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The business world is constantly evolving. It is important for brands and organizations to keep up with the latest trends while maintaining a valuable relationship with their clients. Along with operating a business, it is also essential to build and maintain an audience. This is necessary to both attain growth and the trust of people. However, it is difficult for large and medium-sized enterprises to maintain communications with their audience when constant attention needs to be spent towards business operations. It is also essential for small businesses to build an audience in order to prosper.

This is where PR comes into play. PR is about generating content that creates credibility. The PR sector ensures that your business flourishes and gains a huge set of trust from its clients. Operating by the tagline “Talk to the right people in the right places” Pietryla PR & Marketing uses its in-depth experience and industry knowledge to generate powerful third-party credibility for its clients.

A Robust Foundation

Pietryla PR & Marketing was established in 2002 by Christine Pietryla Wetzler. The organization was founded by coincidence. Christine was a senior account director at an agency in Chicago, working on close to $1M in billings all by herself. When that agency folded, many of her clients followed her into private practice. This experience highlighted for her the weaknesses of larger agencies in servicing small to medium sized companies.

Christine believes that credibility can be built in more places than just in newspapers and magazines. With an encompassing vision, she established Pietryla PR & Marketing. She instituted the operations with an aim to offer more consultancy than being a one-stop solution. Because of this vision, Pietryla PR & Marketing has always worked with small and medium sized companies that can be hit harder by mistakes made in the agency procurement and selection process.

Throughout her career, Christine has spearheaded publicity efforts for high profile clients like Dow Chemical, 3M, Rexam Beverage Can Americas, International Truck and Engine Corporation and Hyster Company. And in her own company’s portfolio you’ll see new or changing companies like National Coal Corp (Nasdaq:NCOC), Servidyne (Nasdaq:SERV), SPSS and Continental Broadband. Almost all of Pietryla PR’s clients have asked Christine and her team to help them communicate about a big change in their companies.

Portfolio of Unique Services

Pietryla PR is a boutique firm with offices headquartered in Chicago and London. It works best with clients that are managing a watershed moment like launching a new product, seeking funding, going through a branding shift or implementing a new automation strategy.

At the core, Pietryla PR & Marketing specializes in media relations, digital marketing, crisis communications, communication content development and corporate communication strategy. It offers a deep pool of curated contacts and gets placed in the most relevant broadcast, print and online media. As it was founded helping clients go public, Pietryla PR holds a strong command over successful deliverance of investor information. It is full-service from graphic design to copywriting and strategic social marketing solutions.

The company makes sure that organizational messages are amplified. Its breadth of experience and in-depth industrial knowledge differentiates it from competitors. With an understanding of how to continue to be strategic as publications go digital and influencer marketing becomes more powerful, Pietryla PR makes sure that its clients are talking to the right audience.

Emphasizing Accountability and Efficiency

As a full-service competitive alternative to an agency, Pietryla PR & Marketing is agile, employing the right consultants to achieve the exact goals of its clients. It believes in being fully accountable for results and offers transparent pricing and policies that focuses everyone’s attention on achievement. Pietryla PR emphasizes quality over quantity in its approach to media relations and digital marketing. Hence, the team includes a minimal number of smart members who work more efficiently with the help of on-demand tactical hires.

As a small but mighty team, Pietryla PR manages everything with utmost efficiency. Christine believes that, “Accountability is something that comes from within. If it’s not there, then it’s probably not a situation that will last long for us–client or employee alike.”

In 2018, 2019 and 2020, Expertise.com recognized Pietryla PR as one of the Best PR Firms in Chicago. The company was also ranked at 172 on the list of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “360 Most Entrepreneurial Companies in America.” You can find some unbiased reviews of the firm on Clutch.co

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Pietryla PR works with high-profile clients that have established top-notch business and leadership strategies. With broad strengths of a traditional agency coupled with individual service of a consultancy, Pietryla PR pairs best with executives at small and mid-sized companies that are still tasked with being involved in marketing and PR. As an agency partner, Pietryla PR offers reliable assistance with maximum accountability. When a company seeks Pietryla PR’s assistance, they are already aware of the benefits of PR and its impacts on the services offered. Pietryla PR has never failed at delivering defined goals to its clients when its clients come to the table knowing how PR and marketing will impact their business.

Pietryla PR & Marketing is also emphasizing strengthening its social and digital capabilities to scale without having to sacrifice the necessary personalization required to succeed. Although a lot of companies offer these potentials in pre-packaged services, Pietryla PR believes in personalization and goals that are defined by the specific business goals of its clients.

Pietryla PR

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