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Healthcare is a rapidly transforming industry as it finally embraces technology. Because of such changes, it has become extremely crucial for healthcare professionals to keep up with the industry trends by both adapting and keeping patients informed. With new technology being introduced almost every day, it is critical for practices to make the updates to reach the patients who are trying to make the best decision on which practice is best, compared to the hundreds of other practices in their area that serve the exact same purpose. Marketing correctly in today’s healthcare sector allows a solution to reach its target customers.

Renae Rossow, the CMO of iSalus Healthcare, is a marketing expert with almost 25 years of experience. With a strong hold on staff training, educational speaking, strategy creation, implementation, and successful management, she knows how to make a company prosper flawlessly. Renae is passionate about understanding the marketing journey from beginning to end and believes that marketing success is directly tied to the well-planned strategies put in place before the campaign even begins.

Renae’s Pathway to Success

Initiated as the Marketing Manager, Renae has held various marketing roles in iSalus Healthcare. She says that the proudest moment of her career is when she stepped in as the Chief Marketing Officer of iSalus Healthcare, and working closely with the chief officers of the company, took iSalus to a completely new level by growing it more than 30%. This is more than triple the growth of any previous year since the inception of the company.

iSalus: Making Healthcare Personal Again

Started in 2000, iSalus is a healthcare tech company that offers everything from simple scheduling software and billing services to an award-winning Electronic Health Record (EHR). Moreover, comprehensive patient portal, integrated telehealth module and a Chronic Care Management team that acts as an extension of their clients’ practice. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, iSalus Healthcare’s mission is to innovate patient engagement so that healthcare becomes personal again.

The healthcare solution maker always endeavors to offer software solutions that not only meet the provider’s needs but also directly impact the efficiency in which a practice is managed, so that users can invest their valuable time focusing on patients instead of documentation and compliance.

Finding Ways to Transform Healthcare

With the focus on making it as easy as possible for patients to engage with their healthcare provider on a level that is most comfortable for them, Renae realized that making healthcare personal again was going to be a critical component to reduce costs while improving quality of care. The team at iSalus tackled it head on by building out the functionality of their patient portal, MyMedicalLocker, and giving doctors the opportunity to see their patients via telehealth from right inside their electronic health records software.

Renae Rossow: A Multi-Skilled CMO

Being a CMO, Renae plays multiple roles in the marketing department and the most primary task she does is to help employees understand the “Why” behind what iSalus does. Her favorite part of the role is seeing the results when an employee really connects with the company’s motto and conveys that to their client in such a successful way that the clients not only connect, but also become ambassadors of iSalus.

Moreover, she works with her team to research personas, gather information and statistics, create a game plan, and engage the target audience. She always strives to find numerous ways to bring the message of iSalus to the forefront through various successful strategies.

Overcoming the Flaws and Moving Ahead

As communication skills are essential for any marketing personnel, Renae knew that while she was good with writing skills, she lacked a high command on oral communications. To overcome this, she focused on learning communication skills by reading books and listening to podcasts on the respective subjects. Moreover, learning about human nature to create a strategy that impacts the way people think, is something she continuously tries to learn more about.

Speaking about the past mistakes, the marketing veteran says, “My biggest mistake was to be more focused on what I wanted instead of what my employer wanted at that time.” Eventually, she left that particular job due to her continued unhappiness.  A few years later, while reading a book called “The Go Giver”, she realized the value of ’giving more than taking’. Further, she says, “It literally changed the way I looked at everything – especially my work.” She now tries to give more value in every relationship of her life.

Digital Media: A Revolution

Having witnessed multiple marketing trends throughout her career, Renae says that today’s marketers have more analytical data than ever before and they know everything about their customers’ wants and preferences. With such insightful data in their pocket, marketers can work with high agility by creating campaigns that respond to consumers based on their actions in real time.

Remarking about earlier marketing trends, she states, “In the past, we had to see who could make the loudest noise to get noticed and hope that we were at the top.” Compared to the earlier scenario, she now sees that it is possible to create a campaign and have almost immediate data to know how it is working.

While talking about the most effective social media platform, Renae quotes, “Because of our demographics, LinkedIn can is the best and most effective social platform as it helps us connect with high-level healthcare providers that seek connections with colleagues”. According to her, digital media has totally changed the face of marketing practices. With technological advancements, branding capabilities have enhanced in a drastic manner.

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