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With more than 25 years of experience in the software quality assurance industry and one of the leading pioneers of software testing in South East Europe, Mitko Mitev is the driving force behind Quality House Ltd. Mitko is the Founder & CEO of Quality House, a leading platform offering testing services to IT companies of all sizes. The QA company operates in both Bulgaria as well as abroad. Commenting on the idea behind establishing Quality House, Mitko quotes, “The idea for Quality House had been germinating for several years, but found real dimensions in early 2004. Quality House was imagined as a company specializing in superior training and education in testing and quality assurance as well as outsourcing services to clients abroad. Soon after founding Quality House in early 2005, we were surprised to receive a steady number of inquiries about test specialists and we decided to dive in these uncharted waters and become pioneers in the popularization of consulting services for the Bulgarian market.”

Quality House has been providing behind-the-scene assistance and improving software quality since its establishment in 2004. The QA company has successfully worked for multiple different businesses spanning from telecom giants to budding startups. It is entirely focused in the field of software testing with a rich portfolio of accredited testing courses following international standards and practices. Their courses are accredited by ISTQB who offer  ISTQB Foundation Level and Advanced Level along with the more specialized Certified Mobile Application Professional (CMAP) and Certified Professional Requirements Engineering (CPRE) courses.

Role Model & Think Piece Behind Quality House

Mitko Mitev has dedicated his professional life to the promotion of the QA and Testing sector. As a part of ISTQB and President of SEETB, Mitko has been actively participating in their efforts in setting and improving international standards in Software Quality. The founder of Quality House is also the Chief Editor of the Quality Matters Magazine, which is distributed internationally with the focus on best leading practices and new trends in the QA area.

Mitko’s commitment to the promotion of software quality is also demonstrated by taking the role of Chair of the SEETEST Conferences and participation in other software quality assurance conferences. He has been involved five times as a speaker for the SQA Days Conferences. All his talks had made a great impression on the public and provoked a lot of questions and debates. In the past few years, he has mainly focused on writing course materials and books.

Elite Range of Quality Assurance & Testing Solutions

Quality House provides a full and comprehensive software testing service as follows.

  • Test Management: The QA company acts as an impartial third party, which assesses the situation in detail and gives the clients’ a thorough manual on how to adjust work in order to reach their projects’ full potential.
  • Functional Testing: As a whole, functional testing is performed on every development lifecycle process and Quality House is well-versed in agile and sequential processes, and in creating a custom strategy that meets project specifications, time constraints and chief objectives.
  • Web & Mobile Testing: Quality House has built a mobile device lab with a wide range of tablets and phones covering the most common brands, models, OS’s and combinations thereof.
  • Load & Performance Testing: Quality House specialists serve as impartial eyes to the intricacies of the client company‘s work processes and if need be, the team advises them on the proper tools and methodologies best suited for the clients’ goals.
  • Test Automation: The software testing company also serves as а consultant when it comes to helping their clients’ to choose a tool for test automation, its implementation and in which areas to use it.
  • Acceptance Testing: Quality House focuses entirely on the testing area, acting as an entirely independent party in the testing process without any conflict of interests.

Crowd Puller in the QA Market

The major factors behind Quality House’s success is the variety of testing services they provide as well as the different profiles of the QAs. The software testing company currently offers assistance in the domains of banking, telecommunication, automotive, insurance, e-commerce, ERP systems, etc. To sum up, Mitko credits the people in the company and their constant desire to evolve. The policy of the company encourages its employees to never stop learning and deliver top rated results through the variety of testing services. The entire group at Quality House stays updated about the latest trends in the market and similarly, adapts those technological advancements in their solutions.

Future Milestones & Targets

Quality House too, is facing challenges as every company in the industry. Since the projects are becoming more complex with each year, there is no simple solution to the client’ needs. Along with that, the development of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the rapid growth of the IoT and the emergence of Virtual & Augmented Reality is making it even harder to remain at the top of the game in the competition. Along with Mitko, the management is very selective when it comes to hiring new people. They try to hire people that fit with the company’s culture of teamwork and being an integral part of the Quality House family.

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