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Nippon Data Systems

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In the increasingly competitive world, SMEs and startups are using every resource at disposal to its maximum efficiency in order to survive and compete with others. By leveraging the potential of ERP systems, these companies have an opportunity to go against the giant organizations and at the same time, streamline and automate their business workflows to increase revenue. But, choosing the right ERP solutions provider is a complex and tedious task today. With its shoestring budget, these companies do not prefer an ERP system that demands lot of capital for implementation and maintenance of the systems. What these SMEs and startup companies really require is a comprehensive ERP system which is user-friendly, reliable, affordable and easy to implement. Nippon Data Systems Ltd., emerges as the prominent ERP solutions providing company that fulfills the previously mentioned requirements and offers unique solutions that meet clients’ changing needs as they grow their businesses.

Harish Kumar Saraf, the Founder and CEO of Nippon Data Systems Ltd established the company with a mission to use technologies and collaborate with customers to deliver high-end business solutions to their satisfaction and also assist them in realizing their full potential.

Providing Competitive Edge by Using Cutting-Edge Technologies

Incepted in 1994, Nippon Data Systems is a leading provider of IT-enabled business management solutions with a vision to provide clients a competitive business advantage using cutting-edge technologies. The company’s forte lies in understanding the clients’ business needs and transforming them into a vision for the system that helps them achieve their desired objectives. Over the years, the team of Nippon Data Systems has tackled and defeated complex problems related to various business needs. Using their technical and functional skills, this team delivers systems that go beyond easy automation. Thus, the company specializes in solving business problems by bringing its expertise in ERP, software project planning and development, and state-of-the-art technologies. Nippon Data Systems further applies them for developing and implementing customized and standard information systems.

Delivering Unique IT Enabled Business Management Solutions 

Nippon Data Systems as a leading ERP company has invested several man-years’ efforts to bring NEWTON Enterprise Suite of Business Solutions into existence. Now, clients can manage to pay for ERP system that can be implemented faster than any other solutions. For business-specific needs, the company has developed below mentioned services and solutions:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • BPM (Business Process Management)
  • SIMPPLIFY (Vendor Network Management System)
  • Project & Resource Management
  • Audit & Compliance Management
  • Case/Litigation Management
  • UMS (University Management System)

To provide best in class solutions, Nippon Data Systems continues to develop its solutions by gathering the feedback from users of different industries. However, the best-selling solution/services of the company are ERP and CRM.

Attracting Clients by Providing Numerous Benefits  

In the digital realm, where IT plays a vital role in determining the success of an organization, Nippon Data Systems assists companies to derive maximum value from their IT investments. It delivers benefits that give enterprises an edge over their competitors.

  • The India- based company has a team of over 300+ employees who are dedicated to customer success and consulting expertise.
  • It becomes its client’s partner, not just a vendor.
  • Nippon Data Systems helps organizations achieve management objectives such as costs reduction, improved efficiency, and much more.
  • The systems can be implemented easily without putting the burden on organization resources like senior management, departments, capital, etc. with no effect on on-going operations.
  • The company’s solution tackles specific Indian industry issues along with global requirements. Many companies have already combined their solutions with Nippon Data Systems’ offerings to overcome the hurdles.

Focusing on reducing operational and maintenance cost

As soon as the new technologies hit the market, companies need to embrace them quickly to enhance their business workflows. Similarly, Nippon Data Systems is investing heavily in the disruptive technologies related to connectivity, automation, and data analytics. Technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud, and blockchain can drive new businesses or operating models towards rapid success. These technologies can also help new players disrupt the sector and enable business owners to reach new performance heights. To stay in-sync with the ever-changing trends, Nippon Data Systems is focusing on reducing operations and maintenance costs, improving system efficiency, reliability, and resiliency.

A Highly Skilled Leader Understanding and Resolving Customers’ Challenges

At Nippon Data Systems, Harish has numerous responsibilities to perform; some of the major tasks include board administration and support, program, product and service delivery, financial, tax, risk and facilities management, human resource management, and community and public relations. According to Harish, his favorite part of the job is managing delivery related to program, product, and service. Together with his team, the dynamic leader interacts with customers on a daily basis to gain deeper insights on the challenges they are facing. Importantly, Harish and his expert team are using the latest technologies to develop new products and softwares for their clients which make their lifecycle easy and bring more transparency in the system.

The Future of the ERP Market

According to Harish, more and more SMEs will use ERP because they have understood the strength of being process-driven and statutory requirements will marshal them to do so. Companies will look for cost-effective and user-friendly solutions with robust support from the service providers. They will require a system, which runs with fully configurable minimum customization and possess various deployment options available like on-premise, private cloud, hybrid, etc. that can be changed at any time.

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