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Rendering professional services to the business community, marketing, and advertising agencies have been propelling the shafts of businesses to great extents. With time, these agencies have undergone drastic changes to widen their niche and offer more expansive solutions, with the increased accessibility and shift to digitization. Leveraging the upgraded aspects and latest business trends, Propel Guru has emerged as the leading marketing and advertising agency in the marketing landscape—dedicated to making memorable and enriching digital experiences. As a top-of-the-line creative digital company, it provides 360°solutions for digital marketing and advertising.

Propel Guru is the brainchild of Ajay Dubedi (CEO and Founder), who instituted the organization in 2020 to harness the advantageous possibilities of digitization. It instituted with roughly 20 employees during a time when the changing general marketing landscape accelerated the digital transformation. Observing the drastic changes in the industrial landscape eventuated by various factors and the pandemic, Ajay launched Propel Guru as a full-fledged digital marketing agency. Along with his team, he entered the digital space to help brands leverage social media platforms, video marketing, lead generation, content marketing, and create an online presence. Currently, the team comprises more than 100 internet marketing experts and is thriving in the marketing sphere.

Unified Solutions under One-roof

Propel Guru is a creative digital media organization. The organization unifies possibilities such as talent Management, Graphics Creation, Video Production, Social Media Management, and Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Lead Generation, LinkedIn Marketing—all under one roof. It is decoding the GTM and clubbing it with various marketing functions such as strategy, background analysis, custom proposal creations, technology, and customer experience.

The organization constitutes separate departments with expertise in various fields such as graphics, video production, and many more. The team includes the sales team, marketing team, and a team for the smooth delivery of projects. With Propel Guru, Ajay has witnessed a boost in regional content and campaign, establishing that the organization’s services ensure the exponential growth of internet users and the immense potential of the region’s tier 2 and 3 markets.

Propel Guru makes custom proposals according to the client’s specific need, using market research and background analysis, and ensures to widen the brand’s visibility across social media. As an ensemble set of young creators specializing in cultivating digital aspects, the organization provides clients with the best of digital marketing.

Operated by Unique Visionaries

Proper Guru - Unique Visionaries

Being at the organization’s forefront, Indrajeet takes charge of its future visions and custodian of the organizational culture. His primary responsibilities include—setting business strategy, overseeing operations, marketing and financing, negotiating contracts, developing partnerships, modeling company culture, and values, public speaking, and participating in industry-related events. Indrajeet asserts that the biggest challenge to entrepreneurs in the current time is “how well and graciously they respond to the opportunities with innovative products and services.”

The core team consists of talented people in the domain of sales and marketing. Indrajeet believes that without the support of his team, the organization would have been unable to flow with the rising demands and changing trends, especially on the online front. Propel Guru’s team has molded itself with the changing landscape and consumer demands. The organization conducts continuous monthly training programs for its employees to keep them updated with the latest SEO, SMO techniques.

Widening Digital Experience for Clients

Centralized towards digital marketing, brands have started developing interest in ROI— which primarily talks about their reach to show their stronghold on the consumer. With respect to that, Propel Guru ensures updating the clients regularly to keep them on the same page, and also organizes weekly meetings with clients to eliminate communication barriers. Instead of following a blindfolded approach while delivering a project, it follows with the creation of a well-defined proposal, planner, and execution on the basis of ROI and transparency.

Propel Guru believes in giving the best delivery on internet marketing with proven and is taking constant initiatives to enhance customers’ experience. It focuses on resolving all plights in one go during prospect calls. The organization has always ensured better preparations with a client’s industry-centric proposal of all the deliverables and possible KPIs.

Propel Guru extends maximized support towards startups. It tends to strive for the firms to build them from scratch and create a brand awareness which keeps them stay best out of the rest. It has worked with many domains such as Retail, Real estate, Logistics, and supply chain, eCommerce, AI Apps, and many more. Moreover, it has also worked for both startups and MNCs and has helped to build to the next level.

Converting Challenges into Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic was a game-changer—it pivoted the marketing strategy, causing drastic alteration. As brands across various sectors started investing in digital marketing, Propel Guru utilized the opportunity and started presenting them with a significant resource split between traditional and online marketing methods. It provided customized solutions to companies with tight budgets and surfaced with a solution-based approach for marketing problems over the plain media buys.

Envisaging Tremendous Achievements

Propel Guru Team

Propel Guru has been working with new domains of internet marketing for Shopify stores, healthcare sectors, and others, which are emerging in the market as new trends. It makes a custom strategy for each client keeping in mind the target audience and their market.

The organization is continuously looking forward to automating most of the organization’s processes. For instance, it has done certain experiments that have automated the entire cold calling process. Currently, Propel Guru is working on 60+ projects—which have been successfully delivering the best results to its clients.

Strategizing Future with Latest Trends

Ajay believes that 2020 proved to be a decisive year in terms of transforming the marketing towards consumer relationships while putting a lot on the horizon for 2021. With a clear shift towards educating the consumers away from the hard sales and marketing gimmicks, purpose-driven marketing and information sharing are back as a key trend within customers.

With respect to the evolving shafts, Ajay holds an encompassing future for digital marketing. He adds that the new-generation customers are tech enthusiasts. Artificial intelligence will influence how brands think, their marketing strategies, and consumer behavior.

The future will induce more changes which are yet to be incorporated into the current processes. For instance, an AI agent is not capable of catching the human tone. Thus, advanced voice analysis capabilities are yet to be made in the future of AI.

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