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Mark D. Boyce: Simplifying Work-Flows and Increasing Physician Productivity Using Scribe’s Cloud-Enabled Platform

Mark Boyce

The healthcare industry has seen much disruption over the recent decades. Many external forces are impacting the industry such as governmental requirements, including HIPAA and Meaningful Use, complex requirements from health insurers, rapid and significant changes in technology, and the extensive implementation of EHR/EMRs. Furthermore, the most expensive and highly trained personnel in healthcare institutes are spending far more time performing mundane tasks such as data entry and paperwork, which results in having less time for a face-to-face interaction with their patients, and personal lives.

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Scribe Technology Solutions is simplifying the medical records with its cloud-based platform, which offers flexibility, control, and productivity to healthcare providers.

Mirror Review chats with Mark D. Boyce, the President and CEO, of Scribe Technology Solutions. Mark shares his contribution and views towards the healthcare industry. Likewise, Mark points out Scribe’s unique range of solutions and how his company stands apart from its counterparts. Here are the excerpts.

Tell us about your company and its unique range of services. In the modern era of technology, how has Scribe Technology Solutions  adapted to those changes in its working ecosystem?

Scribe Technology Solutions is a back-office solutions provider that focuses on the three “Ps” – productivity, profitability, and patient care. Scribe’s innovative cloud-based tools enable providers to simplify their back office, get out from behind computers, dramatically improve productivity and profitability, and quickly and easily analyze both clinical and financial results. Scribe’s cloud-platform allows providers to capture, create, monetize, analyze, communicate, and collaborate on clinical documentation. Our tools are always up to date and accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. These solutions provide tools to assist providers with patient encounter documentation and cloud-based transcription, billing and denial management, and analytics reports and dashboards. As Scribe’s solutions are cloud-based, the tools are always current – health systems and providers do not need to engage IT to help update software. In addition, the solutions work with any EMR/EHR, which is already in use by a practitioner, making it both easier and less costly to implement.

Furthermore, Scribe makes use of cloud-based workflow solutions to capture unstructured data. This unstructured data is then broken down into structured discrete information with Scribe’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. Once approved by providers, this information is easily translated to the provider’s clinical documentation system. Scribe’s innovative voice recognition technology allows patient encounters to be recorded in a more conversational, detailed way than any other speech recognition technologies.

With significant adaptation to the traditional working ecosystem, Scribe has become a fully virtual company. Our entire workforce works remotely, which allows for the opportunity to hire the brightest and best; no matter where they are in the world.

What attracted you to start a venture in the healthcare sector?

I knew that it was all about the growing data and its effective handling. As the healthcare environment expanded with a greater amount of data being collected but not utilized, it became evident that there was an opportunity to become a change agent. So I decided to use all this data in a positive way to make changes for the better  and founded Scribe with this innovative approach. Scribe utilizes this data by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and has the tools to help healthcare providers to have a clearer understanding of their financial well-being and to do a quicker analysis of what is working and what’s not.

As a Leader of a prominent healthcare company, what role do you play in its operations and growth? How do you tackle professional crisis?

As Scribe has grown and evolved, my focus has shifted from more operational duties to growing the staff to take on those duties. Currently, I spend much time working with potential partners and investors, exploring new opportunities where Scribe could expand with its unique tools, solutions,  and  employee skills could be utilized in new areas or types of businesses.

As a leader of Scribe, I continuously stay involved in occasional technical problem solving, including programming for “fun” and remain the strategic product manager driving the product and technical vision for the company. Similarly, it helps me to stay motivated in hard times to tackle challenges more effectively.

How does your company stand apart from its competitors? What are your future milestones for Scribe Technology Solutions?

Scribe’s size allows for agility and flexibility in adapting to new technologies, ever-changing requirements, and the healthcare environment. Using Scribe, it is easy to personalize the solution as per the client necessities. Scribe’s technical tools provide the ability to work with different IT systems. Interoperability is Scribe’s bread and butter – something that is difficult or impossible for most healthcare solution providers.

Scribe’s future milestones are focused on its products and the reach. New products and enhancements include continued improvement for Data Portability and Collaboration and Actionable Data Analytics. Our company is significantly expanding in the United States and has strategic partners around the world.

Who was your source of inspiration during the start of your professional career? Whom would you like to dedicate your success?

My earliest school teachers are the one to whom I would like to dedicate my success because they always inspired me, helped me develop a love of reading and logical thinking, and skills that have supported me for my entire life. This solid foundation created by them helped me to develop some good skills like agility in problem-solving and curiosity to see what else “might be.”