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The modern-day media industry as a whole has become more content-driven with marketing and advertising companies at the forefront of the transition delivering smart strategies to adhere to the change. Numerous companies within the industry are devising creative strategies and practices while working on various networks and platforms to target potential customers for their clients. Presently, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and other such practices combined with quality content, appropriate messaging, and a suitable value proposition are the key to a successful campaign.

“Today, everyone on the same playing field with content ingenuity and creativity being the game-changer,” says David Azar (Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Outsmart Labs). David established Outsmart Labs in 2012. The University of Miami graduate has been a genius entrepreneur from a very young age—developing the world’s first affiliate marketing website for a professional sports team at the age of 16. After graduating David worked for a Fortune 500 company—Amadeus, where he helped the company develop a social strategy from scratch. While working for Amadeus, he realized the potential of the digital marketing business and leveraged the opportunity which motivated him to embark on beginning his entrepreneurial journey.

The Omni-Channel Approach

Outsmart Labs is a Miami-based digital marketing agency that focuses on helping their client scale by gaining visibility, traffic and conversions by leveraging a 360 ROI driven digital strategy . The company has a fluidic approach for marketing and advertising—aiming to develop out-of-the-box innovative solutions and strategies for its clients efficiently and seamlessly. A veteran among the digital services providers within the region, the company has helped several brands reach their targeted audience in order to meet their goals within a decade. It possesses an array of capabilities, including Digital Strategy, Social Media Content & Ads Management, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Branding, Web Design & Development,, Paid Advertising (SEM / Google Adwords, Youtube), Affiliate Marketing Management, and growth hacking

Outsmart Labs also offers opportunities to campaign on versatile and emerging platforms and channels. It has effectively adapted to the latest digital and social media marketing channels—like mobile games ads, TikTok, Club House etc. to enhance its clients campaign ROI by leveraging less competitive and emerging platforms before their competitors. Additionally, it uses a cross-platform approach that combines both modern and traditional channels to create highly effective digital campaigns. However, at the core, the company’s propositions remain the same irrespective of the platforms.

“The results of using these new platforms first are appealing as it gives the opportunity to gain market share early giving you an edge of leveraging each platform’s advantages first-hand,” asserts David.

The Serial Entrepreneur in Charge

As the CEO of Outsmart Labs, David manages enterprise-level businesses and is responsible for the company’s operations, growth and development. He also maintains client relations by ensuring their satisfaction, and campaign’s success. On a personal level, David keeps the team motivated and constantly eager to learn. Additionally, he focuses on the development of vital values of proactiveness, over-delivering—always striving for more within the employees.

Apart from Outsmart Labs, David has founded Spreever and co-founded Nouga in the past. He is also a recognized member of the Forbes Business Council and on the board of the French Tech Miami. “I love coming up with innovative strategies in order to achieve specific objectives and I am always looking to hear thoughts and strategies by the most brilliant minds,” asserts David.

Becoming Self-reliant

Digital marketing is about experimenting and finding loopholes within the system. It is about constantly embracing new trends and utilizing the available channels. However, as an Omni channel digital marketing is still relatively new there is no set training manual for the job. David believes that in order to bag unique opportunities, the team stays updated with trends and paves its own path. “It is about doing things together and learning as a team,” adds David

Enamored by Clients

A recognized digital agency, Outsmart Labs provides unique services to its clients. Due to its work ethic, innovative strategies, and result-driven approach, the company has constantly been subjected to appraisals. Recently, the company was named as a ‘Top Rising Agency’ by Google. Moreover, the digital agency ensures constant communication within its team along with the client—helping it foresee and prevent problems prior to the occurrence.

Outsmart Labs has often been appreciated by its customers for its services and efforts. As a result, it is one of the top-rated companies on Clutch. The CEO of S4M, Stan Coignard says, “They are very pragmatic about the business. Reactivity is a must-have to work with us and they crush it!”

Emerging Stronger

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Outsmart Labs lost most of its clients within weeks due to the closure of SMBs and stores in multiple states across the US. The company utilized this downtime to focus on itself. It reworked its digital presence, enhanced its logos, values, website, digital campaign, SEO, etc.

Even during the most difficult time of the pandemic, Outsmart Labs stayed true to its employee retention promise. Moreover, David invested additional efforts on a personal level to keep the team motivated and headed towards success. As a result, the Outsmart Labs encompassed the hurdles and is now on track to outperform its best year in existence generating higher profits post-recovery.

Leaping Forth

As a service business, Outsmart Labs does not develop its own products, however, it has curated a business formula to intensify growth and scale rapidly. The company aims to implement that process for all of its clients while constantly searching for expansion opportunities and partners to collaborate with. The world (especially digital) is constantly evolving, so David has always sought to put new trends, technologies, and tools at the forefront of Outsmart Labs’ focus. Doing so has allowed the company’s clients to always have the upper hand. The reality is that many- thousands even- have access to these same opportunities. The difference is they don’t recognize what’s in front of them, and if and when they do, it’s often too little too late. Many people look at digital marketing and only see challenges. David, along with his entire team, looks at it and only sees opportunities.

Outsmart Labs

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