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Incepted in 1999, Merixstudio is the Poland based software house, focused on providing competencies needed to consult, plan, design, develop, and deliver success to clients’ web applications & digital products. The tech solutions provider uses proven technologies mixed with optimized, agile development processes to shorten the time needed to check the results. Over the years, Merixstudio has successfully completed numerous projects in various industries and proved that they are the experts in Django, Javascript, AngularJS, React, HTML5 Games, and much more. The entire team loves working with startups and have actively collaborated with international firms such as Toshiba, HSBC, The Independent, KLM, Virgin, M&S, Volkswagen, The Juilliard School, and other agencies, who did not have the in-house development teams to help them in bringing their creative ideas to life.

In 2017, Merixstudio was recognized by the as the ‘Top Python & Django Developers Of The Year’, as well as the ‘Polish Top Developers Of The Year’. The team of Merixstudio has 70+ high-skilled specialists, mainly front-end developers, Python/PHP developers, UI/UX designers, testers and project managers, who largely concentrate on reaching the clients’ targets and help them in the continuous growth. Merixstudio has a future vision to transform the technological world by setting a model example. By working with companies around the world, the tech company wants to prove that borders and different time zones are irrelevant when it comes to working in the IT industry. In addition, Poland has one of the best web developers with extraordinary software options. Further, Merixstudio wants to create the baseline of partnership between software houses and their business partners, which starts with detailed workshops and focuses on cooperation.

Innovator & Leading Light

Adam Śledzikowski is the CEO of Merixstudio. With such a big group, it is necessary to create an environment which ensures that everyone has a chance to express their opinions and be heard. Keeping this in mind, Adam has appointed asset of team leaders, who not only take care of the information flow between the CEO and employees, but also have vast, inside knowledge of what is happening in their respective departments.

With such a precise setting, Adam knows what type of changes are to be made and what kind of working aspects the employees find appealing at Merixstudio. It is all about reacting to everything in real time, which ensures easy maintenance of great working conditions. With regular meetings, both with each team leader and in a group setting, Adam stays updated without any negative impact on his other duties.

Commenting on maintaining a healthy working environment with clients’ and employees, Adam asserts, “Due to our focus on maintaining relaxed, friendly atmosphere, we organize regular company outings, which allow us to integrate with not only individual teams, but also between employees and management. For us, this division is only based on responsibilities, not privileges or statuses.”

Range of Leveraging Technologies

When it comes to back-end development, the leading tech company prides itself on its Django projects. It is an open source framework written in Python, known for being fast, fully loaded, and totally secure. The team has created a community surrounding Django and regularly organizes Django Hotspot meetings, during which developers can share their knowledge of technology resulting in brainstorming sessions of ideas and experiences.

With front-end development, Merixstudio mainly develops modern HTML5 web apps with the use of React and Angular. Due to their easy accessibility, these technologies are a great basis for creating advanced, single-paged apps, meeting even the most complex needs. Along with Adam, the tech team also believes that no project can be successful without UX being properly taken care of. And that is why, they continue to put emphasis on conducting workshops (in-house or online), during which the team talks with their clients and discuss their needs and business goals.

Current Projects

Merixstudio is currently working on a plethora of interesting projects mentioned as follows.

  • Up your egame: It is a React app for the gaming community, in which Merixstudio is responsible for design, user experience, and both front-end and back-end developments.
  • BrandSync: It is a cloud-based solution dedicated to big companies that produce and sell physical products. BrandSyncs is a custom application project with ongoing development and growing market share.
  • Sportswise: It is an application for arranging training and team matches for school teams. Merixstudio is responsible for React Native, Django development and functionalities such as player profiles, calendars, or information about matches and training.

Future Strategies

Over the years, Merixstudio has been working non-stop to target and collaborate with ace professionals from all over the world. In the future, Merixstudio strives to achieve the leading position on the Polish software house market. Due to its clients distributed globally, Adam, along with his team, is creating a brand with an international reach that is known for working with the latest technologies.

Words of Wisdom

Adam advices the young entrepreneurs to keep updating their knowledge if they want to excel in the IT industry by attending workshops, reading articles, and overall learning. To achieve success in the web development world, one needs to really love what they do.

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