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In this digital era, everyone needs to have the knowledge of digitalization and we are working in the same direction where we are spreading the awareness about digitalization. We are trying to be a small part of this digital journey,” says Dr. Ravi S Kumar (Founder of Radium Box). 

Established in 2015, Radium Box is on a mission to becoming a supporting mediator key for people who are not aware of biometrics and digital signatures. The Mumbai-based company started its journey with an aim of spreading the knowledge about the use of biometrics and digital signatures, and the benefits of using it in identity management. 

Streamlining the Technology

Radium Box represents its passion for technology through a Box of Biometric Business. The company has put together ideas that can help people better understand biometric and digital signature technology, and use it in sync with Aadhar in the needful direction to authenticate themselves or their clients. As per the government approach of zero tolerance towards fraud, it supports improving the convenience and efficiency of routine access transactions and enhancing public safety and national security. 

The efficiency of digital signature and biometric systems as security or inspection mechanisms, their usability, manageability, and appropriateness widely vary in contexts. Radium Box simplifies the accessibility of digital signature and biometric to common people. It provides constant technical support for error resolution so that the semi-skilled people can also understand the use of biometrics. 

The company strives to streamline the use of these technologies for all residents including but not limited to senior citizens, retired employees who are using Jeevan Praman, or people who are using some portal for biometric Aadhar authentication—even if they are not aware of biometric/ any signature on Aadhar. Its team provides support in choosing the appropriate biometric device depending upon their requirement and also provides a complete installation and registration service in easy steps and simple language. 

Exclusive Services and Support 

Radium Box has built a support system keeping in mind the diversity of India, its multilingual culture, and the lack of basic computer knowledge. The company provides training and support to residents and small businessmen throughout the year via social media platforms, calls, remote desktop, mobile software, etc. 

Firstly, Radium Box suggests to them the suitable brand of biometric device or USB PKI Tokens. Thereafter, it offers them to use EMI services if they are unable to pay at once. Lastly, it supports them throughout the year in their language with an easily available and approachable support team. 

Besides, Radium Box also provides free distribution of PAN/DSC Centers with the help of the Unit Trust of India –so that its clients can start their business with zero investment –as it does not charge in advance nor does it ask for security deposits. Furthermore, the company provides all kinds of STQL Certified Biometric Devices that are meant for Aadhar Enrollment and authentications. It provides all kinds of biometric and digital signature services in one place. 

A Multifaceted Innovator

Being the founder of Radium Box, Ravi is at the helm of the company’s operations. He manages the company’s comprehensive resources for its optimum utilization and manages its general operations as well. He plays different roles in management viz. funding, employee welfare, etc. Under his auspices, the company’s brand product –Radium Box RBG 01 and RBG 02 GPS device – has been certified from UIDAI, Government of India for use in Aadhar enrollment. Moreover, under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Ravi started a Non-profit Organization–Radium Box Foundation –with Delhi Government License which is running multiple projects such as India Online Award, Share the Treasure, and Neuromantra

Dealing with the Challenges

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Radium Box faced challenges related to timely delivery to its end customers. As many courier companies were not functioning, it was difficult to deliver the products to customers on time. For combating these challenges, the company had registrations/agreements with several courier companies for getting their services. Moreover, before any shipment, it checked the delivery possibilities online from a unique portal and then shipped the products accordingly. This provided the fastest delivery to the location. 

Furthermore, remote working presented several challenges in front of the companies. However, as few of its team members were working from home even before the pandemic, Radium Box easily adopted to the shift to stay relevant and competitive in the changing circumstances. All the employees working from home had different responsibilities and duties and the company ensured to train the team members by providing the required knowledge with limited resources available. Moreover, the Radium Box team was able to stay updated with the trends in the digital sector such as meetings over Zoom or Google Meet. 

Eliminating Fake Documentations

In the near future, Radium Box is planning to launch eSigning software with Aadhar OTP authentication software which can be easily used by common people for signing documents such as an affidavit, will, and notary. Moreover, these softwares can also be useful for attestation of legal documentation. Through this, the company aims to eliminate fake documentations and easily legalize the will and other documentation as well. 

Turning Point for the Digital World

The pandemic has aided digitalization all over the world and has changed the working style across numerous industry verticals. With an increasing number of people getting aware of the digital shift, Ravi believes that it is a good time to get acclimatized to digitalization and post-COVID-19 can be the changing point of the digital world. He adds that the year 2020 has helped Radium Box set several benchmarks that are milestones for upcoming projects with more stability and the company will continue on this merry way for the years to come. 

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