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The mobile app development industry is vast and continuously evolving. Courtesy of the constantly changing consumer demands and specificities, previous apps are being substituted with newer and advanced ones. Mobile app developers are constantly looking for and creating targeted niches. Every sector, be it healthcare, education or commerce, has its own app developmental needs. Moreover, there are huge demands from the startup and enterprise sectors as well.

Quytech has been catering to these demands since its inception in 2010. The Indian company is helping its clients maximize their digital footprints by providing end-to-end solutions. It has been working hand-in-hand with clients from across the globe like the U.S., UK, Canada, UAE, Europe and many more.

A Versatile Torchbearer

Quytech is a brainchild of Siddharth Garg (Founder and CEO). Being at the helm of the company, he manages several responsibilities, from client satisfaction to employee well-being. He overlooks all the major functions of the company such as HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Operations.

When Siddharth established Quytech, it was the early phase of mobile app development and its ecosystem was freshly established. The company sensed a big gap among the Indian companies and observed that mobile apps could be used as an essential tool for them. In order to bridge the gap, Quytech built a sales CRM product for them in 2012.

Siddharth believes that continuous innovation is necessary for a company to flourish. Heeding this, the company constantly invests in newer technologies. Presently, Quytech is a full-scale service provider in AI/ML, AR/VR, and Blockchain. “We keep innovating and improving on the work that we do,” asserts Siddharth.

Resilient Portfolio of Services

With expertise in niche technology services on mobile application development, consulting and outsourcing, Quytech has successfully delivered numerous projects to businesses from the US, UK, European countries and other parts of the world. The company provides cost-effective and reliable services such as—Mobile App Development, Game App, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and Enterprise mobility solutions.

Quytech also holds expertise in consulting and developing bespoke software for its clients—and delivers IT solutions to help businesses gain maximum ROI and achieve the desired outcome. It works both with startups as well as enterprises in e-Commerce, Healthcare, Training and Development, Retail, Real Estate, Entertainment, Education, Manufacturing, FMCG, and various other domains.

Client-centric Approach

A vast majority of clients approach Quytech for its unique solutions. While a lot of companies develop the client’s expectations into reality with no value addition, the uniqueness offered by Quytech distinguishes it from the competitors. Other companies offer playful price ranges which they often fail to deliver. They focus on their own revenue streams and charge clients for even minor changes. However, Quytech entirely focuses on client satisfaction which reflects in its more than 80% client retention rate. The company has been serving some of its clients for 8-10 years. “The unique value proposition added with focus on client satisfaction gives us an edge over the competitors,” adds Siddharth.

Inclusive Work Culture

Besides the client-centric approach, Quytech’s inclusive work culture has been one of the keys to its success over the years. The company has incorporated a thoroughly open culture with an open door policy. Any of the employees can walk up to Siddharth and have a discussion related to ideas, issues, etc. Moreover, the company emphasizes work outcomes over minor things such as work hours. Siddharth understands the importance of establishing communication and trust within the team. Talking about this, he asserts, “By communicating what is important, it gives the right message. If a person is meeting or exceeding expectations of the work output, what else do you need?”

Coping with the Hurdles

The biggest challenge faced by Quytech is the assurance of receiving fair prices for its services. The company delivers an end-to-end quality service and understands its importance. Hence, finding clients who can pay for the quality deliverables has been one of the major challenges faced by the company. There are various big and small sized companies that extensively focus on closing sales over the delivery and quality aspects of the services. Such markets pose a challenge for Quytech.

Minimal Disruptions through the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the wave of digitization. Every process of the organization, either internal or external, had to be operated digitally. Due to rampant digitization, several consumers have now started expecting an Uber type experience from every brand. They want real time updates and complete control over the experience. Thus, companies have to completely digitize and automate their internal processes.

Unlike many companies, Quytech faced minimal disruptions due to the lockdown as the company had started remote working before the pandemic. With respect to the gravity of the second wave, Quytech ensured maximized internal communications—prioritizing health over work. As many of the employees were facing personal issues, the company communicated with its clients to update them about certain delays. It waived off leaves for those who were hospitalized. To cover up monetary issues, the company created a contingency fund for providing monetary support in case of loss of life.

Harnessing the Potentials of AI Siddharth envisions a big adoption of AI in multiple sectors. He believes that AI will create a change bigger than the internet from Analytics to content creation, visual commerce to automated car navigation systems. For the mobile app development industry, AI will bring a lot of automation. It will reduce manual work in the service industry, increase productivity by leaps. For customers, they will experience a better service level, a better product and a personalized experience. Siddharth believes that mobile applications will remain the primary medium for people to consume information or services. Sharing his views about the increasing competition in the industry, Siddharth concludes, “Only the companies that are focused on certain verticals will make profits, as they will be able to optimize costs. The rest will only try to survive.”


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