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PractiTest: Enhancing QA and Test Case Management Tools for Businesses


With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, the Software Quality Assurance (QA) domain has witnessed the transformation in their existing procedures. For organizations that depend on new digital services and applications to drive their businesses, the testing and QA teams play a vital role in their business success. Moreover, the modern trends like Agile Testing, SCRUM and DevOps can help the organizations to develop better quality products and diminish the efforts of these teams. With its promising products, PractiTest offers Application Life Management (ALM) and an easy-to-use cloud-based innovative test management tool. This tool satisfies the needs of Testing and QA professionals as well as modifies its approaches according to the technology and trends in the Test Management Process.

Offering User-Friendly, Fully Customizable System with Full Visibility

The motive behind the foundation of PractiTest, was to find a product that would tie the methodologies offered by different enterprise solutions, as well as display a user-friendly interface that would make testers, managers, and developers work more valuable and accessible. The Israel-based company provides a fully customizable tool, which can be adapted to the ever-changing needs of QA & testing teams and includes a vast range of third-party integrations with common bug trackers and automation tools and robust API for the rest. PractiTest also enables full visibility into the testing process and a deeper comprehensive understanding of testing results.

Comprehensive Range of Services for Customers

PractiTest offers its customers the best end-to-end quality management platform that allows development and testing teams to have full visibility of their testing status. The end-to-end management platform is easy to understand, flexible, inexpensive and utilizes methodology approaches to perform any testing process. As a leading Test Case Management tool, PractiTest provides organizations with its services to ensure that visibility and communication are available at all levels. It also aids project development teams in optimizing and managing their testing processes while providing management with real-time project status.

Versatile CEO Using His Expertise to Enhance the Organization’s Growth   

The CEO, Yaniv Iny, co-founded PractiTest to help organizations manage their QA and development process. Prior to PractiTest, Yaniv was the VP of R&D and co-founder of Cahoots. While working with several organizations, he played many roles that include Consultant, VP R&D, and CTO. In his line of business, Yaniv gained experiences in various fields like management consulting, telecommunications, product management, software development, agile methodologies, quality assurance, test management, pre-sales, product marketing & development, and cloud computing. Due to his vast years of experience in a management-consulting firm, Yaniv helps small companies to expand, grow, and become successful in the industry. As the CEO of PractiTest, Yaniv and his fellow team developed the system which can fulfill various needs of their clients. The system provides a centralized interface, which lessens the unnecessary efforts of the testing team. As a result, the testing team can extract valuable information more efficiently and make the right verdicts accordingly.

PractiTest’s Employees Aiding in the Organization’s Growth

The success of any business is directly proportional to the performance of its employees. They are the ones who contribute effectively towards the successful functioning of an organization. They strive hard to deliver their best and achieve the assigned targets within the time period provided. To enhance the firm’s efficiency, Yaniv trusts all his employees to take full responsibility for any task given to them. As a result, the employees gain confidence in their work and become independent and self-driven individuals. The employees also develop their skills and knowledge by working on the different tasks given to them.

Features Making PractiTest Differ From its Competitors

PractiTest offers software that has a single interface where users can perform real-time operations such as manage, control, track, document, and optimize tests. The customers can have complete visibility for their entire process. Following are the features, which makes PractiTest unique and different from its competitors.

  • Complete visibility in real-time: An organization can run and manage all their tests from a single interface. The personalized dashboards and reports keep organizations well informed about the status of the product, as well as inform them about issues that need to be resolved. Using the data in the right way, by breaking a body of information into smaller pieces and examine them from different viewpoints. This gives the organization the ability to understand data thoroughly in a simple way and make decisions respectively.
  • Smooth Incorporation with all tools and existing process: Various tools are required for testing any product or system, and different organizations use different technologies and techniques to perform testing. PractiTest provides fully customizable services according to an organization’s process. The organization can seamlessly integrate with all its existing tools and perform the tasks more efficiently.
  • Less processes and saved time: PractiTest personalized system is built according to the organization’s process, which enables them to create manual tests and organize these tests based on their cycle and sprints as well as reuse them to save time.

Solving the Growing Needs of Customers for Innovative Solutions  

An organization faces many obstacles throughout its lifespan. As systems are becoming more and more complex in today’s world, the challenges that the company faces is the continuous development of its systems so that it can continue to support its clients’ needs. With this intention, PractiTest delivers its products in a personalized manner to fulfill its clients’ needs and optimize business operations. To achieve this, PractiTest utilizes innovative technologies and upcoming trends to develop its products and solutions. The company’s strongest point is its technical capabilities combined with the best human support that it provides to its patrons.