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Marketing and advertising have undergone drastic changes over the past few years. The traditional ways of marketing such as advertisements in newspapers and magazines, PR campaigns are being replaced by digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one such important digital marketing strategy that has proliferated over the past few years. Presently, the majority of businesses are emphasizing on implementing the best SEO strategies to survive and thrive in the rigorous competition fueled by the digital transformation. PageTraffic, a Chicago based Digital Marketing Agency with offices in Delhi, London and Mumbai is aiding businesses with its award-winning SEO and digital marketing solutions.

Navneet Kaushal – A Technology Buff with a Vision

PageTraffic’s roots date back to the days when it’s Founder and CEO, Navneet Kaushal was pursuing his management studies. Navneet was always a technology buff and used to spend a lot of his time in his B-school library going through various tech magazines. During that period, he came across Search Engine Optimization and conceived the idea of starting his own SEO business. Consequently, he established PageTraffic in 2002 to empower e-businesses and generate the maximum ROI with effective digital marketing solutions.

Speaking about his motivation behind starting the company, Navneet says, “I have always been a technology buff. Everything tech inspires me. Google was still like a magic wand, and the idea of optimizing the websites to appear in top for searches was fascinating and it was new. This is what got me to start my company.” Being the CEO, his primary roles includes marketing, evangelizing SEO across different industries, and training his team with the latest digital marketing technologies and strategies. Under his dynamic leadership, PageTraffic has been awarded across the categories over the years and has served clients in over 36 countries.

Top-Notch SEO and Digital Marketing Solutions

PageTraffic provides top-notch SEO and digital marketing solutions to help its clients rank high on search results, connect with the target audience, and earn high ROI. It uses proven as well as innovative technologies to keep its clients ahead of their competitors in generating leads and sales. PageTraffic’s prominent services include SEO, Enterprise SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, Web Designing, Online Media Buying, SEO Training Consulting, and Link Building.

PageTraffic has provided these services to thousands of small and mid size businesses, startups as well as corporate clients from all across the world. Its experience of working with different budgets, geographies, and market conditions enable it to help the clients in a better way. Having implemented countless successful online marketing campaigns, PageTraffic takes pride in creating custom solutions for its clients’ unique requirements and this ability differentiates it from its peers.

Finding the Right People

Like every successful business, PageTraffic also comes across several challenges. One of the prominent challenges confronting the company is fast expansion. This year despite the pandemic, it has already hired 37 people to date and is looking to add 50 more people in the next two quarters. Thus, finding the right set of people who are hungry to deliver successful results is a major challenge for PageTraffic.

Breaking the Shackles

Alongside the expansion, the COVID-19 pandemic also presented numerous challenges for PageTraffic. With tighter budgets, clients expect better ROI and are getting more involved in the process than ever before. Like every other business, the first few months were unsteady for PageTraffic. However, this unprecedented time turned out to be a time of discovery for the company. The crisis forced it to innovate and break the shackles.

Heeding to the pandemic, PageTraffic launched business guides on how to grow in COVID-19 and did a series of webinars with industry leaders – which were well attended and well received by the audience. The company also streamlined its processes to meet the requirements of the post-COVID-19 world, launched new digital marketing offerings, industry research papers, and other allied services. “For us it’s not just about growing the business, for us it’s equally important to help our clients grow their business,” adds Navneet.

Ensuring Employee Engagement and Motivation

The shift to remote working was one of the major disruptions caused by the pandemic. PageTraffic, however, had started preparing for remote working even before the lockdown was announced. It organized mock drills of the Work from Home scenario. Although some of its team members had the experience of working from home, having the entire team work remotely was new for PageTraffic. The company also made remote servers available to keep the clients’ data safe.

Besides, ensuring employee engagement and motivation was crucial for organizations during this uncertain period. PageTraffic has ensured smooth employee engagement and motivation throughout the crisis, with numerous activities taking place online ranging from celebrating Diwali, Yoga Day, Halloween to having online happy breakfast days etc. With these employee engagement activities, the company ensured that no employee felt isolated from the co-workers during these times.

Broadening the Portfolio

Navneet believes that three trends will be pivotal for the marketing and advertising landscape in the coming few years. He expects artificial intelligence and conversational marketing to go mainstream in the near future. Alongside, he reckons that video marketing will also continue to grow and become an important part of the repertoire of modern marketers.

Anticipating these changes, PageTraffic has already started widening its offerings around these three trends. For instance, its reporting and analysis are run on the recently launched platform called Upxano – which is an AI-based reporting platform. The company also added more people to its Video production department and is testing Conversational marketing as well. Navneet believes that the next five years will be difficult as well as innovating for the marketers as a whole, and tough times are the ones that make PageTraffic thrive the most.


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