Out2Bound: Enhancing Organizations’ Sales Pipelines Through Its Novel Services


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With the advent of advanced technologies, B2B organizations have changed their approach towards delivering value and how sales are conducted today. For selling any product or service, the in-house sales team must know their products or services inside out so that they can easily distinguish their offerings from the market competitors. This USP ensures the buyers to purchase the innovative and pioneering products or services that will make a difference to their businesses. Due to the rapid change in pace of customer demands and competitive marketplace, companies are encountering that their sales personnel are unable to express a compelling value proposition that would set them apart.

Out2Bound is an on-demand sales-as-a-service agency that helps technology companies (software development, mobile, web, SaaS) to attract B2B clients and access new markets around the globe. For organizations, attracting new clients, generating sales lead, increasing revenues, and retaining existing customers is necessary for continued growth. But, the problem arises when organizations are unaware about their potential clients and lack vital market insights, client requirements, and skilled teams. Out2Bound delivers all of the above and a lot more.

Inception Journey of Out2Bound

The Bulgaria-based company came into existence when Theo Shikov identified a market lacuna for professional and highly skilled sales representatives in the industry. Therefore, together with his co-founders (Boris Georgiev, Dimitar Mitkov & Zdravko Zdravkov), Theo started Out2Bound – a sales-as-a-service agency, which helps IT companies find new clients all over the world.

The company’s core sales approach is taken from the book “Predictable revenue” By Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler. Out2Bound offers sales-as-a-service in two ways:  Demand Generation and Qualification & Closing. The idea behind demand generation is to make the potential clients interested in its clients’ product offerings. It is centered upon the go-to-market research to identify the potential of the target niches. To reach potential patrons, the company develops a strategy and sets appointments with them. In order to do so, it utilizes standard sales tools like phones, emails, and social media platforms to reach, engage, and interact with them.

The next logical sales step is Qualification and Closing. In this step, Out2Bound helps clients stipulate which lead has the potential to become their patrons. They also assist them in the process of final closing because the B2B sales cycle is usually longer than B2C. The company endeavors to satisfy its clients’ needs and offers them some additional services. These services include testing markets, qualifying MQL to SQL, transferring sales knowledge and evaluating the in-house sales processes and team.

Out2BoundHighlighting the Exceptional Qualities

Out2Bound believes in two main qualities that sets it apart from other competitors. First, it not only consults but also delivers and executes tasks for customers. Second, the company leverages technology solutions to enhance its efficiency. Similarly, Out2Bound uses a personal approach for interacting and reaching potential clients because it believes that sales is about conversation and human to human interactions cannot be replaced. Due to such exceptional qualities, Out2Bound is a recognized partner of the World Health Organization (WHO), Part of the EBRD (European Bank for Regional Development) group of consultants and an official partner to the Climate-KIC’s affiliate Cleantech Bulgaria.

Assisting Organizations’ Sales Teams to Seal the Deals

Out2Bound specializes in providing sales services for its clients on both strategic and tactical levels. The company acts as a remote sales team or supports an existing sales team of its clients. On behalf of clients, it creates and implements outbound sales development strategies, which can be customized according to the company’s specific sales goals. With these strategies, clients can enhance their sales pipelines and surpass their targets. The company also interacts with potential new clients and closes the deals on their behalf.  Furthermore, the expert team of Out2Bound evaluates new markets and validates whether the product or service is market ready or not.

A Versatile Leader Helping Companies to Achieve their Sales Goals

Theo S. Shikov, the Founder and CEO of Out2Bound has an impressive business experience of working in four continents along with a proven track-record of closing deals for over €500k. He is an alumnus of the biggest international non-profit youth organization, AIESEC, Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI) fellow for 2019, and Forbes 30 under 30, class 2018 in the Business category, Bulgaria. He has also worked for a Fortune 500 company – ICT giant TCS (part of Tata Group) in India.

Under Out2Bound co-founders’ leadership, the company has been recognized by distinguished panels of juries. To name a few, it was a finalist in Future Unicorn Award by Digital Europe and finalist nominee for a Startup of the Year in the Central European Startup Awards in 2019. It was also acknowledged by Clutch.co as one of the Global Leaders in IT and Business Service and Top B2B Companies in 2018.

Fulfilling High Expectations of Clients

Acting as a proficient on-demand sales-as-a-service agency, Out2Bound develops innovative sales strategies for clients to fulfill customers’ requirements. This is because its clients expect high professionalism with proven expertise from the company. They also want consistency and hard work throughout the B2B sales cycle with positive outcomes. Out2Bound does this and a lot more. It also ensures that the customers valuable business information is kept safe while representing their brands and selling on their behalf. In all, to fulfill and deliver such high expectations of IT clients, the team stays in-sync with the upcoming technology trends. Moreover, the company also hires workforces who have a true passion for sales and technology so that they can surpass client demands in every project.

Out2Bound’s Agenda for Forthcoming Years

For further future development, Theo and team have envisioned a strategic roadmap. The company will keep on helping technology companies from Bulgaria, Europe, and the USA to increase their sales efficiency and reach more B2B clients. For the next five years, it is aiming for more expansions around Europe at strategic locations and extending its portfolio of clients by offering innovative tech solutions and products. Besides this, Out2Bound is planning to develop additional services to support its sales-as-a-service. These additional services could be related to marketing or HR. Further, it will offer those services to focus on helping technology companies in the context of sales.

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