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Paul Dorsey

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A clutter-free and cleaner work atmosphere directly translates to better employee productivity. Commercial janitorial services maintain health regulations and ensure standard hygiene practices in corporate avenues—contributing to the financial benefits of businesses. With several adaptations to the latest and ongoing trends, presently, the commercial janitorial companies offer more than just basic cleaning services. However, an industry as big as the commercial cleaning sector requires resolute leaders who can ensure proper execution of daily operations with aligned coordination. 

With vast and expansive experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Paul Dorsey (General Manager at Jantize America) leverages his understanding of success elements and directs the company towards growth and development. Being at the forefront, Paul quotes his designation as “Chief Cheerleader,” and extends support towards the franchise business owners. He spends days working with the franchisees on training, support, and improving the tools and systems of everyday use.” My office door is always open. My cell phone is always on,” he mentions.

Recently, Mirror Review had the golden opportunity to participate in a conversation with Paul where he elaborated the franchise services offered by Jantize, its future plans, and his leadership journey with the company. Following are a few snippets from the fascinating conversation:

When was Jantize established? Can you walk us through the services and solutions provided by the company?

Company was founded in Lavonia by Jerry Grawboski 1988 And Purchased by a group of AreaDeveloper Franchise 2009

Issue was: The small independent janitorial owner operators had issues with sales and new business development. Thus the creation of the Franchisor taking care of all the accountant receivables and payables, Area Developer taking care of the Sales new business development, and unit franchisee taking care of the nightly operations and customer service. Each group is working on their strength to improve the overall service for the end-us customer. Thus the end use customer received the best of both worlds “a small local owner operator backed by a large franchise system.” 

Jantize America provides commercial cleaning & disinfection services to office spaces, retail-industrial facilities, medical offices, houses of worship, city and government buildings, and many more.

What unique offerings distinguish Jantize in the industrial domain? Can you highlight  several notable achievements of your company?

Jantize offers several unique opportunities for individuals with high-level sales, marketing, and business skills. Our business capitalizes on the $128 billion-dollar commercial cleaning industry. However, our Area Developers are solely involved in selling service contracts and developing, and mentoring other small business owners through a master franchise business structure. Jantiz Area Developers build regional businesses and residual income streams by recruiting and mentoring Unit Franchise owners within their territories. They do not clean, remove trash, or perform other janitorial tasks. 

Jantize has been continually recognized by our customers and the business community for our outstanding services. We have been recognized with various prestigious awards and have been entitled with renowned recognitions. These include Entrepreneur Mag Top 500, America’s Most Honored Businesses, Top Low-Cost Franchises, 100 Fastest Growing Franchises, Top Franchises for Veterans, Best-of-the-Best: Top Franchises, and others.

What were the impacts of the global pandemic on your company and your franchise business? How did you overcome the aftermath of the pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has induced several hardships and challenges in various aspects of our daily lives. Throughout the pandemic, my primary concern has been the impact of the virus on the health of our franchisees, family members, and friends. Moreover, I am also reminded on a daily basis about the economic impacts on business and commerce. 

However, no market segment has been called upon more than us—the facility service and janitorial providers. We have implemented new services for better disinfection and sanitization of business facilities, in order to make them safer for the people who work there.  As a business leader, it has been a proud period for me as I witnessed our Jantize associates step up, and get their respective jobs done. 

How do you ensure a consistent and improved experience for your customers?

Our Area Developer master franchise owners are highly satisfied with their decision of initiating a Jantize regional business. Most of them have been with us from the early phases and have built amazing companies within a short period of time. We possess an outstanding recruiting and screening process which identifies motivated entrepreneurs interested in  building a highly scalable business with a variety of residual income streams. 

Our operational systems have been configured perfectly and organized into easy-to-grasp,  step-by-step procedures that assure business success—a proven company concept  successfully implemented several times. Most importantly, our franchise owners have the satisfaction of truly helping others. I cannot over-emphasize how satisfying it is as a business owner to see somebody else succeed with their business, and with Jantize, this happens every  single day.

What are your opinions on the current transformations within the industry? Do  anticipate any further changes?

The commercial cleaning industry is big and is growing at a very healthy pace. Every single business location, be it the lady who prepares your taxes, or the new car dealership, must be cleaned on a regular basis. Even during recessions, and especially during a pandemic. There is an enormous amount of potential business wherever you turn, and it is not something which is going to be outsourced to an offshore company. It is here to stay.

Being an aspiring leader, what would you like to convey to aspirants who are looking forward to setting a threshold within the franchise business?

It is difficult for me to provide blanket advice which can be applicable to everyone. I typically advise individuals based on their personal goals, values, and aspirations. If you aspire to own a business and grow it without limits, then you must align yourself with a brand such as Jantize which provides the flexibility for you to apply your entrepreneurial skills and reap the rewards of your hard work. Moreover, if you aspire to help others succeed—like  many other people—then Jantize is also a great option for you to pursue. 

Why Become a Jantizie’s Franchise?

● Low initial investment to get started

● Unlimited growth potential

● Residual, passive income

● Recession resistant

● Proven business concept

● Experienced management team

● Executive level opportunity

● Normal working hours

● No inventory

Paul Dorsey General Manager at Jantize America

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