Martin Hubert: Enhancing the Supply Chain Industry through Innovative Digital Solutions

Martin Hubert

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Digital evolution in the supply chain industry has helped manage and control processes more efficiently and make better-informed decisions. Since the emergence of e-commerce platforms, the supply chain industry has gained further significance. Inspired by this digital transformation, various entrepreneurs have started leveraging software solutions and services for enhancing and improving the efficiency and functions of the industry. One such prominent leader transforming the supply chain sector by generating innovative digital solutions through the cloud platform is Martin Hubert.

A Robust Inception

Born in Germany, Martin sold his first program when he was 16 and further went on to study computer science. While being at the university, he started a computer company that sold custom software solutions. After graduating with a Master’s and MBA, he did a short engagement in New York at a freight company where he was later offered the position of Director IT by the company’s president. In 1994, Martin’s independent quest embarked by establishing a company that focused on providing track and trace capability over the internet by establishing EDI capabilities with carriers. In 2000, Martin established Freightgate along with the team with a vision to provide a focused platform that improves the life for logistics companies and shippers.

Currently, Martin spearheads Freightgate as the CEO. Being at the helm, he has been deploying technology to seek smarter ways to solve current and future supply chain challenges. Martin also undertakes several vital roles and responsibilities and contributes to the company’s immense success.

Delivering Digital Transformation

Freightgate commenced with the mission to deliver digital transformation and exceptional value to Importers, Exporters, and LSPs alike, by offering the most flexible, highly configurable, and modular internet native platform. The company aims to create solutions for helping customers generate exponential returns. Moreover, Freightgate has one of the broadest and the most flexible logistics cloud offerings in the cloud market. The company has curated unique packages to enable small importers and exporters to utilize and take advantage of its unique dynamic rating and routing that is paired with comprehensive schedule and benchmark data.

Offering an Array of Exclusivities    

Freightgate’s founders are early pioneers and visionaries who are driven to harness the power that highly collaborative ecosystems hold. “It is kind of interesting to see more people and companies realizing what we have been advocating for such a long time,” asserts Martin. The company possesses the perfect digital transformation tool that has been in use for more than 20 years. The digital tool can highly benefit the supply chain industry and automate processes, raise efficiencies, reduce monotonous tasks. It can also create an environment where employees can get creative and find better ways of solving the day-to-day puzzles.

Moreover, Freightgate’s Logistics Cloud aims to provide the right solutions for the customers by listening to their pain points and direct needs in a supply chain platform. The company continues to enhance its AI and ML capabilities and be on the cutting edge of the digital supply chain transformation.

Surpassing a Plethora of Challenges

Like every other business, Freightgate experiences a plethora of challenges on a frequent basis. To overcome these challenges and reduce its impact on the business, the company constantly focuses on innovations and improvements.

Over the years their improvements in digital transformation has provided them with the needed expertise to enhance their services and easily adapt to the changing environment.

With the focus on digital transformation, Freightgate strives to provide their SOLUTIONS to the current market for companies all around the world to better manage their supply chain workflow.

Motivating Team Spirit

The sudden shift to remote work life due to the pandemic had caught several businesses by surprise. Being an international team, Freightgate was prepared to work from anywhere, making it easy for the company to transition to the remote working style. Despite the transition to remote working, Martin believes that it is still important to maintain a positive team spirit. Hence, he ensures to talk to the team daily on web-conferences and company chat for intact optimism.

Ensuring Optimum Client Satisfaction

Remarking on ensuring customer satisfaction, Martin states that Freightgate has proudly succeeded in its goal to remain highly efficient and focused on delivering customer success. The passion and collaboration provided by the company highly benefits its customers who are of prime importance for the company. To foster cross-functional collaboration in the industry and help each other, the company has recently started a LinkedIn group.

Transitioning towards the Future

Martin believes that the industry will get more connected in the future as it is being observed that carriers are transitioning towards online bookings and API-enabled services. He further adds that Freight rates have been extremely volatile with the fluctuating supply and demand, empty sailings, cancellation of passenger flights, airlines taking out seats to allow for more cargo space, and constrained truck capacity. In the future, Martin anticipates Freightgate to be uniquely positioned for empowering several new customers with its DYNAMIC RATING and ROUTING platform. Moreover, the company aims to enable vast efficiency gains with zero-touch dispatch (RPA) and its investment in IoT. Further, Martin states, “Our goal, as always, is to keep every customer we earn with a focus on genuine satisfaction and on providing the best, smartest services we can,” states Martin      

Success Formula for Aspirants

Apart from building and managing Freightgate, Martin indulges in kiteboarding, golfing, and spending time with his family. Martin has successfully established himself as a decorated leader. He highly believes that there is no magic formula or prescriptive guide to becoming a successful supply chain leader. However, there are several primary characteristics that every aspiring leader should keep in mind. These are:

  • Focusing on vision and sense of purpose for long-term supply chain innovation
  • Recognizing the pain points and needs of others
  • Striving to provide innovative solutions
  • Developing and promoting leadership
  • Building/joining a community of other supply chain professionals


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