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When it comes to emerging technologies, IoT is playing a game changing role in today’s technology driven world. It is transforming the businesses and processes  by opening up a thoroughly new era of competitiveness and economic growth. It seems that in the near future, intersection of people, data and intelligent machines will have far-reaching impacts on the productivity, efficiency and operations of industries all over the world.

A global technology services and solutions provider for startups and businesses of all sizes, Mobisoft Infotech helps to build, improve and scale software products across platforms, leveraging the latest technologies for – mobile, web, cloud, data analytics, IoT and AI. A custom software product development company based in Houston, TX, Mobisoft has a 200+ strong product design and development team working from Pune, India (Asia’s largest IT hub). Mobisoft was one of the first iOS app development companies in India and an early entrant to the now multi-billion dollar app economy.

Started as a completely bootstrapped company in 2009 at the advent of the mobile app revolution with a small team, Mobisoft is always determined to build high-quality mobile first software solutions.

Shailendra Sinhasane (Shail), CEO Mobisoft, is the one who is leading the company from the front. Shail has been focused on healthcare technology solutions with Internet of Things (IoT) innovations, mobile strategy, and cloud solutions. Currently, he is advising UNICEF supported ‘Khushi Baby’ to build a scalable product that integrates mobile health, wearable NFC technology, and cloud computing to bridge world’s maternal and child health gap. Shail is a graduate of the University of Houston with an MS in computer science.

Shail believes that, “In the realm of IoT, billions of inter-connected sensors will redefine how businesses operate and how people interact with one another. Some of the latest advancements and the industries we find exciting are Logistics & Transportation, Healthcare & Wearable, and Retail.”

More than 350+ solutions shipped and still counting

Mobisoft has been successfully serving the unique and challenging mobility needs of both enterprises and startups for 8+ years. With a 200+ strong in-house team, the company has shipped 350+ custom mobility solutions. In the logistics and transportation domain alone, it has successfully built 20+ white label taxi app solutions for taxi businesses and startups.

Mobisoft’s USP has been its diversified client base of 150+ clients comprising 100+ startups that have helped the company gain competency across domains and its end-to-end product development process – from product idea to lifecycle management. As a global IT services company, Mobisoft offer services and solutions across technology platforms specialized in Mobility, Web, Cloud, Open Source, IoT, DevOps, Analytics, and UX/UI. With a customized approach to delivering services and solutions, the clients can better meet their specific business goals and requirements with cutting edge mobile applications and software.

Mobisoft, Offering Custom IoT Services

The Mobisoft team is confident about the promise that IoT technology holds and offers custom IoT services to connect people, machines, and processes. The company offers a list of IoT services across industries, with IoT development for Healthcare, which includes, digitization of patient assistance, remote patient monitoring, digital healthcare solutions, and wearable app development.

One of the best examples of it is Khushi Baby (KB), a mobile app for community health workers that interfaces with a digital necklace worn by patients via Near Field Communication, or NFC. The patient record data is synced to the cloud and displayed on an analytics dashboard, where insights can be acted upon by health officials.

Mobisoft Infotech was a consulting partner to design and develop their mobile application to bridge world’s maternal and child health gap. Khushi Baby has received a recognition from UNICEF Innovation as a winner of the Wearables for Good global challenge and has been recently selected as one of the 6 finalists in the Johnson & Johnson GenH Challenge.

IoT development for Automotive, which includes fleet management, remote vehicle diagnostics, safety apps, and real-time vehicle tracking.

Project example- Teen Driver App to curb distracted driving among teen drivers.

In collaboration with TDS organization and Texas A&M transportation institute, Mobisoft started an MVP project for the safety of teens while driving. Teen Driver app encourages user not to be distracted while driving. The beta test was organized in May 2016, where 200 people participated and tracked 50k safe miles.

Mobisoft’s IoT development services for Retail includes, in-store IoT apps development, apps for supply chain, and apps for delivery management.

Successful Past With A Promising Future

Born in a mobile-first world, Mobisoft proudly carries that in its DNA. Some of the things that make Mobisoft stand out are pre-built solutioning approach (accelerators) for popular verticals to save valuable time and money for the clients.

End-to-end product engineering: Product discovery to product maintenance, Established client engagement models for maximum ROI, Custom product development based on client’s needs, Partnership with global technology solution providers, Working with the latest technologies and tools, User-centric approach to product development, Highly competitive pricing, and Security and confidentiality assurance.

With all these strengths, the company is heading towards a very promising future. As part of the company’s roadmap, Mobisoft is going to invest more in building intelligent apps using AI and ML, apps for IoT and offering comprehensive cloud services and solutions.

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