Prabakar Selvam: A Dynamic Leader Uplifting the Technological World with Innovation

Prabakar Selvam

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Disruptive technologies such as IIoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing have started a new phase in manufacturing advanced IT solutions. A new world is emerging through both physical and virtual engagements across global working systems. To help their companies thrive in the competition, leaders must focus on the discussion regarding the vision and direction of the company with their fellow leaders and welcome the individuals who are inspired and participate in the growth of the company.

Expressing his views on the role of a modern CEO, Prabakar Selvam (CEO of Cantier Systems)says, “CEO should understand the rapid changes happening in technology and align the organization in line with the changes and be flexible to work in the face of contradictions.” Prabakar is a decorated leader in the MES industry who is leveraging his avid experience to drive the company further towards unrivaled growth.

Bridging the Gap

Prabakar holds a master’s degree in Computer Applications which provided him with the essential technological and managerial prospects. He has vast experience in IT and manufacturing domains and has been actively participating to grow the adoption of disruptive technologies. At the early stages of the business, he realized that there was a gap in the availability of manufacturing solution provider companies that wanted to build product-based offerings to get the efficiencies of scale and repeatability and be flexible to observe and understand the customer pain points to create the solutions. Cantier Systems was established to fill this gap and be relevant to all customers it served.

An Array of Exceptional Services

Cantier is one of the leading providers of AI-powered next-generation Manufacturing Execution systems (MES) that can integrate with any modern technologies and environments combining the Execution, IIoT, and manufacturing Intelligence capabilities into a single platform for global real-time operations visibility, decision support, and autonomous actions. “In order to upgrade the MES product of Cantier to the next-generation AI-powered MES with IIoT, intelligence, and AR/VR capabilities, technologies like IIoT, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, AI, and Mixed Reality are needed,” briefs Prabakar.

The company also provides Industry 4.0 contextual solutions including Industry 4.0 Roadmap definition, Business Justification and ROI, Equipment Automation, AI, SCADA and HMI, RFID solutions, Robotic Process Automation, and cloud computing. Cantier mainly works in the sectors of Semiconductor, Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, Metal Precision and Fabrication, and Food and Beverages.

A Dynamic Leader

According to Prabakar, effective leadership is the prominent reason for a company’s growth. Being a CEO, he has been a zestful leader imparting success to the company. He is relentlessly working to fulfill the technology vision of creating a Smart Manufacturing Product Suite for digital transformation. Additionally, he makes available global support systems to ensure customer satisfaction. To maintain the intuitive user experience, he focuses on producing globally connected technologies and delivery partner systems. Besides his successful stint at the helm of Cantier, he has also been working as the chairman of the MESA APAC Board (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) for the last two terms.

“A Change Agent”

As a leader, dealing with criticism, negative feedback, and complaints from clients is very important. According to Prabakar, a leader needs to be tough to handle criticism and see to it as an opportunity to grow. “I believe that I will be the change agent who will constantly and passionately inspire people to enable growth innovation and endless possibilities,” adds Prabakar. He wishes that employees would remember him as Chief Happiness Officer in the company.

Surviving a Difficult Time

The pandemic induced a plethora of challenges for companies across the globe. In response to the challenges, Cantier remolded its strategies. During the times of pandemic, it focused on the expansion of the company into new areas through the eco-system partners. It also managed a lean Product Development and Solution team with remote cost-effective delivery. Prabakar personally focused on communication in the enterprise to ensure balancing the employees emotionally. “According to me, facilitating the team to achieve Key Performance Indicators across the organization is also critical as a leader to survive and thrive in these uncertain times,” states Prabakar

The Competition Success

Many aspiring leaders search for a business mantra to be successful in the race. However, according to Prabakar, there is no such formula to defeat the competitors. The only thing that can be done is to preserve the speed and flexibility of the company. Prabakar mentions that the key to success lies in the empowerment of the teams and it includes encouraging them for innovation and a consistent feedback system. This ensures the unimpaired delivery of products while supporting the business building.

Life beyond the Cabin

To ensure work-life balance, Prabakar engages in activities that energize and motivate him to work with full energy. According to Prabakar, the life beyond cabin is showing humanity and helping the needy and deprived, especially those who did not have the chance of getting a good education or living a standard life. He wishes to help aspiring individuals from and outside the organization.

Envisioning the Future Possibilities

Prabakar believes that the Industry 4.0 transformation opportunity may cross the mark of trillion dollars by 2027 and thus Cantier System anticipates playing a major role in the industry. Currently, the company is working with global customers for APAC locations. It has also planned to expand its business in countries like Europe, North America, and South Africa during the period of 2022 to 2027.

Prabakar’s Message to Young Entrepreneurs

I believe that multiple evolving technologies and vast opportunities distract aspiring leaders and they fail to excel in their businesses. I suggest the leaders not to waste energy and start focusing on solving real-world problems. I advise them to stay focused on the related business problem and deliver the best solutions to the customers. Also, I want to suggest not to drain energy in uplift the company value by capital manipulations and targeting Venture Capitalists or investments.


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