Pipeliner: Boosting Productivity with a User-Friendly and Visualized Sales-CRM


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Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an umbrella term used for a wide range of solutions related to business administration. CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company’s reputation, CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for a business. 

There are many point solutions that focus on one area like lead management or adjacent solutions like Marketing Automation that add some rudimentary features of CRM. Pipeliner CRM, on the other hand, focuses on delivering a comprehensive solution for sales organizations.  This includes the deepest and most visual Sales Analytics capability that includes descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical solutions.

Exceptional Sales CRM

Nikolaus Kimla, the Chief Executive Officer of Pipeliner is a veteran serial entrepreneur. His role focuses on both the product and business strategy in general. Nikolaus previously worked with numerous successful startup companies, including the company that built the World-Check―which is the leading banking compliance software. Apart from that, he is also a prolific writer and has authored over 100 eBooks on business, sales, and CRM.

“I am lucky to work with a top-class team of innovative developers who can take my vision and implement it,” says Nikolaus.

Pipeliner CRM was established in 2007 and after a few years, it launched a CRM solution specifically focused on sales. The company has programmed a true Sales CRM after undergoing a long and complex process with a focus on making it as visual and user-friendly as possible. Pipeliner has dedicated its team to keep the functionalities simple and ergonomic for the user. As a result, it delivers a versatile sales targeted software solution

Pipeliner CRM is a powerful revenue engine that provides sales force automation, key account management, comprehensive analytics, advanced reporting, and workflow automation capabilities to help sales teams achieve peak performance and success.

Simplified and Automated

Unlike traditional CRMs that require dedicated admin resources and expensive certifications, Pipeliner has made its backend simple and engaging just like the end-user app. It is made such that those working in the business like sales managers, sales operations, etc. can easily administer the system part-time. 

While most other CRMs require the users to purchase add-ons or integrate with third-party apps to have access to features such as the relationship mapping tool that it includes in its integrated platform, Pipeliner CRM offers additional internal core functionality. Its software can also automate certain processes as it has a no-code workflow automation tool that ensures greater efficiency for sales personnel. “What makes us different is that we make the complex simple through our UI and our focus on visualizing as many elements of the CRM as possible to make it fast and easy for users to adopt,” mentioned Nikolaus.

Three-Step Approach to Management 

Primarily, Pipeliner CRM’s approach aims to educate and guide its customers. It makes sure that its clients are able to choose the right solution to meet their business goals. As various organizations are spending a vast amount of money on advertising, customers are overwhelmed and appreciate the effort put in by Pipeliner in order to provide clarity.

Secondly, as automation has significantly increased in CRM today, the company has released a no-code, workflow automation engine—‘the Automatized.’ This automated tech solution has had a major impact on the client’s operational capabilities. Pipeliner’s CRM can automate routine and rote tasks to ensure the sales teams focus on high-value activities and not repetitive manual operations. 

Lastly, effective integration is also important. For a business, it is difficult to undergo a digital transformation if the core systems of the organization are not aligned to work together. Thus, Pipeliner offers more than one Application Programming Interface (API) based solution along with native and third-party integrations. “We see automation and integration as the key driver of CRM, going forward,” says Nikolaus.

Culture of Innovation

Over the years, Pipeliner has maintained a culture that promotes the active engagement of employees in the success of the company. It promotes a collaborative work environment where employees can engage across all different functions. Pipeliner has created a culture that encourages innovation and ideas. Moreover, it believes that restricting people to their core functions can reduce the overall innovative ability of the company. “Perhaps underpinning our culture is personal responsibility―we give you the tools and support to be successful so then it is up to you to perform,” asserts Nikolaus.

Accelerating Digital Practices

Pipeliner has always focused on efficiency and leveraging technology for productivity as a team. When the pandemic hit, remote working and digital processes became a norm. Several other organizations had to undergo a complete digital transformation in order to be able to operate in a largely virtual work environment. Meanwhile, Pipeliner proved to be already ahead of its competition as it had taken its digital transformation initiatives a long time ago. 

However, the pandemic prompted the company to accelerate its digital processes full-fledged and as result, Pipeliner became even more productive and efficient. Presently, it releases product enhancements and additions monthly and has evolved the rate of transformation of its platform exponentially as compared to other vendors.

Additionally, Pipeliner will be launching new modules in 2021, with a focus on the area of account management. The company will also be organizing on-road breakfast events in major cities of the US, aiming to connect with partners, customers, and prospective clients.

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