Ravi Metrani: Integrating Enterprise Applications through PLM-Centric Solutions with Acnovate Corporation

Ravi Metrani

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The Founder of Acnovate Corporation, Ravi Metrani is an experienced leader in PLM (Product Lifestyle Management) and is associated with large organizations as well as startups across various industry domains. He established Acnovate Corporation in 2004 as a conventional staffing and project service provider in the PLM domain.

Since its inception, Ravi has transformed Acnovate Corporation into a leading solutions provider in the PLM space. With 14 years of industry experience, Acnovate stands ahead from its competitors with its specialized PLM solutions. It has expanded its service area globally from a single location to serve leading brands and compete with the large players in the PLM domain.

Ravi’s Thoughts on Growth of Mobility Industry

Acnovate Corporation has been innovating mobile PLM solutions with dedicated teams. Therefore, they understand the potential of mobility and its future benefits. Ravi believes that global economic growth extensively depends on mobile technology. It has transformed the way people do business, live, work, learn, travel, shop, and stay connected.

This positive change in mobile technology is due to the efforts of the leading players in the mobile value chain. Some of them are core communications technologies, component designers and manufacturers, OEMs, infrastructure suppliers, mobile network operators, content providers, mobile app developers, and device retailers.

According to Ravi, mobility plays a big role in the digital revolution. It is providing infinite possibilities to improve enterprise mobility solutions. Moreover, mobility is responsible for intense disruption in the industry.

Maintaining Flat Organization Structure with ‘Employee First’ Approach

Being exposed to various working styles and strategies in his career, Ravi understands that the best way to improve employee productivity is by forming an ‘employee first’ approach in his company. This helps the company to maintain a flat organization structure which enables Acnovate to keep its processes well-organized and resourceful.

As a result, it directly led to shorter project turnaround times. The efficient management includes the use of self-contained delivery teams within the region of engagement.

Wearing Multiple Hats to create an environment for success within Acnovate

As the Founder, Ravi handles multiple responsibilities including creating strategic roadmap, formulating a product vision for the company and building the right team for it.

To achieve the company’s vision, Ravi manages overall operations and keeps tabs on the latest technology and market trends. The favorite part of his role is being in front of the customers, understanding their challenges and offering solutions which create customer delight.

Exclusive PLM Solutions from Acnovate

Acnovate has developed a strong expertise in extended PLM solutions. With its core strength of integrating with every aspect related to Product Lifestyle Management, Acnovate also has expertise on all enterprise applications like CAD, MES, BI, SCM, CRM, ERP etc.

Acnovate has analyzed customer pain points and their demands for an effective product lifecycle management system. Based on their client’s need, the company has built the following solutions,

  • Acnovate’s Qiwk® Analytics platform: It is a platform for Engineering and Retail industry. Acnovate’s Qiwk® Analytics platform helps users to combine PLM data with enterprise data. It is a unique Self Service BI platform which enables business users to access, analyze, and report PLM data.
  • Qiwk® Mobile PLM for Engineering and Fashion Industry: This elite solution from Acnovate is available on iOS, Windows, and Android. It allows users to easily connect to their PLM environment anytime, anywhere regardless of their location. Qiwk® Mobile helps users to search and view product details including assemblies, components, documents and change objects. They can manage workflow task items; scan QR Codes, and search product and materials within the system. Further, it gives flexibility to view the bill of material and expand assemblies all the way.
  • Qiwk® Trac: It is a real-time asset tracking solution for Fashion and Engineering Industry.
  • Qiwk® Collaborate: It is a messaging solution designed specifically for Fashion and Engineering industry for NPD (New Product Development)

Building Relations with Customers as Partners

Since its establishment, the California based company has been working as a customer-led organization. Ravi and his team engage with customers as their business partners. This strategy helps them in adding significant value to customer’s business.

Acnovate constantly focuses on offering value-added solutions to their clients that enable faster time to market and ultimately improves productivity. Due to consistent quality of support provided to their customers and assisting them in business growth, Ravi and his team at Acnovate are able to build more nuanced PLM solutions that deliver precise outcomes for clients.

Acnovate pioneers in pairing mobile PLM solutions with new technologies like AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Augmented Reality. Presently, the company is working on the technology to verify the authenticity of goods, which combines AI with image recognition and Blockchain technology.

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