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Currently, the modern digital world is in a moment, where companies are making the transition to the cloud, that is, they are testing the cloud limits in development environments, disaster recovery, backups and production environments that are not so critical. As long as the cloud demonstrates its benefits in the short term, many companies will give way to the cloud. Today, the customers are demanding specialized services to take that giant leap of faith on the new age technologies. Owing to the technology, versatile service provider companies are offering extraordinary, innovative solutions to the customers.

MASTERTICS SAS, is one such leading firm specializing in information technology, that facilitates the fulfillment of its clients’ objectives. Based in Columbia, the service provider company has dedicated themselves in providing personnel, technology and knowledge with high standards of quality and compliance. MASTERTICS was established with a mission to provide high quality solutions for companies through the use of technology, knowledge, experience and integrity of their work team, respecting the environment and contributing to the good development of society.

MASTERTICS has established a strategic alliance with different technology providers such as Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, among others, which allows the company to have first-hand access to the technology of these suppliers and the various resources they offer to their business partners. The commitment of MASTERTICS with the technology is total and for that reason the human resource permanently receives training and updating in the products of these manufacturers, attending most of the events both nationally and internationally that they organize. MASTERTICS has a skilled group of engineers trained in issues of operating systems, virtualization, databases, application servers and development tools, which allows them to have international quality standards.

Extra Ordinary Leader & Innovator

Hugo Alexander is the CEO and Founder of MASTERTICS. Remarking on envisioning the future growth of the IT service provider company, Hugo asserts, “We want to be admired as an efficient, integral, sustainable firm with high quality in its products and services, which seeks the satisfaction of its customers, the welfare of its employees and the benefit of its shareholders. To have a profitable operation that ensures a sustainable competitive advantage through the development of our collaborators, the relations with our suppliers and the efficient use of available technologies.

Exceptional Solutions & Services

As an Oracle certified solutions provider, MASTERTICS assists organizations to make optimal use of technology and for this, it offers services such as technology consulting, management consulting, software development and custom applications. MASTERTICS advises its clients in the licensing and provide knowledge about Oracle as well as Microsoft products in order to look for the best solution suitable, according to their needs with the lowest possible investment levels.

The IT service provider company also delivers the necessary infrastructure for the large projects of an organization. Accordingly, the team has devised servers and storage spaces for different suppliers who are looking for an adequate cost benefit ratio. The software development area of MASTERTICS is of great importance within the structure of the company. There are many customers, solutions and applications that support them. Every day the team focuses on their efforts to qualitatively improve the services they offer.

The leading Oracle service provider has the methodology and sophisticated work tools, that allow them to produce precisely what the client needs. The company is backed by the strategic alliance with Oracle, one of the leading companies in the world in the design of software and computer solutions. Oracle provides MASTERTICS with state-of-the-art technology, which they in turn, efficiently implement in all projects of their clients.

MASTERTICS has designed a migration service application between different versions of Oracle and in some cases of non-Oracle applications. The new versions have current technical support, graphic features or features that the previous versions did not have, which allows its customers to really take advantage of each others benefit. In addition, they are offered graphics management, oracle support, review & redefinition of processes and update of internal documentation.

Paramount Factors behind MASTERTICS Success

The fearless leader believes, that the keys to success has been basically the experience and knowledge they have gathered in more than 20 years as a team. The commitment to their clients and the quality of their outstanding services has allowed them to maintain long-term clients. The success of all the companies that last, depends to a large extent on the importance they give to the systematization processes.

Staying Ahead in the IT Game

The company knows that the business currently has many threats, especially because of the service model in the cloud, little by little they have adapted and want to see it more as an opportunity, than as a threat. In the medium term, the founder as well as the MASTERTICS team wants to be able to offer applications developed by them as a service, thereby generating added value to a specific industry.

Tricks of the Techno Trade

Hugo advises the young and promising entrepreneurs to have trust in themselves, in their ideas, but also to be prepared adequately to be able to achieve their goals and overcome the obstacles that will always exist. Finally, they must not be afraid of making mistakes, and learn from them and move forward.

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