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Top 6 Office Task Automation Tools in 2024

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Doing the same tasks over and over is the worst part of any job. It’s necessary for managing data and the office, but it’s boring and takes up a lot of time. Even worse, if you’re not careful, you can make mistakes that cause problems for other parts of your work.

In the past, there was no way around doing these tasks by hand. But now we have better technology, and we can use office task automation software to help us.

Let’s look at office task automation tools and how they can make your work easier. We’ll also talk about some of the best tools available today so you can pick the right one for your business.

What is Office Task Automation?

Office task automation uses computer programs and systems to gather, keep, change, send, and use shared information. This makes doing manual tasks automatic. It’s a good way to manage and share information.

Office automation tools means people don’t have to handle data as much, which means there are fewer mistakes. It also makes many important tasks happen automatically.

Here are some ways office automation helps in today’s workplaces:

  • Information storage: It saves info in files, documents, pictures, spreadsheets, and forms.
  • Real-time data exchange: It helps share reports between workers and customers and makes emailing easy.
  • Data management: It helps manage data for a short or long time, like keeping track of inventory, making financial plans, and managing marketing.

Top 6 Office Task Automation Tools in 2024

Below are 6 office task automation software options that you can consider in 2024.


RPA CLOUD is a great office task automation platform if you want something easy to use that doesn’t need coding knowledge.

RPA CLOUD is a cloud-based tool, which means you use it online. It has a very simple interface, making it easy for users to finish work quickly. It helps you automate repetitive tasks and also provides web scraping services for businesses.

This RPA software offers many different functions to meet different business needs. You can use it on many platforms that you and your company have been using.

Pricing: You can try it free for 30 days without needing a credit card. After that, you can choose a plan that costs $15, $30, or $50 per month. There’s also a special plan for teams with unlimited services, but you need to contact RPA CLOUD for more details about this plan.



Zapier is a popular office task automation tool for connecting different apps and making work easier. You can automate repetitive tasks by linking two or more apps and telling it what should happen when certain things happen. For example, you can update customer info in your CRM when they fill out a form, or send a welcome email when they sign up on your website.

Zapier can also help with regular office tasks like sending updates about projects and tasks. It can also help teams work together, like connecting sales and marketing, or your help desk and IT department, by automatically passing tasks between them. As your business grows, you can easily add more automations.


  • Use drag and drop to build your automatic workflow.
  • Choose from thousands of online services to connect the ones you need across different platforms.
  • Keep your data in special tables that are easy to automate, and combine updates from any connected apps.
  • Encourage teamwork and control who can see what with different sharing and permission options.


  • If there are problems with the apps you’re connecting to, the system might stop working for a bit.
  • The free version only lets you do 100 tasks per month with simple automations, which might not be enough for bigger businesses.


  • Free: Free
  • Starter: $19.99 per user per month
  • Professional: $49 per user per month
  • Team: $69 per month for unlimited users
  • Company: Contact them for pricing


Envoy can help organize office spaces, especially for those with people working both in the office and remotely.

This office task automation tool allows employees working from home to reserve the desk they want, depending on if they need to focus or work with others. They can also book meeting rooms and get reminders before meetings start.

Envoy checks visitors before they arrive and has them sign in digitally. This includes agreeing to any necessary forms. It also prints visitor badges and tells the host that their guest has arrived so they can be greeted.


  • Manage desk and room reservations, showing you how much space is being used.
  • Set rules for who can enter to keep your people and information safe.
  • Track mail and deliveries with clear records and secure delivery.
  • Know who’s in the building at any time with detailed reports.


  • Some visitors might not like the digital check-in process.
  • You’ll probably need a device like an iPad at the front desk; a phone might be too small.


  • Standard: $3 per user per month
  • Premium: $5 per user per month


UiPath uses robots and AI to automate your business tasks and give you insights into your company.

You can build apps without much coding or create automations by recording your actions and playing them back. Robots can get information from all kinds of documents and process it, so you only need to check it or deal with exceptions. This saves time and money and makes fewer mistakes.

You can see everything in one place to track and manage it, then make improvements where needed.


  • Use over 25 pre-made machine learning models for different tasks
  • Train your robots to ask for help when needed
  • Use UiPath with your Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, Gmail, and File Manager
  • Connect with SAP and Citrix to make your whole business more productive


  • Some users want more options to connect with other tools
  • The automation that uses images could be better


  • Free: Free
  • Pro: Starts at $420/month
  • Enterprise: Contact them for pricing


Coupa may help you manage your business spending, save money, and avoid risks. It’s designed to help medium and large companies be more efficient and profitable, so they can grow.

Coupa works with other trusted partners to offer services that make business spending better, like technology solutions, payment systems, or consulting.


  • Connect your company’s financial system to Coupa to automate tasks and have better control of your finances.
  • Have your suppliers send you electronic invoices, then pay them automatically and charge the right account. This saves time on invoice processing.
  • Stop duplicate or fake invoices with Spend Guard.
  • Make buying things for your company easier and track it in real-time to improve how you spend money.


  • Connecting Coupa with other tools can be tricky sometimes, and problems can take a while to fix.
  • Some users, especially small businesses, find Coupa to be a bit expensive.

Pricing: You need to contact Coupa to get a price.


e-Procure is a powerful office task automation software that makes it easier for businesses to buy and sell things from each other. It uses a secure online system to connect buyers and sellers all over the world.

Sellers can create a list of what they’re selling or offer special prices. Buyers can find new sellers from anywhere and manage the buying process through the platform. When a deal is made, the payment is safe and controlled.


  • Talk, negotiate, manage contracts, and pay or get paid through the platform.
  • Participate in live auctions online.
  • Get reports to understand your sales better.
  • Get advice from experts on business and buying when you need it.


  • It can take a while to finish a transaction because of all the approval steps.
  • There aren’t enough ratings yet to know how well the company does.


  • Free

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