lifestyle and encourages his team members to stay fit and healthy as it uplifts their efficiency. He practises his daily exercises as early as 5:30 am. After a powerful workout, he reaches office at 9 am and leaves at 6 pm.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Robbie has established multiple businesses with keen efforts and dedication. His parents are proud of seeing him as a growth hacking leader and successfully driving Revolution Precrafted to great heights. They are happy that Robbie has pursued his passion and making a fortune out of it. Robbie has also partnered with his family business on a flagship project named the Batulao Artscapes development in the Philippines.

quote by Robbie AntonioNew Upgrades to Keep Pace with the Changing Market Demands

The housing market in the Philippines has boomed in the past years, following the path of the country’s strong economic growth, starting from 2010. A record number of constructions were added to the real estate sector and there seems to be a continual rise of foreign investors. According to Robbie, there will be a consistent demand for housing but the real estate companies need to track the latest trends to understand the demands of homeowners. Referring to the current scenario of shrinking land space, Robbie asserts, “I expect prefab homes to gain more popularity as available land sizes get smaller.”

Expecting the demand to increase land efficiency, Robbie and his team are working on 2-3 floor prefab homes while focusing on Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Currently, Revolution Precrafted has about 6 residential communities in the Philippines, including the Batulao Artscapes in Batangas, Revolution Flavorscapes in Pampanga, Revolution Hill in Rizal province, Puerto Azul in Cavite, Southern Plains in Laguna, and Laurel Valley in Batangas.

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