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MATRIX Analytics Corporation

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In the pioneering technological world, analytics and associated data technologies are emerging as core business disruptors. Organizations have started focusing on customers’ data gathered from social media platforms, smartphones, and other websites. As a result, data analytics has become the center of gravity for many corporations.

Leveraging the power of analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), MATRiX is striving to integrate its state-of-the-art best practices with industry solutions to deliver optimal custom analytics solutions to the clients. The company is changing the traditional decision-making process into an entirely unique system that is faster, better, and reliable.  

Established in 2014, MATRiX offers the best solutions to its clients in terms of quality, timeliness, and customer service. To find the perfect fit, MATRiX’s talented team of keen observers invest time in acquiring useful insights and find trouble spots in the client’s business workflow before starting the development process. Now here comes the noteworthy part where right from development to deployment process, the company keeps its clients in the loop and explains how they have customized the solution. Meanwhile, MATRiX manages entire aspects of model development & strategy optimization processes. Through the clients’ continuous feedback, the leading data science company modifies the solution and ensures that it is 100% ideal for them.

Tapping the Power & Potential of Data Analytics

MATRiX focuses on transforming data into expert decisions. In doing so, the company has developed its own data infrastructure and helps clients deploy analytics solutions in their respective platforms. Using its in-house data infrastructure, it hosts the clients’ data and services. Additionally, the corporation also uses AWS and Azure cloud platforms on clients’ request.

Providing Unique and Effective Personalized Analytics Solutions

With a vision to provide high-end custom analytics solutions, MATRiX is helping individuals, communities, institutions, and nations across the globe with its solutions. The company specializes in various domains like data science, credit risk modeling & strategy optimization, FINTECH, consumer & SME, AI, streaming analytics, IoT, SME analytics, and CECL risk analytics. It has developed some of its own proprietary algorithms to transform data into machine form so that it can work with high dimension data. Additionally, the data analytics solution provider has also developed custom characteristic libraries based on a deep understanding of the domain, customer behavior, multi-goal originations objectives, credit bureaus, alternate data, timestamp, transaction type, geography, currency, and merchant data.

MATRiX believes in making the lives of common people simple through its offerings. With its solutions, the clients can monitor, assess, and track the performance of their modeling, strategy and analytics applications. These solutions are custom-made to maximize the profit curves, leveraging all possible data sources as a result. It also uses AI, operations research, proprietary and best industry known algorithms with state-of-art analytics business processes to build constrained optimized strategy and decisions.

Delivering the Best Outcomes for Businesses

The Ridgefield Park, NJ-based company provides its custom analytics solutions to financial services, retail, and healthcare verticals. For its clients and customers, the company strives to deliver the best results with its empirical analytics solutions that are simple to deploy, creative and robust. These analytics solutions play a significant role in clients’ decision-making processes. These solutions benefit the clients’ businesses via increasing model accuracy, profits, time-to-value for deployment, and reducing credit losses.

Leader’s Impressive Background Taking MATRiX to Glorious Heights of Success

With an extensive experience of more than 25 years in various leadership roles in the financial industry, Anil Bandari, Founder and CEO of MATRiX Analytics Corporation is leading the company towards a brighter future. A leader and innovator in data science, Anil’s aim behind the foundation of MATRiX is to leverage advanced analytics and AI to make financial systems of the world accessible to everyone and extend finance to the unbanked population as well as make advanced analytics reachable to banks of all sizes.

Being an innovator, the dynamic CEO has an impressive background in the field of data science, data warehousing, AI, transaction analytics, signal processing, credit and fraud risk modeling, and profit optimization and customer analytics. Prior to MATRiX, Anil directed global modeling & risk analytics (GMRA) in Citi for seven major markets/countries and was the Director in Global Credit & Fraud Risk Management based in New York.

To reach new heights of success and growth, the experienced leader has set following three main priorities for MATRiX this year.

  1. Collaborate with community and mid-size Banks/FINTECH companies on their analytics needs.
  2. Shape talent within MATRiX and partner with other companies on complementary skill sets.
  3. Develop programs on balanced work-life and healthy lifestyle for MATRiX employees.

Upcoming Trends in the Retail Space

To remain relevant in a highly competitive world, organizations need to stay abreast with the latest trends and technologies. According to Anil, the upcoming trends to watch out for in the retail space will be data, data analytics and AI. These trends will dominate the industry and will be loved by everyone. Presently, only a handful of big retail companies are using them in an optimal way. However, in the coming years, every retail company will be bound to use them in order to survive and thrive in this ever growing market.

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