mYngle: The Trendsetter in Online Language Training


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The transition of the language training market from offline to online has been fast-tracked due to the new norms such as social distancing, quarantine, and remote working. Responding to the surge in the demand for online training, many traditional offline players have shifted their solutions online. However, other than just adding a tech solution for the virtual classrooms and moving a teacher from a physical classroom to a computer, good remote training requires a new set of expertise and capabilities. Moreover, the way training is delivered, content, interaction, and several other factors need to be changed to provide a good user experience.

Among the numerous online language training providers emerging globally, mYngle is distinguishing itself with its avid experience and proven capabilities to deliver successful online training. Trusted by hundreds of companies across the world for their language learning needs, mYngle is one of the first companies to provide one-to-one teaching of all languages over the internet. The Amsterdam- based firm is on a mission to bring high-quality language education to learners in any part of the world.

Customized Language Training Programs

mYngle offers customized language training programs through video conferencing in 45 different languages anytime, anywhere. The lessons provided by the company are one-on-one, with highly-qualified native coaches and are related to the learner’s job position of the learner. These programs are especially useful for busy professionals who need language training to be successful in their international business, and for companies that want great learning results and a transparent and controllable learning process to make their investment successful. For these solutions and the immense contribution to online learning, mYngle has been rewarded with numerous awards such as Accenture Innovation Award, European Ventures Summit Award, Benelux Venture Summit Award, and many more.

Uncompromised Quality and Customer Service

Alongside customized solutions, mYngle’s customer-centric approach is one of the keys behind its proliferance over the years. The company strives to continuously improve by constantly listening to the users’ feedback. This approach is essential especially in an industry such as online education, which is already in an evolution phase and the unawareness or inexperience of the customers is a more significant challenge than the competition.

Furthermore, mYngle ensures the uncompromised quality of teachers, content, and tools—which has made it a go-to service provider with highly satisfied customers. “Our average lessons’ scores are 4.9/5. Results speak for themselves,” said Marina Tognetti, the Founder and CEO at mYngle

Rising above the Odds

At mYngle, Marina’s role is to develop a long-term vision and drive the company towards it. Alongside, she also fosters the company culture & values and guides the team. As a Founder/CEO of mYngle, she has received several recognitions such as 50 Most Inspiring Women Tech Leaders in Europe, 50 Most Inspiring Women in the Dutch Technology Sector, Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All, and many more.

However, establishing mYngle from scratch was a challenge for her as the tech-startup was disrupting the traditional education industry. There were impediments such as the immature market and stereotypes that consumers had about education. Combating several such challenges, she has driven the company forward. Presently, as the world goes digital due to the pandemic, the approach towards online learning is also changing. “Now online education is setting the standards in terms of quality and flexibility. And we have been part of that. This has been for me the greatest professional achievement to date,” she adds.

Making the Experience Count

The COVID-19 outbreak caused disruptions to many businesses. Many of the traditional offline players were challenged by the sudden shift.  However, mYngle was among the lucky ones as it already offered remote solutions. Moreover, the company knew that migrating existing classroom programs to digital was not only the mere application of the existing technology solutions but it required a more fundamental rethinking of the total learning experience, from trainers to content. mYngle leveraged its proven experience in the online learning industry to survive and be at the ‘right place’ during these testing times.

Driving Virtual Connectivity and Culture

While building mYngle, Marina used to say, “If our customers can learn a language at a distance, we should be able to also run a company at a distance.” Consequently, many of mYngle’s key processes such as CRM and programming were done at a distance and the company was used to managing remote teams. However, as the pandemic highlighted the importance of employee’s well-being, mYngle emphasized on encouraging and supporting its employees. It focused on support, empowerment, and empathy to keep a sense of belonging and togetherness among the employees. The company also ensured a steady stream of communication, from managers and between the team member, to keep them updated on what’s going on and drive more virtual connectivity and culture.

Online Learning: Intrinsic Part of the New Normal

The adaption to online solutions is expected to be continued post-pandemic. Likewise, the online learning market is also expected to accelerate in the near future. Specifically for corporate language training–mYngle’s primary service –there are two opposite forces at play. In the short term, barriers such as budgetary constraints due to economic instability and anxiety due to pandemic among learners might hamper the adaption to online solutions.

However, in the medium and longer-term, online training is expected to grow significantly. The Learning and Development budgets will shift from offline to online learning as learners who embrace online learning during the pandemic might stick to it after the pandemic as well. Consequently, online learning promises to be an intrinsic part of the new normal.


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