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NETSTAIRS: Bringing Real-Time Communications To Life


The whole industry is going through rapid expansion and transformation. When it comes to fast moving global market, historical data and the predictive market trends have indicated, that live streaming has become a pinnacle source of online broadcasting. Over the last few years, the world has witnessed the biggest transformation in video demand coming from migration of Adobe Flash codec into HTML5 compliant formats as well as integration of IoE and WebRTC connectivity serving Smart Cities projects. There is an insatiable thirst for increased bandwidth and higher quality for Real-Time video codec serving industries such as e-learning, telehealth, and corporate enterprise.

NETSTAIRS. COM. Inc., is a progressive, growing company, delivering innovative and complex video-based solutions. It specializes in digital media delivery, cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software as a service. Since, real-time communication is the genesis of an insightful digital transformation to a digital economy, NETSTAIRS connects creative minds, machine intelligence, AI, & multi-tier cloud integration, to serve the real-time needs of human diversity around the world. Incepted in 2000, the company is operating in four continents with the primary and virtual presence in Europe, U.S., Asia, and Latin America.

Think Piece & Innovator

Ahmad Moradi is the Founder of NETSTAIRS. COM. Inc. Since childhood, Ahmad was amazed and mesmerized by movies, TV and films. He was so passionate about video and its working mechanism, that at the ripe age of seven, he started building his first projector. The captivating digital beauty still drives Ahmad and his company to make new discoveries. Throughout his technology career, he was blessed to work in the industries, building multimedia object codes as well as successful in bringing imaging, capturing, sequencing, encoding, player, streaming, and building complex video algorithms, with a highly proficient team of scientists around the globe, primarily focusing on video compression and decompression methodologies.

In the late 90’s, while Ahmad was commuting and working in the Silicon Valley, he was also collaborating with the UNLV professors and designated MBS students to develop and partner with several mathematicians, delivering visually lossless imaging algorithms. Therefore, after working on discrete cosine transformation theories and the infusion of Wavelet theories, he returned to South Florida and started NETSTAIRS. Since then, under Ahmad’s guidance and vision, NETSTAIRS became the springboard to bring several innovations into the market.

The well seasoned and experienced entrepreneur advices the younger generation to focus on their passion, utilize time efficiently, stay honest and never give up in times of failures.

Progress of NETSTAIRS over the Years

Millennium 2000:  Incepted, pioneered and introduced Cybermercial® video email, a desktop video email utility program.

2002: Invented iV8®, the world’s first intelligent media middleware delivery system.

2006: Established technological leadership with live media streaming to mobile devices.

2008 -2012: Introduced “Interactive” as the company’s new “Game Changer” theme.

2016-2017: Click-To-Video launched

2018: Introduction of PIXEL

Team Hunt

People from all walks of cultural diversity and background makes the team uniquely qualified based on similar passion for work.  The team at NETSTAIRS collaboratively strives to find out ways for enhancing the user experience. The collective knowledge and working experience of NETSTAIRS team is based on mutual trust, friendship, delivering astounding results while excelling in their own territory.

Major Technology Offerings

In the last ten years, NETSTAIRS has embraced open source as the way of bringing value to their customers without restricting their integration strategies. Today, the company’s main focus remains on Cloud, infrastructure, platform, and SaaS via delivering AWS, GCP, and IBM cloud containers packed with AI and Machine Learning services.

CTV and PIXEL by NETSTAIRS is a highly flexible service with no API. The digital media solutions provider also makes client service integration under HTTPS and HTML5 compliant seamless. Another key feature is adaptive settings where rooms may be set up as open-house, private session, closed room with passkey, broadcast mode and more. The subscribers can implement and write own HTML5 codes inside each DMR, thus making the job work flow seamless.

Upcoming Challenges & Milestones

The team at NETSTAIRS believe, regardless of the state of the digital economy, everything will require some form of real-time or on-demand video communications, collaboration and broadcasting in future. With iCPT, the company wishes to build a real-time publishing engine under IAB compliance, that will deliver guaranteed eyeball, time spent, and content sharing. At the infrastructure level, the company aims to make iCDN completely AI elastic. The company’s goals and milestones are to strive for greater quality of video user experience. With nearly 7 years of development, NETSTAIRS have bet their future on integrated collaboration, RTC, broadcasting and 3rd party service integration.

Awards & Accomplishments

NETSTAIRS had the pleasure of collaborating with select global brands, major ad agencies, TV networks, Telecoms, MVN, Enterprises, Politicians, and industry-leading CDN service providers. Along the digital journey, the company has published patents and received a few awards as mentioned below.

  • Recognized as one among the “20 Most Promising Content Delivery Network Solution Providers 2016” by CIOReview.
  • 2016 Technology Innovation Award (UK and US) by CV Magazine.
  • Most Innovative Digital Media Infrastructure Company – USA & UK – Best Interactive Loyalty Card: iCPT
  • Hottest Florida Company Awarded by Lead411