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In recent decades, information technology (IT) has dramatically changed the lives of individuals and organizations associated with it. Presently, online shopping, digital marketing, social networking, digital communication, cloud computing, etc. are the best examples of the change that has come through the wave of information technology.

For companies, accurate business planning, effective marketing, systematic management, global sales, real-time monitoring, instant customer support, and long-term business growth can be achieved at the optimum level with IT solutions. Established in 2015, Powercode is an eminent software development company committed to empowering businesses with high-quality custom software. The company helps businesses to be successful and gives people the ability to get rid of routine work and human errors.

Extensive Services and Solutions

Powercode provides full-fledged assistance on creating a business from scratch. The company offers an extensive portfolio of solutions including,

  • Mobile Development: Mobile-first is no longer a trend but a necessity for nearly every company with a software product. Mobile apps are beneficial for businesses in every industry as they help cover bigger audiences, enter the next level, and increase revenue. Powercode provides top-notch iOS, Android, and cross-platform development services.
  • Web Development: A successful business without a website or an application is difficult to exist today. The bigger the company, the more complex software solution it needs. Powercode’s web development experts are ready to empower businesses with the software of any type and difficulty.
  • UI/UX Design: Several good products fail to impress the users due to bad design. Yet, a creative and eye-pleasing design is not enough for businesses to satisfy their customers as it should go hand-in-hand with an intuitive interface. The design team of Powercode makes sure the digital product users get their best experience.
  • Business Analytics: In a majority of cases, product success is based on business analytics. The capabilities of analytics can strengthen a company’s position in the market and tell what the future holds. Market research, strategy development, brand identity & positioning, and customer loyalty—all these things are never a problem for Powercode’s clients.

Besides these, Powercode also offers services such as Legacy Code Modernization, Quality Assurance, Ecommerce Consulting, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The company has particularly gained expertise in the ecommerce industry by building the first Ukrainian online supermarket—Foodex24 a year ago. During the creation, the team experienced all the challenges, required skills, resource base, and other aspects that it successfully countered. “Now we want to help other people and make the process of creating their business from scratch smooth and comfortable. The extensiveness of our services and solutions differs us from our competitors and their offerings,” says Bohdan Semenov (CEO of Powercode).

Ensuring Growth and Results

The primary responsibility of a CEO is to ensure the company’s stable growth and meet strategic goals. Bohdan believes that each department of the company should operate well and deliver department value. According to him, it is extremely important to understand that every part of work in a company is related to other people, and missed deadlines, amounts, or quality could affect the entire company.

Each department should have a countable value of work results. There is no way to drive processes without measurements,” adds Bohdan. He further mentions that improvement is another essential part for an organization to succeed. He asserts that all improvements are based on data and analysis. Poor results mean that it is time to start a new strategy and amazing results indicate that it is time to share the approach with the teammates and other departments. “There’s no time for doing nothing,” he continues.

Prioritizing Innovation and Client Satisfaction

Powercode has always been at the forefront of innovations. Innovative strategies such as video meetings and efficient remote work, and innovative technologies such as programming languages and tools—that several companies started implementing a year ago—have already been implemented by Powercode for years. Every implemented innovation has helped the company optimize processes, enhance general productivity and efficiency, and increase the satisfaction rate among its clients and employees.

Surmounting the Challenges

Each company has different stages of evolution. The evolution depends on the company size, current mission, and plans. As powercode is actively growing now, the primary challenge is to stay dynamic, improve the service quality & working conditions, and keep all clients happy. Bohdan believes it requires a lot of work and good planning to transform the company structure from stage to stage. According to him, the key value is a professional team that shares the company’s values and ideas.

Beyond Digital Products

For a long period, a vast majority of IT companies had one-service expertise. However, today, they are attempting to provide more complex solutions. For instance, instead of building only the web software, companies are extending their offerings to provide design, marketing, and analytical services. Powercode has been providing such complex solutions for years and has started moving forward to offering more than creating digital products.

Powercode aims to assist future entrepreneurs in building their business from scratch, including offline processes and activities such as storage, logistics, etc. Presently, the company provides such full-fledged assistance in the ecommerce field and helps people build their business from scratch. It strives to gain deep expertise in other industries as well.

The Shift towards a Digital Future

According to Bohdan, 2021 will solidify the influence of digital solutions on all businesses and global society. Businesses that do not want to digitize their processes will either terminate existence or finally do it. All digital platforms will invest more to upgrade their systems to being high-load-friendly. Moreover, some areas will move from providing direct services and goods to consulting and infopreneurship.

Bohdan also anticipates that there will be a growing demand for artificial intelligence and data science implementation in every IT area—software development, analytics, design, marketing, copywriting, etc. “The increasing hardware and software capabilities allow the creation of more advanced AI platforms that will bring to an entirely new level in terms of the quality and speed of product delivery to the clients,” he concludes.

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