Nagesh Kunamneni: Deploying Leading-Edge Innovative Solutions for Wider Cloud Adaptation

Nagesh Kunamneni

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As we further transcend into a technologically-driven world, cloud computing is being firmly embraced by large and small enterprises. This growing demand for cloud adoption has paved the way for the new era of cloud leaders. With the emergence of several cloud-oriented software solutions and services, cloud leaders are helping companies and businesses understand and cater to the evolving tech requirements of industries and organizations.

Cloud leaders are comfortable with the notion of bringing in newer solutions to address business problems and leverage advanced cloud technology to lead innovation. Nagesh Kunamneni (President and CTO at BizCloud Experts) is an example of effective cloud leadership. As a renowned cloud leader, Nagesh upholds expertise in introducing and

executing leading-edge cloud solutions. Throughout his career, he has led and succeeded in implementing disruptive technologies into various sectors and segments. As a visionary,

Nagesh is constantly contributing to the growth and development of BizCloud by implementing innovative methodologies and unique approaches.

Abridging Existing and Evolving Adaptations

As a technologist, Nagesh has been bridging the gap between newer products and industry adaptations. Over 25 years, he has contributed to integrating RF Scanners into Cargo and Logistics Warehouse processes, introduced Self-Service Kiosk to the Airports, developed

Ecommerce and Mobile applications, and many more. He has also introduced Private Cloud built on Converged and Hyper-Converged Architecture.

Although private clouds are delivered on Data Center Infrastructure, Nagesh asserts that providing services beyond infrastructure is lagging. He further adds that the public cloud is maturing fast to fill this gap with simple services such as Managing Queuing, low-cost object storage, and database services. This motivated Nagesh to believe that an organization can help enterprises adopt the cloud with confidence. Currently, Nagesh spearheads BizCloud as the Chief Technology Officer and constantly contributes to its profound success.

Comprehensive Serverless Computing Platform

BizCloud Experts was established in 2012. It is a woman-owned entity and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with multiple AWS Service Delivery designations. Being one of the early adopters of AWS Lambda back in 2015- 2016, the company has extensive knowledge of the serverless computing platform. As a result, it helps clients seamlessly adopt serverless technologies and design business transformational cloud-based solutions. BizCloud also holds expertise in AWS’s eight service delivery skills, including API Gateway, CloudFormation/automation, Service Catalog, Amazon Connect (the cloud-based customer contact center platform), Database Migration Service, and Web Application Firewall (WAF).

The company effectively helps businesses with the competencies required for migrating to AWS cloud. BizCloud uses its business acumen and technical expertise to help clients

accelerate cloud migration by architecting, managing workloads, and building applications on

AWS. Due to its high-quality services, BizCLoud Experts is recognized as a leader in developing solutions with serverless computing technologies.

A Competitive Edge

BizCloud is widely recognized for the quality of its services, and thereby, most of its business happens through referrals. It is highly flexible in the number of ways it acquires a

contract—with honesty and integrity imbibed in its work ethics. The company starts working before receiving a contract and eventually secures the contract based on the quality of its

work. Moreover, the team of BizCloud possesses the capability to finish a project while being mindful of the client’s budget constraints. “These differentiating factors gives our company a competitive advantage over prominent competitors,” remarks Nagesh.

Customer-Centric Approach

BizCloud harbors a customer-centric approach to steer clients toward success. The company’s primary differentiator is the fact that it heavily invests in training its people. The team

consists of certified engineers who undergo six to nine months of rigorous training on internal products and services to work as an integral part of its clients’ in-house teams.

Optimum Crisis Support

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in several disruptions for several businesses and industrial sectors. Owing to its aftermath, Nagesh firmly believes in the importance of

relationship—which was further elevated by the pandemic. That being said, BizCloud

continues to believe human interaction is critical to life. The company has also expanded its office to make everyone comfortable with coming to work aligned with its previously stated goals.

BizCloud has found new opportunities to help customers achieve their objectives in crisis. For instance, it helped small restaurants quickly move from dine-in to pick and delivery business using amazon connect. It also helped a customer create a crisis management

on-demand application service center to manage complex critical releases as their facilities were closed.

Upscaling Business to Greater Heights

To date, BizCloud has been successfully catering to its clients’ and customers’ requirements without compromising clients’ expectations. Under Nagesh’s visionary leadership, it strives to grow further. BizCloud aspires to build further and scale its launched services. It has introduced several services and is currently planning on adopting and maturing those services. “As always, we will continue to work with AWS on launching new services as they launch to bring in the best business value possible,” mentions Nagesh.

Nagesh’s Candid Views on Leadership

Being at the helm, what are your primary roles and responsibilities?

At the helm, I engage with the small, medium, and large enterprise clients to deploy leading-edge cloud computing solutions. I also help IT executives strategically enable “DevOps” teams to foster continuous automation of technology & business operations.

According to you, how has cloud leadership changed over the years?

This one has been constant. Over the years, successful leaders have shown the following traits:

  • Pride: The belief and vision that we make a difference
  • Passion: The ability to relentlessly work to transform the vision into an executable plan
  • Perseverance: Nothing will go as planned every single time. You have to be ready to take the hits, pivot, and continue.
  • Perfection: Understand that nobody is perfect, but everybody you work with has a strong hand. Have your team realize their strengths, and that will eventually build the path to success. Guide the team while walking with them.
  • Positivity: No matter how bad it looks, wake up with a smile, spread the joy.

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