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Jeffrey Dungen

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Today, the toughest challenges faced by leading B2B tech companies are becoming less about technology and more about its adoption. For many verticals, the ability to develop technology, especially software, beats the ability for clients and users to adopt that technology. Change management is often the toughest challenge for clients in the adoption of new technologies. As the client’s ability to adopt technology changes, the provider too needs to continuously reinvent to be on the same page. And this requires being comfortable in a continually changing work environment.

reelyActive, is one among the leading tech companies trying to overcome these challenges, by diligently working on its solutions and services to set itself apart from others. The firm is considered to be among the cutting-edge tech companies to watch out in the coming years.reelyActive delivers a real-time stream of location and context data with which businesses can continuously improve their operations, maximising both efficiency and the human experience. The company has developed a comprehensive culture around meeting its clients where they are in their digital transformation. To overcome challenges like change management, the team is learning to identify and characterize problems for each client, to convey empathy, and ultimately to draw on experience to devise an effective, tailored strategy.

Among a hundred clients, no two employ the same solution, even if the foundational technology is the same. Thus developing its technology as a platform-play has been key to overcome many challenges, making it easy to adapt the solution to facilitate adoption by the client. reelyActive combines a change management consulting firm upfront with a visionary technology platform development team in the back. This combination is beneficial as it allows to develop technology with a long-term vision while delivering client-value and sustaining the business in the short term.

Cutting-Edge Technologies Empowering reelyActive Services

reelyActive leverages recent standards in RFID and structured, linked data to make it possible for computers to understand who/what is where/how in real-time, in any physical space. Over the past five years, search engines like Google have contributed to the widespread adoption of JSON-LD and as standards, which enable computers to understand concepts such as people, products and places. Last year there were 20 billion radio-identified device shipments in the form of Bluetooth Low Energy and RAIN RFID alone. Which means that at a human scale people can be identified and located via the smart devices they wear and carry, and an increasing number of the products with which user interacts can too be identified and located via inexpensive, embedded RFID tags.

reelyActive has developed open-source software that can leverage existing in-building infrastructure to collect and stream the location of all these radio-identifiable devices in real-time for any application. The concept becomes even more powerful when combined with structured, linked data on the web. By linking radio-identified devices with structured data about the people, products and places they represent, computers make sense of who/what is where/how in the physical space in which we live.

To further explain, reelyActive is at the threshold of real-time, real-world search. For instance, imagine being able to search for the nearest employee and tool required to perform a specific task or for the nearest vacant conference room or shelf.

Does The New Technology Create Value?

Too often, the business leaders focus more on the financial outcomes and fail to consider whether the technology itself really offers value to the industry and society. In case of reelyActive, the company closely assesses and ensures that the technology the consumers are investing in is worth the value. Any technology that creates value will certainly create positive financial outcomes. Capturing those financial gains is a separate matter for business leaders to address.

Evolution from an Engineer to Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Dungen(CEO and Co-founder) believes that the best way to create the future is indeed to create it and defines his role at the firm as a Chief Creator. Professionally, he takes great satisfaction in the challenges faced by start-ups not just from a technological standpoint. “I am always looking for challenges: if none are thrown at me, I’ll find them myself,” says the versatile leader.  Jeffrey is initially pre-set as an engineer; he identifies the problems beforehand, researches the underlying causes, then develops, and applies creative solutions. The colleagues describe him as a resourceful man and team-oriented big-picture thinker. He offers a great set of clear and worthwhile objectives and greets the team with energy and efficiency.

Jeffrey started his career as an engineer, and the sprints of his journey have constructed him as an exceptional entrepreneur. This evolution from an engineer to entrepreneur has provided him with brilliant opportunities to contribute significantly to the sustainable advancement of humanity, which has been a goal for him for a long time. He measures his success as the potential for future impact and believes that the failures and setbacks in the pathway have contributed to that potential. Despite a current economic culture that encourages short term gains over long-term impact, together as a team, reelyActive have persevered not only in creating this future, both from a technological and philosophical standpoint, but have also created a robust business.

Anticipating Reinvention Of reelyActive

Jeffrey anticipates that the firm will reinvent itself in the next couple of years. Currently, reelyActive is moving to a business model adapted to its open-source platform play, and if the industry continues to advance well, and the team sees the potential to adopt a marketplace model. However, now the firm is focused more on innovation in the business and ownership models than pure technology.

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