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Rathi Learning Space: Bringing Tailor-Made Interior Design Courses To Bridge The Gap Between Industry & Academics

Rathi Learning Space

Interior design can transform the way we live as it utilizes versatile imagination of the human mind and brings it into reality. The support of technology to the interior design industry is further making exponential changes. At the same time, consumers are becoming more demanding and thereby expecting designers to fulfil their aspirations. Additionally, after a considerable slump in the Indian real estate industry, the sector is stabilizing fast. Thus, the interior design industry is likely to witness a huge growth again. However, there is a certain gap in industry demands and the academia of design institutes. This gap is rebuffing students to adapt industrial evolution and therefore, they are not able to cope with the new transformations in the industry. To bridge the gap between industry and academics, a prominent Interior Design institute, Rathi Learning Space (RLS) is bringing industry-specific & tailor-made courses to students. The institute is known for providing quality over quantity and personalized Interior Design education.

Bharath Rathi, Leading RLS with Quality and Real-world Education

B.H. Rathi, the Founder of Rathi Learning Space shares, “Our courses are meticulously structured by eminent designers. They are gradually developed by imparting formal techniques to help students design with imagination, creativity, and skills necessary for the ever-changing professional environment.” This enables the students to design with independent thinking and plan with detailed execution. Mr. B. H. Rathi is an interior design industry expert and has been honoured for Excellence in Architecture in Huston (U.S.A). He has also received a Life Time Achievement award for his contribution in the interior field by Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID). Through extensive years of experience in the interior design sector, Bharath had keenly observed the lack of quality in academia here. Moreover, it was impacting the efficiency of students and restricting them to evolve with the latest changes. Therefore, he decided to establish RSL with the mission to provide quality and real-world education to students.

Comprehensive Courses Backed by Elegant Infrastructure

A liberal way of teaching focused on a global level is one of the prominent qualities of RLS. Presently, the institute offers 3 comprehensive programs including Diploma in Interior Design, Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, and Graduate Diploma in Interior Design. With this effective range of programs, RLS encourages students to think out-of-the-box with practical involvement on projects. This path of education promotes a collaborative environment amongst teachers and students. Similarly, the infrastructure of RLS is developed to provide a blissful atmosphere. The building itself is elegantly designed and built to offer superior facilities and quality education to the students.

Unfolding Students’ Imagination with Workshops, Presentations, and Activities

The faculty members at RLS are highly qualified professionals who possess in-depth interior design experience. They conduct regular presentations to foster new ideas and concepts regarding the projects undertaken by students. Initially, teachers facilitate students in researching for design. Based on the research conducted, the faculties guide students to work on their respective projects. Most importantly, the RLS faculty members are dedicated to developing an independent thinking approach among students so that they can work with curiosity and develop creative design skills. Teacher-Student communication includes discussions, presentations, self-directed work, research, and concept development. In addition, workshops and seminars on the leading technologies around the world extensively assist students to understand the global and national situations of developments in different sectors.

In addition, the students can enjoy an exclusive initiative from RLS, termed as “Foundational Fridays—the more you see, the more you learn”. It comprises visits to some of the best interior projects around town including vendor outlets, workshops, and presentations which unfolds students’ imaginations and enables them to learn and apply the same in the studio program. Further, the brainstorming helps students go beyond their limitations and explore new fundamentals of design and study them with full enthusiasm.

RLS Students, Thriving Ahead in the Industry with Successful Careers

Today, with an aspiration to educate the future designers, RLS is enabling them to have a proper hands-on work on live projects which includes solving real-world problems beyond conventional classroom training. Such teaching approach helps the students to think and act independently. The practical way of learning has greatly helped RLS’ students to conquer new job opportunities and most of them have been placed in some of the leading design firms. Many students have achieved immense success through the training received at RSL. One of them is Seema Machado who has successfully marked her name in the design fraternity and has secured a place at a reputable company abroad in Dubai.

RLS alumni Shruthi Sanghvi shares, “RLS gave me a path to pursue Interior Design as my career when I was a fresher graduate and confused about which field of designing to pursue. It has helped me to develop a positive attitude towards grooming my skills in the field of interior design.” Today, students of RLS are marching ahead with their quality expertise in interior design. Most of them have received awards like the Society of Interior and Pidilite Award for Excellence. Additionally, the institute has secured second position in Interior Design Competition—“Panache held during 2018. Students also won Mobile phone contest held at the Bangalore School of Design in 2018.