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Maziar Adl

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Maziar Adl is an accomplished leader, recognized for his role in implementing large-scale technology roadmaps and transformative initiatives. He elevates organizational and team performance through accessible and timely information and analytics.

His journey includes a tenure at Experian, where he transformed the Consumer Services division’s products. Leading innovation, he crafted an advanced enterprise SaaS platform and cloud-based product family. He now contributes his expertise to Gocious, shaping the landscape of technology and strategic leadership.

Additionally, Maziar has experience in designing, developing, rolling out, and operating business and consumer solutions and platforms. He enhances productivity and fosters agility through technology, automation, and collaboration. Furthermore, Maziar navigates the intersection of business and technology, driving efficiency and innovation in today’s dynamic landscape.

Leadership in Strategic Product Planning and Risk Management

As the Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Maziar shapes the company’s trajectory. He strategically collaborates in formulating product roadmaps, guiding the direction of the company’s product portfolio.

Maziar believes in agile thinking, fostering innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge. He advocates for agile methodologies, influencing how product managers approach challenges and opportunities as a thought leader.

Additionally, Maziar contributes to risk management, ensuring the company navigates uncertainties effectively. He combines technological expertise and business acumen, driving the company’s success in a dynamic market environment. This dual focus highlights his multifaceted role in strategic product planning and risk assessment.

Empowering Product Teams through Strategic Portfolio Management

Gocious is a dynamic Southern California-based startup with a clear mission: to streamline and enhance the product development process for teams, ensuring that great products align with market and business needs. The company offers a cutting-edge platform that empowers product teams to define and execute mid to long-term portfolio strategies, fostering transparency, agility, and collaboration across the organization.

Gocious brings efficiency to product roadmap management, emphasizing product portfolios and their dependencies. While existing systems like CRM, ERP, PLM, and CPQ effectively handle product and customer lifecycle management, Gocious recognizes the crucial preliminary step of formulating product strategy from a business perspective. Their studies reveal that initial high-level planning often occurs in disparate and non-standardized systems like spreadsheets, emails, and presentation tools. To address this gap, Gocious provides a centralized space for product teams to drive and align the organization around a cohesive business product portfolio strategy.

Integrated Product Management Ecosystem 

The company crafted the Product Roadmap Management Software as a comprehensive enterprise solution. It provides a unified platform to manage and roadmap product portfolios effortlessly. The software offers a holistic approach to product management, encompassing key stages of the development lifecycle.

The software prioritizes the Voice of the Customer, reflecting a customer-centric approach. It captures and prioritizes customer needs, aligning the product development journey with user expectations. The Solutioning aspect plans features and products to satisfy these needs, unlocking desired capabilities for customers.

Mapping Timelines is a pivotal feature that enables teams to set a clear strategy for their products. It connects the “what,” “for whom,” and “why” to a timeline, translating the product strategy into actionable plans. This feature ensures the team’s alignment and focus on strategic objectives.

Monitoring is a dynamic component that acknowledges issues that can arise during the roadmap journey. It includes statuses and notifications that facilitate proactive response, ensuring the team’s vigilance and readiness to address challenges. This real-time awareness keeps the roadmap on track and responsive to evolving circumstances.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Excellence

Maziar believes that the heart of Gocious is its vibrant team and distinctive culture. He values a diverse group of talented individuals who work as a collective force to craft innovative solutions for customers. He considers culture as the foundation for a dedicated and high-performing team.

Maziar envisions the team at Gocious as professional athletes on a sports team who strive for individual excellence and seamless collaboration. The company’s mission is clear: they are in it to win, and they measure their victories through their customers’ successes. This customer-centric passion drives Maziar to provide clients with tailored solutions that empower them to achieve their goals.

Maziar also emphasizes candor within the team. He values open and honest communication, even in times of disagreement. He encourages respectful discussions based on reasons and facts. He wants the team to rally behind better solutions and great ideas, no matter who proposes them. He fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Strategic Pivot: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Maziar faced initial challenges at Gocious when he realized that the manufacturing world lacked effective communication within product plans. He and his team recognized the need for a pivot and brainstormed how to enhance the product.

They identified a significant challenge faced by prospects: the intricate task of organizing overwhelming interdependencies and managing complex product portfolios. Communication breakdowns across various departments, such as finance, marketing, sales, and engineering, presented a substantial hurdle. They needed to streamline the communication of product needs and timelines and condense the tracking of dependencies into a unified interface.

To overcome these challenges, Maziar and his team shifted the product focus to address the broader issues of interdepartmental communication and portfolio organization. They adapted and expanded their solution to encompass these critical aspects, aiming to empower businesses to make more informed and effective decisions. This strategic pivot showcased Maziar’s agility and ability to reassess and respond to the evolving needs of clients, leading to the development of a more comprehensive and impactful product.

Unleashing Potential in Every Team Member 

Maziar emphasizes a distributed leadership model in which he believes, “there is a leader in each of us.” The core principle is to take ownership and responsibility without direct managerial direction. He thinks true leaders set examples for others, especially in challenging times, and demonstrate a proactive approach to contribute to the team’s success.

He values sharing experiences, knowledge, and constructive criticism, which aligns with his belief in continuous improvement. He says that every team member, regardless of their experience, has something valuable to teach and contribute. In this context, leadership does not confine itself to titles or formal roles; an individual defines it through knowledge, curiosity, and a willingness to be valuable to others.

Maziar’s perspective on leadership encourages curiosity and a proactive stance toward learning and applying knowledge. The team’s interest in every aspect of the business and their fearless attitude toward stepping out of their comfort zones align with his vision of leadership that transcends traditional boundaries. He says that leadership is a dynamic quality embedded in each team member’s knowledge, curiosity, and eagerness to contribute to the vibrancy and success of the business environment.

Maziar’s Leadership Alchemy: Continuous Learning and Adaptability 

Maziar advises leaders to inspire each other and grow together. He emphasizes the value of continuous learning and adaptability in leadership. He believes that a great team is not defined by its initial knowledge but by its ability to learn and evolve daily. This belief offers significant advice for leaders in the field.

Maziar considers fostering a culture of continuous learning paramount. He urges leaders to create an environment that encourages team members to acquire new skills and knowledge regularly. This may include implementing training programs, attending conferences, and valuing curiosity and exploration.

Moreover, leaders should promote adaptability as a core competency in their teams. Given the dynamic nature of the business and technology landscape, a team’s ability to respond flexibly to change is essential for overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.

Maziar encourages leaders to empower team members to learn and improve continuously. This involves providing resources, mentorship, and a supportive framework for individual growth. By doing so, leaders contribute to the professional development of their team members and cultivate an environment where everyone feels inspired to contribute their best.



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