Puut Wallet: The World’s First Blockchain-Based ‘Leather Wallet’ Replacement Platform

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Today, high-tech gadgets are replacing nearly all traditional systems. Currently, smartphones are the most popular ones among users. No more pocket changes, no more huge wallets, and no more extra cards, just a smart gadget is what you need in this new cashless era! More than half of the global population owns a smartphone, and many consumers are choosing to conduct e-commerce transactions mainly via mobile devices. Mobile wallets can now make your payments at the tap of your finger. Due to its ease of use, people have started accepting payments through mobile wallets and consumers have started seeing the advantage that comes from using e-wallets. The market today is crammed with numerous payment solution providers to assist businesses. These mobile wallets are not just limited to the transaction of cash. The unique all-in-one mobile wallet called ‘Puut Wallet’ is distinct from other e-wallets; it can store cryptocurrencies like any other normal currency.

The All-In-One Mobile Wallet

Puut A/S is a Danish-based high tech company that offers blockchain-based, biometrics-enabled and AI-ready mobile wallet platform as a service to smartphone users, service providers, merchants and governments alike. Puut A/S is striving to bring the experience of a traditional cloud network to mobile devices and revolutionize the user experience of a simple smartphone. The company’s flagship Puut Wallet is an ‘All-In-One wallet’ that aims at helping consumers get rid of their leather wallets by mobilizing its content in a way that is seamless, secure, and social. Its other unique functionalities include:

  • Currency Wallets
  • Personal Wallets
  • Citizen Wallets
  • Business wallets
  • Institutional wallets
  • Marketplace
  • Messaging

A Wallet Supporting Crypto Currencies

This unique e-wallet is an integrated platform that supports both fiat and crypto transactions; users can share money and bitcoin from the wallet. The highlight of the application is Bitcoin LVX (BVX); a crypto-platform that provides payments, exchanges, and remittances in a distributed fashion. It is user-friendly, scalable, faster, and energy-efficient as compared to existing cryptocurrencies, and can be mined with a regular computer.

With the high growth of Puut Wallet’s marketplace, the team is in a position to reward its users with an addition of a fee-free p2p crypto-exchange to its offering. The new crypto-exchange will allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin LVX, and Ethereum directly from each other, without depositing funds on the exchange.

“I am excited to see BVX becoming a daily medium of exchange for mobile wallet users. BVX is here to make Bitcoin spendable in a way that is energy efficient, seamless, and social,” says Mark Arthur, Creator of Bitcoin LVX.

Business and Institutional Platform

Puut provides Business and Institutional Wallets for service providers, banks, merchants, and governments. The platform includes a powerful set of APIs that lets organizations tokenise and push Interactive Personal Identification to both personal and citizen wallets. While the Institutional platform aims at helping governments deliver citizen-centric public services and future proof digitization tools to civil servants, the Business platform leverages OpenWallet Platform and the OpenWallet API to deliver a wide range of personal media to personal wallets.

More than Just an “e-Wallet Platform”

Puut Mobile Wallet can easily replace the leather wallet, free us from the hassle, and let us enjoy virtual content from the service providers around the world. The services include payment cards, business cards, receipts, bills, loyalty cards, airline tickets, train tickets, event tickets, bus tickets, boarding pass, bus pass, monthly pass, daily pass, access cards ID cards, student cards, driving license, library card, residence permits, visa, social security cards, and the biometric passports.

Additional social features allow users to create shopping groups that can collectively purchase items from a local store at a greater discount. The social features are not just limited to shopping, users can create albums, upload and share photos, create and share virtual business cards, and also send and receive messages using Puut messenger. The platform is more than just a wallet, which makes it more exceptional compared with the competition.

Loyalty Program Powered By Artificial Intelligence

The vast majority of loyalty programs are specifically designed to reward habits and not true loyalty, which has adversely affected some companies as customers are not emotionally attached to brands. This has constrained the loyalty program penetration at very low levels among segments like dining, travel, big-box retail, clothing, and retail banking reaching individually 35%, 49%, 45%, 47% and 31% in 2017 respectively. Recently, Puut A/S launched the Artificial Intelligence-powered Loyalty scheme to help increase loyalty programs penetration. Its loyalty scheme is very customer-centric as it helps reward loyal customers qualitatively.

Puut Wallet is a user-centric wallet that is tailored to create a value continuum for loyalty programs,” concludes Mark.

Puut Wallet, Recognized as a Global Technology Innovator

Various media outlets have recognized the company for its innovative approach in the finance sector. Last year, Puut Wallet won the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Global Award for being the world’s leading technology innovator.

We believe Puut A/S embodies the vision, drive, and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. Puut A/S should be proud of its accomplishment,” said Alex Vieux, Publisher, and CEO of Red Herring.

Puut A/S has been working towards its goal of revolutionizing the use of smartphone devices. The team aspires to bring the experience of a traditional cloud network to mobile devices, by delivering a global mobile experience to smartphone users and providing an operator and bank agnostic approach to mobile wallets.

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