NetReputation: On A Mission to Change the Narrative for PR Firms


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Certainly, with time, marketing has evolved to match the pace of the modern world. While digital marketing is gradually gaining ground, brands have come to realize that maintaining a good online reputation is important. In recent times, there is a shift in consumer behavior—they are heavily inclined towards researching the product online before purchasing it. Hence, the online reputation has become an important marketing asset for the company. Reputation management refers to influencing and controlling the organization’s reputation. Considering the current situation, it has become difficult to entrust a PR agency with an online reputation. The PR industry has surrounded itself with a bad reputation of dishonesty and false promises.

NetReputation is on a mission to change this narrative and make PR reliable again. Incepted in 2014, NetReputation was created to solve the problems of millions of consumers and businesses. As a bootstrapped company, it is independent to run its operations without relying on venture capital firms to instruct on how to run the business. NetReputation is a customer-centric company on a mission to provide world-class online reputation management services to clients by utilizing the latest technology and processes.

Distinguisher of the Industry

NetReputation is continuously striving to fix the online reputation of the clients. It utilizes the latest technology and processes to build world-class Online Reputation Management Services that deliver proven outcomes. Its proven methods support in creating and restore positive online reputations for individuals and businesses throughout the web.

The unique differentiator for NetReputation is that unlike the other competitors, it offers the clients customized and personalized proven solutions to address their online reputation needs. The firm skips the age-old cookie-cutter solutions and has a team of 20 professionals actively working on the clients’ campaign. This team consists of reputation analysts, SEO strategists, content writers, and more to help the clients achieve the goals. Its unique online reputation management process consists of five stages including Analysis, Development, Content, Publishing, and Promotion. As the campaign moves forward, the team repeats the last three steps (Content, Publishing, and Promotion) to ensure continued success.

The Process of Online Management

  • Research

The team highly invest in research to identify the key subjects and focus areas to improve the clients’ online reputation fast. They inspect the legal options, conduct a thorough analysis of the clients’ online presence and work closely with them to build the best solution for the clients’ digital brand.

  • Development

Further the research is leveraged to build custom websites, optimize business directory listings, enhance social media profiles, improve existing blogs, and generate other owned properties that the client controls. Moreover, the team develops additional digital assets that might be useful in the future.

  • Improvement

Net Reputation reviews each piece of approved content with an appropriate, high authority target, set up a publishing calendar, and revisit existing positive results to identify areas in need of improvement. Then, the team promotes that content across the web.

  • Monitor

Known for its peerless online reputation management campaign, the team monitors the name/business to identify, manage, and suppress new threats quickly. Thus building a world-class online reputation solutions that ensure long-term success.

Internet vs. PR industry

For more than six years, NetReputation has worked with thousands of small business owners nationwide. Having worked in the industry for so long, the team has been familiar with the rising trends and demands. It understands the importance of the internet and how it is affecting their business. Though the internet is a way of modern life, its impact on everyday lives is not all happy and healthy. The drawback of this golden age of the internet is that the bad news can spread quickly across the web, creating a public relations nightmare that sparks negative media coverage—not to mention the long-term impacts of damaging negative online information can be for someone’s reputation. As a result, to combat these online threats and protect individuals across the world it offers proven solutions.

Additionally, NetReputation is introducing a new package that allows business owners to know what digital assets they will require to set up their business to rank online. Likewise, the clients’ will also receive regular reports on their online position and rank, along with a guide to rank online.

87% of consumers today start their shopping decisions online, and they need to know what to do in order to get a slice of that pie. It’s too early to tell when they are to be rolled out, but we hope to announce them as soon as possible,” commented Adam Petrilli, the Founder, and CEO at NetReputation.

Distinctive Leadership Approach

Adam’s roles and responsibilities are deeply rooted within the company. As a leader, he has a proven record of creating and facilitating enterprise-level planning and decision making. He has leveraged this experience to form mutually beneficial partnerships, and positioning products and services in alignment with customer needs and market requirements. Adam is proficient in positioning companies for continued growth and generating enterprise value as an angel investor.

He believes that great leadership combined with a trusted team is the only recipe for success. This distinctive leadership approach helps the team to outperform themselves. As a leader, he ensures that the team not only strives to improve the organization’s performance but also grows parallel. Under his leadership, the company has fruitfully grown and achieved several awards and recognition. Recently, it was awarded as the #1 Top Reputation Management Companies on Clutch and ranked on the INC 5000 list two years in a row.

Prepared for the Challenges

2020 was one of the transforming years. The advent of coronavirus pushed back the world from its regular life. Over the last year, the world has undergone an immense transformation. Several businesses faced losses that resulted in temporary shutdowns or closure of the companies. Regardless of the disruption caused in 2020, NetReputation persisted to help and improve the lives of people and successfully made list of Inc. 5000 for the fastest growing companies in the country. Being optimistic about the year 2021, Adam is anticipating making the list third time in a row. The team is constantly innovating and working on strategies for fulfilling this goal. He concludes, “The competition gets fiercer every year, but Net Reputation is ready and excited to rise to that challenge.”

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