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Mikel Coffee Company

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Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, with more than 400 billion cups each year. Over half of the population of the United States drinks coffee every day, making it a key marketplace for the industry. The American market has always been the major target for global franchises. For a company to be successful and achieve global recognition, conquering the US consumer is highly significant as it is the largest economy in the world. The country follows a modern way of living, with vast growth opportunities that cater to a successful business.

Mikel Coffee Company is a Greek café franchise that was established in 2008 in the city of Larissa Greece. The company offers a variety of hot and cold beverages, along with chocolate, tea, and baked snacks. The food and beverage company gradually expanded throughout the country and the world. Mikel Coffee Company has now opened more than 250 stores in Greece and over 50 worldwide. The company operates in around 14 different countries including Greece.

The Franchise Maker

Mikel Coffee Company was the brainchild of Eleftherios Kyriakakis. With his hard work and dedication, the company has stretched its reach from Greece to the world. It has taken its franchise to numerous countries including, Cyprus, Australia, UAE, United States, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Canada, and Kuwait. Mikel Company is now set to launch outlets in new markets in Europe and Asia.

As the company grew, Eleftherios worked closely with his colleagues and franchise partners, resolved their concerns, and inspired them with the right guidance. He works constantly to seek the best service to satisfy both the franchisee and the customer. The most important task is to expand the range of services, to attract more franchise partners in turn increasing its consumer base.

Today, I have the pleasure to surround myself among very capable executives who facilitate my daily work life, comprehending my Vision and requests, fulfilling the goals of the company, and trusting each one to add their own dynamic in the implementation of our mission,” says Eleftherios Kyriakakis (Founder, Mikel Coffee Company).

“The Coffee Community”

Eleftherios wishes to spread the message of ‘unity in diversity’ with the company. Every product at the stores is prepared with traditional methods, which provide a mixture of culture and flavors. Mikel Coffee Company considers itself as a community, where the voice of every single person is treated with respect. This philosophy has created a cultural movement, called the ‘The Coffee Community.’ The company aims to provide excellent services so that the customer feels unique and satisfied in a friendly environment. “Our philosophy is reflected in the cup, full of colours and containing a mixture of aromas; a warm welcome for our store visitors,” said Eleftherios.

Pandemic: Challenging Growth

2020 imposed various changes and struggles in the personal as well as professional lives of the people. The pandemic created an unfortunate situation for everyone. The food and beverage businesses were part of one of the worst hit industries due to the lockdowns in 2020. With the international travel bans, Mikel Coffee Company had to contemplate and react quickly to these new developments by redefining the training process.

During the first wave, the Mikel management formed a support team, equipped with appropriate material to support its network and conduct online training. It offered a real-time training experience, and at the same time, extended the training periods. This was an attempt to improve the outcome of the training process and inputs. The extensive sessions helped the company to expand its network during these difficult times. Mikel Coffee Company was able to open 38 stores internationally in 2020.

Exploring Potentials in 21’

Mikel Company is set to work on its brand value by increasing its influence as a franchise in the US market. The company has prioritized its services and support to the franchisees, in every aspect possible, from the formation to the operation of the stores in an effective manner. To increase the customer base, Mikel will also provide competitive pricing on its products. Mikel also aims to achieve its set goals by implementing significant cultural changes. It will devise new concepts for its store designs and provide the finest training to its franchise partners in order to maintain the quality and high standards of the offered products.

The company further aims for dynamic expansion in the existing markets and to approach new ones around the world. “We invest in selective collaborations with both individuals and organizations, that can align with our vision and philosophy, people who appreciate coffee and good hospitality,” stated Eleftherios.

To be a part of any franchise, the investor must evaluate the full potential of the company, industry dynamics, and potential profit. Most importantly Mikel Coffee Company aims to build trust, within its employees, partners, and also its customers. Trust enables new partners to embrace the philosophy and values of the company, which in turn adds quality and reputation to the franchise.

Switching to Sustainable Alternatives

In the past few years, numerous multinational business firms, including some of the largest food and beverage companies, have begun choosing the ‘green alternative.’  The demand for plant-based, environmentally friendly raw materials and ecological packaging has increased drastically. Mikel has also incorporated these new alternative methods into its stores, in turn contributing to a sustainable future. The production of natural and healthy products will dominate the catering business in the years to come.

The coffee industry is positive and highly optimistic regarding growth in the upcoming years, and Mikel Coffee Company is confident to be a part of this growth.

Mikel Coffee Company

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