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Over the years, the cloud computing landscape has evolved tremendously and is estimated to continue its upward momentum in the future as well. This distributed data processing technology has made a huge impact on businesses by hosting enterprise, e-commerce and web applications, and offering pay-as-you-go services to the consumers. However, innovative solutions for elastic cloud computing environment are lacking in this industry.

Recognizing the market gap and taking it a step further, Manjrasoft Pty Ltd., provides innovative solutions for the rapid creation of applications and also offers acceleration over scalable and elastic cloud computing environments. Incepted in 2008, as a spinoff company of the University of Melbourne, it commercializes innovations in cloud and big data computing platforms.

Delivering Application Acceleration Services and Solutions over Cloud

Manjrasoft’s innovative offerings can be divided into three types such as Products––Aneka Cloud Application Platform software, Solutions –customised tools, content, and demonstrators targeting education and training, rendering/engineering, big data analytics, deep learning, finance and life sciences domains and Services–Consultancy. Aneka technology is backed by a US patent and is a flagship technological product of Manjrasoft, Melbourne-based Australian innovative company. The unique feature about its Aneka technology is that it is the world’s first cloud application platform supporting multiple programming models and allowing seamless integration of multiple distributed computing resources including public and private clouds. It also supports elastic scaling of applications on multiple clouds depending on customers’ quality of service requirements which is a part of SLA in the market-based cloud computing environments.


The development of user-friendly technology allows software applications that require high computation capabilities to run across a number of networked computers and servers. The unique technology delivers efficiency in the most cost-effective way and also increases performance. It removes the barriers for broad cloud computing adoption by offering system integrators, independent software vendors, IT enterprises, and other entities advantage of secure delivery of application by allowing them the use of both public and private cloud.

A Global Thought Leader behind Manjrasoft’s Dominance over Cloud

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya, Founder & CEO of Manjrasoft has over 25 years of industrial and academic R&D experience in software systems for Internet, CAD, and high-performance distributed computing applications. Due to his immense industry knowledge and technological prowess, he has been appreciated with numerous awards for his excellent work and research over the years. In 1992, he received Dharma Ratnakara Memorial Trust Gold Medal for excellence in academic achievement. Later in 2005, 2008, he received “Research Excellence Awards” from the University of Melbourne. Other recognitions include “2009 IEEE Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing” and “Scopus Researcher of the Year 2017” with Excellence in Innovative Research Award.

He is a published author of over 650 R&D articles in high impact and peer-reviewed conferences & journals and has also penned seven textbooks.

In his academic role, Dr. Buyya serves as a Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Director of the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His inquisitive personality allows him to question various things. As a sign of a life-long learner, he makes sure that he keeps himself updated with all the latest tech trends and challenges that provide opportunities to make further advancements. He also always finds creativity fuelled ways to keep the customers interested in the technology. Moreover, Dr. Buyya’s out-of-the-box approach allows him to reflect upon the level of innovation required to further make an impact using Manjrasoft’s services and technology in the tech space.

Extensive List of Cherished Clienteles

Manjrasoft provides solutions that not only allows it to work faster but also aids its team to build and manage cutting-edge cloud applications. Ultimately, creation of such user-friendly solutions solidifies a bond between the company and its customers. To date, the most scalable cloud solution provider has worked with many channel partners-based in India and China and rendered its solutions and services to customers widely and rapidly. The result of which can be noticed in the list of its cherished customers such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, Anna University, University of Hyderabad (India), China Southern Railways, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Tribhuvan University (Nepal), University of Malaya (Malaysia), and ADRIN/Indian Space Research Organisation.

Strengthening Customer-Company Bond

Manjrasoft’s experience of working with some of the leading tech giants around the world such as IBM, GoGrid, Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Citrix, Redhat, Autodesk, VM Ware, and Intel makes them stay ahead of the other cloud computing companies. The team led by Dr. Buyya possess a clear understanding of the fundamentals of parallel and distributed computing, years of hands-on experience with latest technologies, and the ability to create a proof of concept applications in different emerging areas, thereby giving a good impression on their customers. As a result, a strong bond is developed between the company and customers allowing a healthy collaboration along with an added advantage over the other competitors.

Furthermore, Manjrasoft also believes in investing in new applications and technological trends and how it can position them in the right direction. As a mark of the best company, it enlightens its partners about the latest technology know-how and how these opportunities will play in the long run.

Enabling New Innovations through Manjrasoft’s Centre of Excellence in Campus

The established Centre of Excellence in Cloud Computing with the use of Manjrasoft’s Aneka technologies and teaching/learning resources allows educational customers to educate themselves. A learning program developed that supports Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) applications at the campus offers many benefits to the students. The advanced education and training program for UG and PG students allows them to perform research, securing and improving accreditations, securing grants, participation in competitions, and peer recognitions in innovation.

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