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In today’s consumer driven economy, the way one does business, the way one shops, and the way one lives continues to evolve into a mobile-first, technological world. It has become a prerequisite for businesses to adapt basic principles around where and how customers are shopping. This is especially critical for those manufacturers that sell through a local, independent dealer network, where brand control is minimal and digital progression is tough to come by.

PowerChord, Inc. is a leading SaaS company that offers digital solutions for manufacturers with dealer networks. Established in 2001, the company provides multi-location services to more than 10,000 local dealer websites. PowerChord currently operates in 28 countries, proficient in 18 languages, offers services to 10,000+ local sites worldwide and transacts in 11 currencies with employees based across the United States and Europe. The service provider offers advanced technology that works with national and global manufacturers in the B2B and B2C spaces to provide brand-specific, local websites to their dealer networks. These digital storefronts help manufacturers to protect their brand, engage customers and grow local revenue while giving independent dealers, the ability to compete against large, online retailers.

The PowerChord Platform also includes hyper-local digital marketing strategies that scale national campaigns into personalized dealer campaigns, and flexible multi-location digital services to win local search and drive dealer sales. PowerChord is a BIA/Kelsey GOLOCAL award winner and has been recognized as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 company, and an Inc. 5000 company. Working with leading brands from around the world, PowerChord has combined years of industry expertise with advanced technology to provide easy-to-use, scalable tools.

Innovation Driven Founder & Leader

Patrick Schunk is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of PowerChord, Inc. Schunk initially started PowerChord in 1999 and later on, officially incorporated the company in 2001. A lifelong musician, producer and guitar player, Schunk has worked with everyone, from Stevie Nicks and Brett Michaels to Megadeth. As one of the first on the scene to start recording on computers in the 90s in LA, he was inspired with the idea for PowerChord as he searched online for brands like Fender and Gibson. He was immediately frustrated with how manufacturers were represented online, with dealers offering inconsistent digital experiences, clunky websites, outdated information and pricing. In 2001, he took some royalties, and in between touring and producing, he hired some programmers to write the code for the first PowerChord system.

Over the next 14 years, Schunk grew PowerChord into a well established business, located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The company started working initially with global manufacturing brands in the outdoor power equipment and vehicle industries; expanding its book of business over the years to include present day clients across verticals such as generators, lighting, HVAC and more. In October of 2015, Schunk hired Lanny Tucker to take the helm as CEO. This transition allowed Schunk to spend more time in the areas in which he was passionate about like the creative phase of PowerChord’s new product development and feature sets.

Top Rated Google Technology Solutions

PowerChord uses Google’s technology to run locally targeted digital campaigns in organic and paid advertising such as SEO, paid search, display and YouTube videos for its clients. Google’s technology helps the service provider to turn national brand ad campaigns into personalized dealer campaigns, thereby connecting its clients’/brands’ consumers to the dealers nearest them. This is accomplished, analyzed and presented to their clients through insightful tools like Google Analytics 360. Google’s solutions provide opportunities for brands to set their businesses apart, especially when they are optimized for the consumer experience and putting their best digital foot forward.

Customer Offerings

PowerChord’s multi-location digital products and services helps brands grow online engagement and in-store sales through their dealer networks. By providing digital storefronts, strategic local digital marketing campaigns and brand-to-local digital services, the company is helping its clients to:

  • Grow sales
  • Control their brand
  • Win local search
  • Focus on mobile
  • Deepen dealer relationships

What sets PowerChord apart from its competitors is, that their solutions provide a single turnkey platform for multi-location B2B and B2C brands to fully control how their dealers advertise their products all the way from search to sale.

Key Factors Behind the Success

PowerChord provides scalable, daily solutions to a very specific market by addressing problems which B2B and B2C brands face while selling through local retail channels. In today’s digital economy, the challenge has become how to bridge the gap between online traffic and driving in-store sales.

PowerChord’s ability to provide brands and their dealer networks with easy to use, scalable solutions that drive online and in-store traffic – managed by the brand, with no work or digital expertise required by the dealers has fully transformed the online consumer experience that brands can now provide shoppers.

Deep Insights from the CEO

PowerChord CEO, Lanny Tucker, lends advice to young entrepreneurs saying,“Figure out what excites and motivates you to get up in the morning, what gives you a sense of purpose.” He further adds, “The younger generation must be willing to develop their talents if they want to create great products. Talent, plus perseverance is the key combination for driving opportunity and value creation. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO (who paraphrased Oscar Wilde) said, “We need to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable.”

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