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With the beginning of the digital revolution in play, the marketing and advertising industry is witnessing a rise in demand for strategic solutions over digital channels. Furthermore, business owners from different verticals of the industry are looking for viable long-term solutions to build a digital presence and take their services or products online.

As the scope of the digital medium is expanding, various Small and Medium-scale Businesses (SMBs) are also investing in digital marketing and advertising approaches. Today, Ad firms are utilizing SEO tools and social media advertising platforms to increase the visibility of the clients. However, content relevance has proved to be a prevalent trend in 2021. Nick the Marketer is a digital marketing firm that aims to produce outstanding content and user experience to break through the digital noise.

Turning Clicks Into Customers

Nick Hoard started Nick the Marketer in 2018, as a solopreneur trying to generate traffic for the clients through Facebook Ads. With over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising, Nick has helped companies develop winning strategies to grow and expand their business. He has spent countless hours educating himself and his team on the art of ‘turning clicks into customers.’ Today, Nick the Marketer is one of the few agencies that execute their processes in-house. It delivered exceptional services as per the client’s expectations.

“We wanted to be the agency that executed our work 100% in-house and actually deliver the services we promised. Turns out, that is rare in this business and has set us apart,” said Nick.

Initially, Nick was responsible for all the operations of the company. He deemed himself, ‘Chief Everything Officer.’ However, as the team gradually expanded, Nick’s roles gradually diluted to inculcating leadership within his team, collaborating with clients, and identifying marketing trends to keep the company on the front lines as an agency. Nick the Marketer as a company has witnessed a hike in demand as more and more businesses are stepping into the digital domain of doing business. “As a middle-aged entrepreneur, the biggest challenge has been overcoming fear,” mentioned Nick.

Curated Marketing Services

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Nick the Marketer develops mobile-first websites and drives traffic to them through SEO, Search Advertising, and Social Media Advertising. The company also provides a unique service for service-based industry clients—Weather Geofencing. It can deliver ads based on the weather conditions in a specific geographic region which can introduce clients to customers at a time relevant for their offerings and the future.

The company delivers its excellent services to generate paying customers for small business organizations. Its services also include advanced digital advertising solutions like Google ads marketing, YouTube ads, and retargeting along with website design, development, and management.

Creating Opportunities

Nick the Marketer’s team consists of 10 full-time employees, 1 contractor, and a consistent flow of interns. Its alignment as a team starts with exceptional internal communication within each member, client, and industry professionals. Together, the team delivers exceptional result-oriented digital marketing solutions for the clients. Its marketing plan generates leads and drives growth.

Additionally, the Birmingham, Alabama-based company has repeatedly been invited to speak at Samford University and the University of Alabama (UAB) marketing departments. This allows Nick the Marketer to educate the next generation of marketing aspirants along with being educated with fresh perspectives.

A Client-based Approach

Nick the Marketer stays in constant communication with its clients while maintaining close coordination. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has switched to digital means of communications. It has become well versed with tools like Zoom and Google Meet. Additionally, Nick the Marketer has helped its clients repurpose their businesses to utilize these platforms to engage more customers during the pandemic. This included strategic redesigning of websites, funnels, and advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, the company also sends weekly leads reports and monthly marketing reports to the clients. It also demonstrates these reports via Loom video walkthroughs to reduce the chances of confusion or miscommunication. Currently, Nick the Marketer is working on quarterly surveys through a combination of Google Forms and VideoAsk to get genuine feedback. These surveys will be targeted on measuring 4 C’s—Confidence, Communication, Clarity, and Conversion.

Ambitious for the Future

Nick the Marketer is set to expand its services and attract more clients for its business. Presently, the company is in the final stages of developing a multi-purpose software solution that will benefit digital marketing agencies, service industry businesses, and homeowners with its amazing software-based application. It will have a profound effect on boosting local SEO, showcasing the work of the business, and allowing the consumer to look for the work done by that business, in different areas of the world—including the neighborhood they live in. The company is highly ambitious and believes that its software could be a game-changer for all three of those segments.

Predictions by Nick

Nick predicts that with the introduction of AI, automation, and robotics-based solutions, the industry is set to face a huge price range disturbance. According to him, there are only two possible schools of thought—the industry will either adopt the use of AI and automation to drive the price down and onboard a higher number of clients or it will create a boutique of services. It will provide custom marketing services that have a much higher cost and allow the agency to work with fewer customers as a “boutique” experience. “I am very interested to see what the future holds,” says Nick.

Nick the Marketer

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