Ovitas: Building Seamless Processes to Drive Automation


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Today’s enterprise document management market has evolved from monolithic platforms and requisite services to an enterprise services market where heterogeneous applications and a variety of services combine to provide organizations agile solutions to business problems. What is lacking in this emerging arena is a central hub that ties heterogeneous apps together at the system and human level.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has exacerbated deficiencies in heterogeneous environments by adding the human fact of enforced remote working to the equation. Whole organizations now need to collaborate and access information in new ways. Ovitas provides ELO Digital Office, the platform that brings applications and people together into a cohesive whole.

Ovitas’ goal is to automate communications and information sharing – accessed from anywhere – between business disciplines like ERP, AP/AR, Human Recourses, Sales, Marketing, and production in a cost-effective, flexible way that brings the biggest benefit and return on investment to enterprises.

A Burlington, Massachusetts-based leader in enterprise content services and software development, Ovitas brings more than fifteen years of deep content management solutions experience to help companies address this new working situation. Ovitas was founded on the principle of dramatically improving content and document management through automated processes for workflow, metadata management, and publishing.

Driving an Array of Unique Solutions

As General Manager and CEO of Ovitas, Tibor Tscheke oversees all business and management operations for the company.

“In my role, I drive strategic company direction. I touch every business discipline and resource including Financials, Sales, Marketing, Product development, and our team,” says Tscheke.

“With operations in the US and Europe, we have always provided flexibility for distributed working, but also acknowledged the benefits of collaborating closely in a central headquarters in Burlington. With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, we, like most other companies, switched overnight to a fully remote organization.

Part of my strategy well before COVID hit was to utilize our premier offering, ELO Digital Office, as our own central business solution. ELO’s Access from Anywhere features have allowed the entire company to continue to work together, and its business process workflows have ensured nothing is missed in our day to day operations,” he stated.

With its belief in continual innovation, Ovitas has introduced new ELO offerings for Invoice Processing, Accounting applications, and ERP solution integration.

Invoice processing, for example, is often paper-based with a high level of manual intervention and error. ELO lets you digitize paper and apply workflows to shorten timelines and increase accuracy. It provides organizing principles and visibility to an organization’s supply chain. With these integrations, the content may be stored centrally in ELO, and be available to ERP, SharePoint, Microsoft business solutions, and more.

Looking to the Future

The enterprise services industry, much like most others, has witnessed several setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry in the last few years had started warming up small and medium-size owners to the promise of virtual document management. However, these difficult times may see budget cuts and pent-up demand.

Despite the challenges, Tscheke remains optimistic about upcoming prospects. He noted, “With COVID-19, the need to have these systems in place has become even more important for businesses to ensure productivity and remote access to business-critical information.” Besides, he also predicts a significant rise in demand next year, as businesses realize they lag in virtualization and digitizing their content assets.

Leading with a Unique Perspective

Tscheke believes ELO Digital Office will be key to expand Ovitas’ success and bring new customers. ELO has been proven in the market and has continual development and innovation. Largely “out of the box”, it has a robust feature set that requires minimal coding and relies mostly on configuration for most situations.

Ovitas has a long history of supplying solutions for business process management and understands how to map and integrate disparate applications together.

ELO Digital Office is a natural fit for any company. Its user experience, designed along the lines of Microsoft Office applications, is easily adopted, and the system, while being affordable, may be implemented quickly with users up and running in no time.

What’s Next?

Ovitas plans for more future development around automation, particularly in the areas of OCR/ICR, where different aspects of content are recognized, extracted, and mapped to save time and money and build efficiencies in data capture.

Building ELO Digital Office into a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution will enable a wider range of organizations to take advantage of its unique capabilities as a subscription.

Driving Cost-Efficiency with Automation

Ovitas will likely gain more ground as automation becomes the go-to option for most business processes. The lure of cost-efficiency and increased rise in productivity will be difficult to avoid for large, and small businesses alike. Moreover, the company’s offerings like automation through OCR/ICR – AI-based document intelligence – promise to automate various functions of everyday jobs. The company has laid out a visionary roadmap for its future growth with a combination of various products and services into a SaaS solution.

Its solutions remain easily accessible to clients, and Tscheke’s leadership continues to light the way for a highly motivated team. When asked about his mantra to success, he readily answers, “The most important quality is determination and never giving up.  There are many challenges in life and in business and as an individual, it is important to know that there will be many bumps in the road and you need to work through those issues to overcome them.”

This lesson seems to have paid rich dividends for the company during the COVID-19 pandemic era. The company’s signature solution ELO won the award for ‘Most Innovative Solution’ at the 2020 Channel PRO SMB forum. With new beginnings next year, and a rise in virtualization, the possibilities on the horizon for Ovitas seem endless.


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