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From the board room executive to the soccer parent, we all validate the importance of mobile technology to manage our professional and personal lives.  “The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again,” Justin Trudeau quoted at the 2018 World Economic Forum.  In today’s cold supply chain, the need to understand the role of technology and its application with respect to business and regulatory disrupters in the marketplace is important.  PLM is a pioneer of the connected asset for temperature-controlled transport to drive real-time actionable data that allows the user to actively participate in the distribution journey.  PLM is a technology-enabled, intelligent-asset designed fleet management solutions company, focused solely on the temperature controlled refrigerated trailer asset.  The company provides the latest two-way communication telematics with robust analytical reporting augmented by on-site maintenance, customized application and temperature-controlled designed equipment. Additionally, the fleet solutions provider offers the largest selection of multi-temp, single-temp, and ecofriendly electric hybrid trailers from 28’ to 53’ in length. Established in 1972 in the leasing industry, PLM has been exclusively maintaining refrigeration units for over 10 years and has successfully acquired tremendous industry knowledge and proficiency.

Astute Leader & Visionary

Keith Shipp is the President & CEO of PLM Trailer Leasing.  When Keith joined PLM in 2011 he expanded the lease portfolio by offering comprehensive fleet management solutions. Having been in the equipment-leasing sector throughout his career, his portfolio development was based on the philosophy of saving the customer time and money.  Keith broke down PLM’s value proposition into eight core areas of focus – fleet planning, application & design, maintenance, reports & analysis, safety & compliance, rental equipment, disposition, and financial policy – which ultimately work together to provide a comprehensive solution for life cycle and fleet management.  Using this approach, PLM can start a relationship with one or few of the core areas and expand into other value-added solutions to meet customer needs as they grow.

PLM’s Premium Range of Technologies

PLM, recognized as a top Technology Provider in 2017 by Food Logistics magazine, was one of the first adopters of cold chain telematics solution through its ColdLink® two-way transport refrigeration real-time control and management system. ColdLink can be an integral tool to meet compliance and can reduce customer resources by allowing them to respond appropriately to create personalized business rules and manage by exception in real-time.  What sets PLM apart in this space is its policy that doesn’t focus on selling telematics hardware to the user like other competitive companies.  Customers lease the telematics hardware to avoid the costs of ownership and software updates as well as the risk that third-party suppliers can’t support the platform.  It is PLM’s business and market insights which combine the technology with customer requirements to maximize benefits to save time and money within the business operating margins.

PLM’s Current Projects

The fleet management company is currently developing cloud-based technology solutions to improve customer service levels via Artificial Intelligence. At its core, the company provides industry-leading fleet management solutions, improving lifecycle operating costs and customer productivity through data analytics, process simplification, outsourcing and technology solutions. PLM is implementing various sensors to transmit information about the performance of the refrigeration unit, key trailer components, content details and trailer temperature. It also offers real-time, fleet information to customers, which prompts changes to their operations and results in lower costs and greater efficiencies.

PLM plans to offer cloud based driver-training through mobile digital technology as a tool for its customers to meet regulatory compliance, company specific training requirements and proof of training sessions. To keep pace with advancing technology, the fleet management company is actively developing new costumer solutions. The digital convergence of Internet of Things to the ledger of the Blockchain technology aids transportation services between trusted cold chain industry business partners.

Criteria for Hiring an Employee

As the company continues to grow, it looks for individuals who are agile and flexible, ready to take on new tasks and start working.  In addition to embracing PLM’s core values and mission, ideal candidates for employment must be team players who are self-motivated and willing to think outside the box.

Future employees will be helping PLM enable a safe, consistent and more transparent cold supply chain by securing PLM’s position as an industry thought leader in application development by utilizing current and future technology within the cold supply chain.

Exceeding Customers Expectations into The Future

PLM embraces a technology think tank culture within the walls of the company and continues to develop new products and services based on the changing industry disturbances. Business disruptors by industry and government regulations require speed of change to keep pace. Over the coming years, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain will require PLM to become more flexible and nimble, pulling in the talent to exceed customer expectations.

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