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Public relations is one of the most effective ways to build on marketing strategies and create a solid online reputation. Companies that are investing a tremendous amount of time and effort into staying at the top of PR strategies are witnessing larger returns. PR agencies help companies achieve this and promote themselves within their industry. R Public Relations, a U.S.-based PR firm is one such unique boutique PR agency built with heart and innovation.

R Public Relations was founded in 2014 and its mission is “R business is yours.” As a B2B company, it believes it would not be in business without other companies. The company lives by this motto daily and is a part of internal teams that help send messages externally to the public.

Customized Services and Solutions

R Public Relations takes pride in understanding the custom needs of every client it works with. It is fueled by the clients’ passions and the people that make their businesses run. From representing restaurants and bars to nonprofits, hotels, and businesses with the brands that the world needs to know about, the company strives to provide exceptionally creative and inspired services for its carefully curated list of clients. It represents clients from around the country and everywhere in between. The services offered by the company include,

  • Campaign Creation: Market research, opening strategy, campaign launch strategy, press kit development, key player biography development, innovative storytelling, and launch strategy.
  • Public Relations: Campaign development, media relationships, influencer relationships and market, media training for staff, content creation, pitching, traditional media placements, digital media placements, editorial advance placements, campaign management, and community partnerships.
  • Event Management: Event planning, logistics, follow-up with key invitees, guest list creation, grand openings, soft openings, and community influencers partnerships.

  • Content Marketing Strategies: Content creation, photography direction, cross-promotions and sponsorships, maintenance, growth and engagement, and analytics.

  • Social Media Strategy: Content creation, photography and direction, cross-promotions and sponsorships, maintenance, growth and engagement, and analytics.

  • Creative Services: Photography, art direction, short film production, social media asset development, visual editorial content, print design, web content development, brand strategy.

Today, people are in need of marketing support—as a lot of word-of-mouth has died down. “Digital sharing is the wave of the future. We have started e-commerce and website design and support as part of its services,” says Emily Reynolds Bergh (Founder of R Public Relations).

Wearing Multiple Hats

Helming the company, Emily manages multiple roles such as the CEO, client relations, lead content writer, creative director, etc., and works daily as hard as anyone on the team. She oversees everything that is sent to a client or media contact. “I have learned the hard way this is really the only way to run a successful business,” she adds.

Under her auspices, R Public Relations has been noted as a Top Event PR company in Texas and has been mentioned in Forbes and other Business Journals for its publicity work. The company has been named among the Top 10 PR Firms in Nashville via Expertise, as well.

Unrivaled Services through the Crisis

For the past year, R Public Relations has been writing crisis communication plans, pivoting its clients’ services, and saving all reputations due to temporary closures, closures, pandemic issues, and capacity issues for its hospitality clients—who have been the hardest hit. It was challenging for the company to see its clients waiting for funding to keep staff and in turn see some staff and customers have outrage over mask mandates, being furloughed, etc. “To say we have seen it all before a pandemic will be laughable at this point—we feel we have been able to be with businesses in their hardest times,” comments Emily.

In Nashville alone, the company has helped clients survive a pandemic, a bombing, a hurricane, and the ever-changing political climates that affect the public image and reputation. For R Public Relations, it was not only how to best serve clients who are undergoing never-imagined aspects of their businesses, but it was doing so from an authentic place. “Everyone has had a different authentic experience in the past year and we hold that as the center of messaging and at the same time continue to help businesses grow virtually,” continues Emily.

Continuing on the Merry Way

The pandemic disrupted how businesses operated in many ways and the remote working model was leveraged as a solution to cope with the pandemic restrictions. R Public Relations, however, has been a completely virtual company for the past four years. The company has a remote staff that is noted to have the best talent. Moreover, it currently has writers who have also worked for major outlets such as Travel and Leisure, Food &Wine, and Imbibe magazines.

R Public Relations is looking forward to continuing to offer the best digital PR and marketing strategies to help the world continue to be contactless but also connected. The company promises to continue to offer reputation management and strong traditional marketing and PR strategies.

Marketing is essential when things go up (you want to be seen in the herd) or when things go down (you want to be seen in the slow market), so we do our best to support both waves and extremes and help our client grow,” says Emily. She believes that 2021, as more people get vaccinated, ideally will not be as challenging in the tourism and hospitality industries and that more people will travel, venture out, and enjoy life as it was, but with a greater appreciation for those we have missed this past year.

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