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The Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) industry is currently looking at  usability and interoperability as the initial phases of incentive based purchase and deployments are passed. Though the percentage of office based providers using the EHR have increased multi-folds, the usability and interoperability still remain an impending issue, needing a solution. The usability is a very important aspect that affects the provider efficiency.  The interoperability in the truest sense with other EHRs and healthcare systems is still a far cry that will need more time to become a reality.

Green Apples MedSystems, LLC (Medgre) is a technology products company, making and selling products in the US healthcare sector. Medgre solutions include an easy to use and feature-rich Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, Practice Management and Billing Software. Medgre EHR (Medgre V3.0) is certified as ONC-HIT 2014 Complete EHR (Ambulatory). The leading healthcare service provider also offer end to end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution to take care of clinic’s billing service needs. Additional products/features like Charge Capture & Rounding (CCR) system, Appointment Reminder System and Waiting Room Module would give the clinic an overall control over effective patient management, improved patient care and enhanced revenue.

Innovative & Focused Team

Medgre is founded and run by the three passionate Co-founders (CEO: Sebastian Kurian, CTO: Rajendra Prasad & CIPO (Chief Innovation & Product Officer): Mohd Rehan). The three Co-founders have made it a point to make ‘Ease of Use’ the key aspect of the company’s software products and have successfully driven it down to every member of the team.

Sebastian Kurian is the Co-founder & CEO, responsible for business strategy, program management & operations. Sebastian brings more than 28 years of experience in a number of technical and managerial roles in various fields of technology. Prior to founding Green Apples, he has headed the product delivery, manufacturing & operations of Tech Mahindra’s iPolicy Networks and eDRM product lines. He was one of the four founding employees of the Silicon Valley start-up company, ‘IOSpan Wireless’ that was acquired by Intel Corp. He is a co-inventor of 25 issued US patents in the fields of data communication & wireless technologies.

Rajendra Prasad is the Co-founder & CTO, responsible for product development & technology. Rajendra has more than 21 years of experience in software development & management that spans into the complete product development lifecycle. His expertise extends into embedded systems, networking and network security systems. Prior to founding Green Apples, he headed the product engineering group at Tech Mahindra’s iPolicy Networks.

Mohd Rehan is the Co-founder & CIPO (Chief Innovation & Product Officer), responsible for product management, validation, sales engineering & customer support. Rehan brings close to 17 years of experience focused on software product management and network security products, doing security consultancy, product validation, sales engineering & customer Support. Prior to founding Green Apples, Rehan was a Senior Architect at Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Unique Healthcare Offerings

EHR: Aimed to guarantee ease of use, Medgre tracks the patient status through the different steps of the clinic workflow from the time the patient has entered the clinic till he or she walks out.

Practice Management /Billing: Megre’s tightly integrated practice management & billing solution assists the physician’s practice in handling its routine activities seamlessly and with ease.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): The e-healthcare solutions provider company experts are ready to help the physician’s organization to optimize its financial performance so that they can solely focus on the patient care.

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency: The time spent on software per patient is cut down.
  • Improved communication: Medgre improves communication between physician’s practice ecosystem and patients by allowing them to chat and message.
  • Efficient documentation: Medgre has a library of templates for easier documentation, eliminating the risk of missing patient information, and also reducing data entry errors.
  • Improved cash flow: With Medgre’s improved and time-tracked patient care, patient footfalls are
  • Penalty Free: Medgre helps physicians and their clinics to maintain excellent quality care and meaningful use of compliance.
  • Interoperability: Medgre’s e-solutions integrates with other clinical softwares like LabCorp, LifePoint, MicroMD, Medisoft and Kareo.

Excellent Customer Care Services

Ease of use and client satisfaction are Medgre’s key focus areas and they believe that these two factors are of prime importance to the healthcare providers. As healthcare providers have no time to figure out as to how to use a software,  the specialized customer supportMedgre’s solution gives them brings in that additional ease, thereby freeing up their time for patient care.

Forthcoming Challenges

Keeping enhanced usability of the EHR is still the prime focus for the company. The leading healthcare solutions provider is also gearing towards the interoperability requirement. Soon, Medgre will introduce latest changes that are mandated by the government agencies.

Key Recommendations

The experienced and versatile Co-founders of Medger advice the younger generation of entrepreneurs asserting, “Customer focus & customer satisfaction, the age-old advice works superbly well in the healthcare industry. The main reason for this is that the healthcare providers spend all their time in providing patient care. A proactive approach, therefore,  from the side of the systems & solutions vendor to resolve issues, is necessary to keep them happy & loyal. Feature- richness is good to have, but the ease of use is of prime importance.”

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