Rakesh Tiku: A Social Entrepreneur Implementing Creative Approaches To Satisfy Market Needs

Rakesh Tiku

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Generally, creativity is associated with artistic individuals who have different perspectives. In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations must rely on creative thinking to distinguish themselves from competitors. For modern business leaders, it has become one of the most significant qualities, which help them to compete with others. As the world is rapidly racing on the path of digital transformation, there are numerous requirements and unfilled gaps left to serve. As a result, several new opportunities are arising for those who can identify and fill these gaps with creative approaches. Rakesh Tiku, the President of inField Solutionsis one of those creative leaders who focuses on developing business models that leveraging cutting-edge technologies, versus just the technologies themselves. Rakesh is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience focused on strategic business growth in the environmental, healthcare, telecommunications, software, and manufacturing industry verticals.

A Competent Leader who Leverages his Experience and Skills

After completing his education from McMaster University, Rakesh started working at Celestica Inc. in Business Development. Following this, he worked with several corporations and gained experience in various fields such as entrepreneurship, strategic planning, sales process, sales operations, sales management, business planning, marketing strategy, and solution selling, to name a few. He has also owned companies that provided a huge variety of services and products in the areas of IoT management, online commerce, supply chain, business development services, resource management, IT consulting, and fashion. This competent leader’s ability to take something and make it more effective, whether it is people, objects, or ideas has supported him to lead in the aforementioned range of sectors. Presently, the foundation of inField Solutions is the amalgamation of Rakesh’s prior knowledge and experience.

Rakesh Tiku's goal in life

Offering Integrated Automation Platforms for Diverse Industries

inField Solutions has developed an integrated workforce automation platform that incorporates IoT and Machine Learning, called inField Clipboard that is digitally transforming old-world industries of plumbing, food distribution, and construction to enable them to satisfy the demands of Smart Cities.

They are leveraging inField Clipboard to power their line of businesses, namely inField Food iQ and inField Water iQ.

  • inField Food iQ: Is a turnkey self-serve fresh food micro-market and catering service to organizations for maximizing their employees’ satisfaction. By delivering fresh food that is convenient and affordable, it increases engagement, improves health and wellness of workforces. The inField Food iQ platform personalizes its user experience through profiling and is powered by machine learning driven supply chain. This platform can be utilized by offices, factories, warehouses, schools, and hospitals with 75 to 1000+ users.
  • inField Water iQ: A smart water monitoring and management platform that determines the severity of issues using Machine Learning and then communicates issues to stakeholders and dispatches to plumbers with a roadmap that includes HVAC, Compressed Air, and Occupancy Monitoring. inField Water iQ is leveraging a collection of wireless sensors to monitor for leaks, floods, consumption, changes in pressure, and spikes in temperature to minimize damage related to water and related insurance costs. Verticals including residential and commercial building, property managers, and insurance companies find it extremely useful because it reduces the cost and headaches due to water damage. There is no restriction on clients’ size for using this platform.

Strategic Goal Setting for the Future

Rakesh has strategized goals related to his professional and personal life for the near future. On the professional front, he is looking forward to leading inField Solutions as it continues to traverse its hyper growth plans. On a humanitarian note, with a motive to give back something beneficial to the community, Rakesh is working as an advisor for StarfieldConnects Ltd. This is a non-profit education company devoted to helping children and young adults transform their potential into real possibilities by exposing them to corporate leaders and companies that matter.

Overcoming Challenges with Teamwork and Creativity

For Rakesh, creativity is an important factor to achieve success. He believes that the only way his company can succeed is by implementing innovative solutions to resolve the challenges found in their target markets. One such challenge is to anticipate what a customer wants to eat tomorrow, even before that individual might know themselves. To meet this challenge, his organization has built the inField Food iQ platform to collect and analyze data, and then communicate the expectation with all stakeholders. This is one of the capabilities that sets inField Food iQ apart from their rivals. To retain their advantage, Rakesh with the team at inField Solutions is leveraging their technology partners, suppliers, and market trends to continuously enhance their product roadmap.

A Piece of Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

As a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience, Rakesh knows that the journey of success is filled with lots of challenges, failures, and lessons. Therefore, he shares the following four motivational messages that personally pushes him towards success.

  1. The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.
  2. Listen for need, envision the future.
  3. The ones, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.
  4. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

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