Marston’s Pub: Trailblazer in the Pub Franchise Industry


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The number of pubs in the UK is declining as coffee shops and family-friendly restaurants are gradually taking their place. In order to tackle competition from cafes and restaurants, pubs are diversifying their offerings. Several now offer live music, quizzes, themed nights with special deals, and interesting drink ranges, including cocktails, flavored gins, and a variety of cask ales. However, irrespective of the tough times, Marston’s pub is dominating the industry and has established itself as the best pub franchise in the UK.

Marston’s is an independent brewing and pub retailing company that operates breweries and pubs situated in the UK, comprising managed, franchised, and leased pubs. The franchise is a hub of socialization, celebration, commiseration, relaxation, reflection, and enjoyment. Marston’s has operated effectively for more than 180 years. Presently it operates 1,500 pubs and employs over 14,300 people. The franchise features pubs for everyone and every occasion in addition to classic, family-friendly, quirky country or sophisticated town centers. In addition, Marston’s offers accommodation across destination sites and has an increasing number of lodges in its portfolio.

Marston’s Mantra

The purpose of Marston’s is to bring customers together for joyful, fulfilling experiences. Customers return time and time because of the excellent food, cool drinks, and welcoming atmosphere that the franchise offers for every visitor and community for every event.

As a company driven by people, Marston’s fundamental objectives are as follows:

  • Having a guest-centered obsession: The franchise constantly pays attention to the information being shared and cares passionately about its customers by keeping them at the center of every choice.
  • Setting higher standards: The franchise culture is centered on teamwork, and it values commitment to one another and doing the finest job possible.
  • Constantly seeking ways to improve: The franchise holds that there is always room for learning and never be satisfied with average.

Food and Sourcing

Along with the familiar regulars of delectable pub traditional meals, Marston’s offers seasonally changing menus. Cask ales, global beers, gins, cocktails, and well-established wine lists are among the drink specialties.

The consumer is the focal point of Marston’s innovative strategy. The franchise’s menu-development staff stays on top of changing consumer preferences. Marston’s knows how to incorporate the novel and unexpected into the well-known and dependable world of pub cuisine, whether it be famous street food like hot dogs, the ability to personalize burgers, or bringing bar snacks in a new direction.

Marston’s places a high priority on ensuring that food is produced and sourced ethically and is both socially and environmentally sustainable by following the Institute of Purchasing and Supply’s (CIPS) Professional Code of Ethics Statement. Marston’s food, creative talent, and fantastic menus have been recognized as some of the best in the business. The franchise won the title of Best Kids Menu at the 2017 MIDAS Awards.

Combating the Uncertainties

At the helm of Marston’s, Andrew Andrea is spearheading as the CEO and is immensely contributing to the company’s growth. He is a business development professional graduate of the University of East Anglia. Andrew has a vast range of experience in the marketing and retail industry. His expertise includes accounting, financial management, retail, and budgeting.

Talking about Marston’s approach against COVID 19, Andrew quotes, “Whilst COVID-19 continued to occupy our time and attention during this reporting year, I’m delighted to have been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Marston’s as we embark on our journey back to growth.” While the pub estate saw further closure periods, Marston’s took the opportunity to get things in order and, as a result, the pub franchise is emerging from the crisis as a stronger business.

Teams from Marston’s head office and field offices collaborate with colleagues from a range of divisions, including Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, HR, IT, Communications, and Estates. These positions are essential to ensuring that beers, pubs, and employees are the finest they can be while fostering the franchise’s continued expansion.

Ecological Awareness

As a pub franchise, Marston’s has consistently taken a proactive stance toward its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy. The environmental team has received many honors and accomplishments to date:

  • First pub company to achieve zero waste to landfill status, with a recycling level of 74%.
  • All plastic garden furniture is made from 100% recycled products.
  • Reduced carbon emissions, with all managed and franchised pubs fitted with LED lighting.
  • Operates its water license saving around 50 million pints of water per annum.
  • One of the largest private networks in the UK that offer quick charging stations for EVs in 100 pubs.

In line with Marston’s social purpose, both customer and employee welfare are emphasized. is placed on the welfare of both customers and employees. This has been particularly relevant during the challenges of COVID:

  • Guest health: Marston’s supports Drinkaware and has included government salt and sugar recommendations on menus.
  • ●     Health and wellbeing of own people: Marston’s has maintained a strong well-being support program for all colleagues during the pandemic with an extensive support and communications program.
  • Support for the local community: The Local Legends campaign honors customers for their contributions to the community.

Future Goals

The franchise’s primary indicators for operating its customer-focused business are represented by Marston’s KPIs. According to the franchise, clients gauge success by raising the bar for performance and business expansion. The franchise’s long-term corporate objectives are:

  • To consistently outperform the market in both food-led and wet-led pubs outside the M25.
  • To reach $ 1 billion in sales and borrowings by 2025.
  • To keep running a sustainable and ethical business.


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