RedQuanta: Transforming Customer Experience Through Its Outside–In Winning Approach


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Today, a customer’s relationship with a product or service doesn’t end after its purchase; instead a whole new experience unlocks for the customers. Presently, customer experience management (CEM) is a top-most priority for corporations to track, oversee, and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the customer lifecycle. The main objective of CEM is to optimize interactions from the customer’s perspective and, as a result, expand the customer reliability. Since numerous organizations are selling their products and services at the same time, the global market propagates competition based on their customer services. A huge challenge is faced by enterprises in understanding the unique customer requirements, insights and feedback. Furthermore, it also includes factors like consistent customer engagement, marketing across multiple platforms or devices, and lack of advanced tools and technologies. Therefore, to identify the key levers of customer experience, the global customer experience management company, RedQuanta, based out of Mumbai, is empowering brands to improve their customer experience and revenue.  

Delivering Enriched Customer Experience for Various Businesses

RedQuanta has the human capital and innovation to deal with the complex nature of various enterprises. It has more than 240 customers over 2000 locations across India, North America, Middle East, Australia & Far East. The leading CEM solutions providing company operates in vertical markets such as automobile, consumer electronics, retail, banking and financial services, hospitality, consumer goods, investors, new age technology, e-commerce, and consulting. Furthermore, it produces designs and conducts various custom research programs for its customers. Alongside utilizing standardized research, analytics, consulting and global execution capabilities like mystery shopping, it also proceeds toward the new age solutions which are greatly driven by machine learning, NLP, and advanced analytics. Hence, the reason behind RedQuanta’s striking success is the mixture of time tested procedures and innovative technologies.

RedQuanta’s Vital Philosophies

The CEO and Founder, Pankaj Guglani instituted RedQuanta based on the ethos of helping clients identify their target groups, profile them to understand what they expect from these brands in terms of experience, and then checking the delivery of such aspects at the last mile. Prior to RedQuanta, Pankaj worked in Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited as a business head. While working there, his key accountabilities were to achieve the income targets, provide information which helps to identify and analyze the needs of the market as well as seek the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics to top management and improve CEM.

Today, as the CEO of RedQuanta, Pankaj focuses all his vitalities towards the company’s development and individual procedures. During these past years, he has come to believe that the soul of the company, its culture, cannot be replicated again. Therefore, Pankaj and his fellow management team have executed a new technique to aid RedQuanta’s culture called as RACE. RACE stands for Research with scale, speed and accuracy, Analytics to impact all business functions, Consulting capabilities to match challenges, and Enabling execution at ground level. Apart from this, building and maintaining a healthy and balanced culture firmly knit by the fundamental beliefs is what sets RedQuanta apart from its market competitors. This also happens to be the dynamic CEO’s most enjoyable part of the job.

RedQuanta’s Values and Mission

RedQuanta’s core values are influenced by their patrons and their necessities over everything else. Additionally, staying translucent with all their key shareholders including clients, respondent bases, and teams is also very important to the company. Most importantly, teamwork is a significant pillar for RedQuanta’s value system. This is not just limited to their teams, but is also pertinent to their clients and respondent bases. Likewise, the company also believes in recognition i.e. the efforts made by RedQuanta’s employees as well as crucial and brave actions taken by them which is very essential for the organization. Therefore, RedQuanta’s mission is to always support their partners and develop a distinguished, memorable and long-lasting customer experience. Along with their partners, they are also building substantial upgrades in the overall client experience across various businesses.

Eliminating Communication Gaps between Brands and Customers

Since RedQuanta’s launch, its main objective has been to help its clients by identifying the key levers of customer experience and mapping these aspects towards brand trends. The leading CEM solution provider does this by helping its clients to design mechanisms to identify their aimed crowd. Next, to outlining targeted crowd, is to understand what they anticipate from these brands in terms of their experience. And lastly, to monitor the delivery of overall aspects till the end. The key tactic used by the company is to focus on their customers’ evolving needs. Whether to expand their portfolio of services or to expand their company in the global market, RedQuanta’s business-related decisions depends and revolves around the increasing needs of its patrons.

Future Strategies and Plans

For the future growth of the organization, RedQuanta has united with various brands like Audi, Hyundai, Google, Microsoft, Xiaomi, HSBC bank, Unilever, Indian Railways, etc. Besides this, it is one of the members of Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA). To remain a market leader in the CEM space, Pankaj adopted a key technique to stay agile and focused on the emerging needs of his clients. Soon after its implementation, the company’s growth increased 3X times and enabled it to partner with several Fortune 20 companies across the globe. This year, one of RedQuanta’s key objectives is to develop smarter machine learning system and cutting-edge analytics platform.

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