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Today, e-learning and technology support can be utilized in most training and skills development processes. As a result, its impact can be regarded as means of delivering outcomes like cost reductions, improved and consistent rates of lifelong learning, increased productivity, drive for innovation, and healthy competitiveness. To enhance employee performance, organizations can integrate and align individual learning with their skill requirements to deliver personalized training programs. Here, smart learning technology comes into play, which is adaptive and provides personalized experiences based on user data.

Delivering the right blend of training and performance support is only one ‘click-away’ in the Percepium LMS platform. Percepium embraces the networked society and captures the user requirements in its solution by keeping the learning consumers under constant focus. This world-class platform’s contributions to the e-learning space are the adaptive training scenarios based on pre-knowledge, competency profiling along with training administration automation.

Influence Leading to Innovation

With a decade of rich industry experience, Ola Badersten, the Managing Director & Owner of Percepium. He holds an MSc in Economics and Political Science from LSE and is professionally a skilled leader, visionary entrepreneur, and management consultant. The unique combination of internet technology and education was the concept that spiked his interest towards this industry. Another key driving factor that influenced him was Ola’s lifelong learning perspective that he has always possessed. Due to his keen interest in distance learning, he strived to make it even more efficient by taking it to the next level. In doing so, he worked in the field by providing commissioned education solutions for large corporate and public authorities from Scandinavia’s largest university.

On comparing the traditional ways of education with e-learning, Ola says, “I do not see it as separate parts. It is only two different modalities of training distribution. Knowing the pros- and cons of each modality you can decide what to use, or a combination. It is not either-or.” Therefore, a combination of best of both approaches including others is leveraged on Percepium’s platform.

Supporting Organizations with its Range of Services

Percepium Learning System is a comprehensive cloud-based solution with apps for learning, competence, performance management, and analytics. The platform is specifically designed for enterprise-class scalability, adaptability, and security including training process automation, and personalized user experiences. It is a rich and  user-friendly application, offering the next-gen of user experience on the web. The solution it offers is multi-lingual, supporting almost every language spoken in the world, whereas the modules of the system are seamlessly integrated and managed by a central and unified administration.

PercepiumTherefore, it comes as no surprise that Percepium product has been successful over the years in gaining trust and recognition by helping clients in the adaptation of new learning technology with global reach. In addition, it supports organizations that strive for continuous improvement of talent management processes and initiatives.

Skillful Team Helping to Glide Through the Competition

According to Ola, the training solution industry is competitive but has no real dominant player. To survive in the market, the solution one provides must be very capable, modern, flexible, and cloud-based. Keeping the requirements in mind, Percepium’s platform effectively delivers the aforementioned solution, but another major advantage is industry knowledge. The Percepium team has rich industry knowledge in both technology and training, along with long experience in the field. This combination helps the clients to make successful implementations, which are really cost-effective in comparison to our competitors.

Percepium’s team has more than 20 years of international experience in delivering learning, competency, performance, and content management solutions. The team’s extensive experience and proven history of achievement have helped the company to cultivate strong relationships with industry leaders worldwide. Currently, it is a preferred supplier of learning and performance technology to large multinational companies and organizations.

Making Way for More Innovative Projects

The upcoming innovative projects of Percepium are similar to most of the software industry trends. The company always strives to make usability performance better for the end-users. Analytics and BI plays a large role in the corporate solution landscape as well as integrations with co-existing software infrastructure. Looking towards the modern advancements of technology, the next logical step of investment for Percepium is in AI concepts. The company is anticipating that it would be a challenge to make use of such technology within learning and development space, but the outcomes would be beneficial for taking the user experience to the next level.

“We will deliver the best learning experience on the web irrespective of device, delivery format or tactical approach, being at the forefront of usability and technology,” asserts Ola Badersten.

Facilitating and Automating the Administration with Percepium

Organizations see a growing demand and continuous increase in training due the increasing complexity of the world. Today, the pace of knowledge is advancing at a faster rate compared to only 10-15 years ago. With this rapid growth rate, there will be, as one example, cutting-edge products launched more frequently, which implies that users will demand more training and knowledge support. Authorities demand that organizations and their staff are more compliant and certified to different types of regulations. In order to manage all this seamlessly, a platform like Percepium LMS is necessary. It will facilitate and automate the administration, delivery, follow-up, and reporting as well as keep track of the competency levels within the organization.

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