Mohammed Mubin Mallick: An Astute Leader Exhibiting Humbleness and Generosity

Mohammed Mubin Mallick

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Confidence is the foundation of leadership. It is confidence that separates average leaders from great leaders. In reality, self-confidence is a more important asset than skill, knowledge, or even experience. When leaders exhibit confidence, they are able to recognize success and maintain intact motivation while being constantly ambitious. Moreover, being confident enables leaders to forge stronger relationships with their fellow teammates.

Through vigorous confidence and motivation, Mohammed Mubin Mallick has earned a prominent name in the IT industry. He has demonstrated astute leadership skills that have earned him several awards and recognitions. Mohammed’s journey to success began on tough notes as he hailed from a remote area and was unaware of any other language but ‘Bengali’. Due to lack of English knowledge, he faced a challenging time during the beginning of his school life.

As time passed, he gradually learned how to handle things. Later, Mohammed got a chance to pursue MBA from Cardiff University in the UK. Despite hailing from a business-related background and having no experience or knowledge about IT, he started his professional journey with IT. Today, he is fond of Robotics, AI, Digital Transformation and FinTech. Moreover, to help the poor, support the needy, and create jobs for freshers, he established Kiran Smart and is happily presiding as the CEO since its establishment.

During a recent conversation with Mirror Review, Mohammed highlighted his roles and responsibilities. He further briefed about the team, including how his life looks beyond the cabin. Following are a few snippets from the conversation.

What are the various services and solutions offered by Kiran Smart?

We are providing IT solutions and services which are inclusive of networking, wifi, security, structured cabling, and rental services. As the world is advancing so we have started with solutions like robotics, digital transformation, and fintech. During COVID-19 Pandemic, we have provided special services with our disinfection robots to provide disinfecting services to the market.

Being at the helm, what are your roles and responsibilities? Could you please mention some of the notable achievements of your career?

My roles and responsibilities are more than one expects as playing the role of Founder and CEO is a tough challenge for me on daily basis. As the founder, I need to take care of the company as my baby. Hence, I do tremendous research on latest market trends on advanced technology which helps Kiran Smart stay updated and be ahead of the competition. Being the CEO, my responsibilities go beyond the boundaries since I have to look after my employees, customers, distributors, manufacturers and partners.

Speaking of achievements, I have received various awards locally and internationally for my excellence. For instance, in 2021, I was recognized as one of the Top 10 pioneering CEOs to follow in 2021, including the Dynamic CEOs, Business Leader of the Year, and others.

How do you ensure intact motivation at the workplace? As the leader, how do you respond to demotivating factors such as criticism, complaints and others?

I keep the motivation factor very simple for my team. I make them feel as if they are my family and maintain a similar environment at work. I enquire them regarding their family issues (whether financial or personal), including other issues related to health. There are several ways through which I manage my team and keep them motivated throughout the year. Moreover, they express their love towards me by addressing me as “Brother Mubin” instead of calling me Sir/Boss.

I am always positive and convert the negative aspect into positive. During instances of complaints or criticism and negative feedback, I take it in a way so that I can work on it and learn from it so that I can guide my team for the same. Our customers always provide us with real feedback that helps us constantly improve our services.

The COVID-19 pandemic induced great challenges for businesses and industries. Did the pandemic influence you to take tough decisions? If yes, how did you focus on surpassing the challenges?

The pandemic influenced some of our decisions such as minimizing the salary temporarily for the employees while not laying off anyone. Although we did not permit leave for our employees, we allowed them to work from home. We even compromised our profit for our customers by offering them high discounts to support them during the pandemic. Be it employees or customers, we stood together and supported each other. Our employees are the assets and our customers are the revenue. Thus, we took care of both of them successfully to overcome the challenges.

Being a decorated leader, how do you ensure work-life equilibrium?

For me, life is the biggest gift and I count every day as a precious moment. I don’t prefer wasting my time on unnecessary activities. I always think beyond my capacity and strategize my life 10 years ahead of the present one.

Honestly, it is difficult to balance work and life as the work seems never-ending. Every work will have negative and positive aspects but not all the time. Sometimes, work-life demands more time in order to be successful, and in those moments, I don’t give up. I commit to ensure that work is completed on time to balance my personal life. Nevertheless, I highly prioritize my family. I believe that when I have family peace, I can have better peace at work.

What strategies do you implement to stay ahead of your competitors? Where do you envision Kiran Smart in the next five years?

Our major strategy is being innovative in our business and in the local and international market. Usually, we keep adapting our strategies in accordance with the latest trends depending on the current market situation.

In the next five years, Kiran Smart will have more global presence and we will be adding more robotics solutions and services locally and internationally.

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