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As a proficient consultant and project manager by trade, combined with years of SAP implementation experience in numerous multinational companies, Geert Rillaerts found the greatest joy and challenge of his career in establishing OptimaSys Group Spain SL. Currently, Geert holds the position of Founder & CEO at OptimaSys Group. After 20+ years of background knowledge in real estate and commercialization, he felt that it was high time to address an industry which lacked technological advancements especially in real estate commercialization.

Incepted in 2012, OptimaSys was created with the ‘all-in-one solutions’ philosophy, catering to the needs of a specialized real estate commercialization industry. The leading CRM solution providing company personifies a multi-cultural and multi-lingual platform, solely based on real estate knowledge, website technologies, development experience, active  SEO practices, and usability of systems.

Optima-CRM: Complete and Easy-To-Use CRM Software for Real Estate

Optima-CRM focuses on practically proven elements that allow users to take and keep control over their businesses and teams. Tasks, meetings, viewings, sales steps are recorded and published in the calendars of the related persons, inside the system as well on external calendars such as Google Calendar, in Outlook, on mobile calendars etc, thereby elevating enterprise productivity.

Highlighting Features of Optima-CRM

  • Visual Clients & Owner Management

By using the graphical control panels, all the interactions with clients and vendors can be managed from one screen. Seamless supervision over the integrated email system, instant matching of data between properties & client profiles as well as accessibility of Google maps for sketching exact locations of interest is offered.

  • Automation

Event sequences allow users to define custom automated creation of activities, thereby greatly reducing manual work & ensuring no task is forgotten. Through customizable email notifications, right individuals in the organization as well as external parties or events, requiring urgent attention are informed. Automated property alerts allow users to automatically inform their clients whenever a property becomes available, matching their interested profile list. Automated owner feedback emails keep the property owners appraised of any feedback from the potential clients on their properties.

  • Open Infrastructure

Integration with any website is possible. Furthermore, customers can also opt for a brand new high end website that is natively integrated in Optima-CRM & SEO-ready. With over 500 websites implemented, the CRM software provider company can import from any property system, one-time or daily as they have vast experience in integrating with the other sharing systems. Virtual export to any property portal through the all-in-one solutions software connections automatically generate leads in CRM for inquiries from portals and websites. Additionally, professional landing pages can be created for campaigns straight from Optima-CRM.

  • Audit & Safety First

Since all updates made are recorded, users have full transparency of who updated which information, from where and which place. The data customers store in Optima-CRM is encrypted on a multi-tier storage infrastructure, keeping it safe and secure. Authorization rules ensure that consumer data & functions are available to the appropriate persons in their organizations. One can actually decide who gets to access information and to which extent.

Outshining Competitors

Following major factors make OptimaSys Group stand out from its competitors.

  • A newer solution applying the latest technologies.
  • A broader base of functionality in Optima-CRM solution.
  • All-in-one approach: not just in software, but all other relevant services, such as digital marketing, web & email hosting, data migration services, consulting services, web development, API programming, etc.
  • Personal touch with multi-lingual support (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian) by phone, chat, email and ticket system.
  • 24/7 availability of support services for critical systems.

Client Retention Goals

Client retention is an important topic in any business, especially with subscription models. OptimaSys clients are also very much influenced by their economic conjuncture, which complicated retention with a higher velocity. Yet, all considered, the company’s churn rate is only around 5%.

Distinctive Traits Looked for in a New Hire

The decision makers of OptimaSys Group look for young, dynamic, multi-lingual, multi-disciplined individuals who can provide innovative ideas and deliver outstanding results. The CRM solutions provider enjoys staying in young & dynamic ‘start-up’ atmosphere, even though they no longer belong to that space.

Future Growth & Technological Adoptions in OptimaSys

Over time, technology will only increase in usage and need, whereas adoption levels will skyrocket even more as they are doing right now. OptimaSys Group’s expansion is right on track with pre-visions, already breaking the company’s expectations in a good way. Also, the leading CRM software provider company’s internal organization is growing accordingly.

Expected Reforms in CRM Landscape

For a long time, CRM has been an acronym, interpreting to be the solution for all business processes. However, verticalization of industries and sub-sectors call for a range of specialized solutions that are created from the ground up, rather than from adapting a generic CRM to fit a vertical.

Stating his opinions on the future reforms in the tech driven, CRM industry, the Founder & CEO of OptimaSys Group says, “Integrating technologies to achieve complete solutions will be a must in the coming years. Additionally, all softwares should focus on its open infrastructure, allowing the necessary in & out points to seamlessly communicate with all types of software solutions including the competitors. Making CRM solutions even more agile will benefit the user who has a central solution that ties into excellent third party extensions. Any process should always be defined and created together with the user community, which we noticed is not yet the case for many software companies. It’s not about the technology so much, it is and will always be about the processes.”

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