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Reputation is frequently the perception of a brand, its products or services, and its personnel by third parties. When the pandemic started in 2020, every action, protocol, statement, and campaign made by companies was under careful observation by the press and the public. Reputation management done through strategic marketing and communications became a critical business investment for brands.

Now in 2021, a company’s reputation is more crucial than ever. As the audience shifts to post-pandemic, the PR industry has also taken a dynamic approach to reputation management. PR professionals continue to work tirelessly to maintain an intimate and evolving understanding of their clients. NRPR Group’s strategic approach helps the team understand the brand culture, industry, media, markets, and appropriate audiences to effectively support the organization’s goals.

NRPR Group is a leading public relations agency founded by, Nicole Rodrigues. The agency has contributed to the success stories of numerous brands since its inception in 2014. Nicole serves as the CEO and powerhouse of the agency. Since Nicole discovered the field of public relations, she dreamed of starting an agency. With skills and dedication, she built her expertise in public relations and marketing and paved a path for herself in the industry.

Agency of the Future

Nicole started the agency after gaining years of experience and expertise that were necessary to meaningfully disrupt the PR industry. Now, seven years into NRPR’s lifespan, Nicole continues to actualize her dream and mentor her team of creative and critical-thinking PR professionals. Under her expert guidance, the firm has a team that is passionate about its roles and responsibilities, industry, clients, and media relationships. NRPR has maintained a work environment that is challenging, empowering, and enjoyable. This positive culture delivers powerful results, with a divergent approach that usually exceeds client expectations. In doing so, NRPR Group has evolved and expanded beyond the core public relations services domain.

NRPR Group’s mission has always been to stay ‘ahead of the curve.’ The firm’s comprehensive business and brand development offerings have gained recognition for the company as an “agency of the future.”

Range of Services

NRPR Group provides best-in-class services through multiple sources. It is a PR agency that also has a range of other offerings including marketing communications, digital media marketing, and social media marketing services. The firm excels in strategic innovation and client experience and service within the industry. The NRPR team focuses on creating connections and building lasting relationships with its clients. Every single email and pitch is thoroughly researched, tailored, and carefully reviewed by an in-house editor before sending. This thoughtful approach has resulted in favorable outcomes for clients in the quantity, quality, and reach of coverage. The company’s hyper-personalized and data-based approach has helped the clients to surpass competitors in their industries. Clever competitor analysis for the clients builds media relationships, earns trust, secures top-tier press coverage, and delivers measurable beneficial outcomes.

The company has always been committed to reinventing the public relations industry. NRPR Group has developed a comprehensive playbook for intentionally effective and measurable public relations practices. The continuous efforts of the agency have repeatedly been acknowledged and awarded with prestigious industry achievements and accolades. The most recent of which is the “2020 Silver Stevie Award for ‘Communications, Investor Relations or PR Executive of the Year.”

2020: Challenge and Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has been both a major challenge and an opportunity for NRPR Group and its clients. As a team of clever, confident, and committed professionals, the firm decided to change its perspective. Rather than submitting to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, NRPR Group creatively tackled the challenge. The company helped clients by changing the brand approach.

“In light of COVID-19, we’ve seen a sharp rise and shift within the industry toward branded messages of inclusivity, equity, community impact, and support, social justice, collaboration, responsibility, resilience, and generating goodwill within our ‘new normal,” says Nicole.

The firm worked closely with clients to increase the client brand’s digital influence and kept moving forward. Several clients scaled their solutions to establish themselves as leaders in their industries through their timely responses to the pandemic.

NRPR advised its clients to adapt brand messaging to reflect the new normal. This dynamic approach was unique and resulted in higher yields in 2020. NRPR also served several clients that offered COVID-19-related solutions and aided their messaging by demonstrating their leadership and global impact. The agency’s unique approach and dedication made 2020 the most successful and rewarding year in the seven years of the company’s existence.

A Bright Future Ahead

NRPR Group expects 2021 to be a bright and blossoming year. “As the market evolves, we will continue to optimize the PR, brand positioning, digital marketing, social media strategy, business development, and multimedia services we offer,” said Nicole.

As the market is evolving, NRPR Group continues to adopt new techniques, solutions, and channels to help its clients build visibility. Throughout its lifespan, the agency has added additional services and channels, to showcase its comprehensive capabilities. In 2020, the firm started a venture, NRPR Productions, to specialize in and support branded multimedia and multichannel content creation for clients. The firm started the year 2021 with the launch of NRPR Business Pro (Biz Pro). It is an industry-first offering within the PR domain, which guides startups through the process of blueprinting, incorporating, and launching a business.

Additionally, the founder, Nicole re-launched her press-focused podcast, PRfect Pitch, earlier in 2021 to educate young PR professionals. She provides them tips, tricks, and tactics of the industry that’s constantly shifting to match market challenges. Through diligence, creativity, agility, and comprehensive client support, NRPR Group has set a high standard of expectation for other PR agencies in the industry.

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